Friday, January 27, 2006

Went to the dentist

Today I had to go to the dentist and sadly for me he has to do something, but I will have till the 17th of arch to coll of my nerves :-)
Yesterday I have finished the quilttop for the maudiquilt. I am not a big fan of Pooh, but I like his friends a lot, so it was a nice quilt to put together. Now I have to go and do her sisters. Tomorrow I think I will go to my local quiltshop to buy some stuffing and backing material. So that I can start quiting them this weekend.

Today I got some stash from and it was the fabric for the Micaquilt which will be with elephants and hippo's. I am thinking about an logcabin iwth the greens and whites and than forst a little border with the brown aroud the blocks and than a little blue border and than the one with the arks.
Now I am off to go and finish my LK and I just did. Now I am going to start the february one and maybe finish that one also this weekend. Also I wanted to show you all a pic of our cat. Isn't he a cutey.


Carol said...

Yikes, the dentist! I feel for you! I am in the process of getting some crowns, 2 down, one to go! Hate it! You can cry on my shoulder all you want!

valda said...

Yuck, the dentist! I need to go also but I can't until June.
Your quilt is lovely! Love the LK!
Your kitty is so cute! I have an orange kitty too but he is alot fatter than yours.

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