Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am spoiledand a finish

Today I finished sheperd's roll from Sheperd's Bush. First I didn;t have the lace on it, but it looked better with it. So I did sew it on by the end. So now al my little started projects are ready and I can work on the big pictures now. Also got a little quilt finished today, but can't show a pic yet.

When I woke up this morning around 9 I finally felt rested again. I had a long and very sleepfull night. Than I stayed in bed for almost another hour to read a little book I have and so I feel now really rested LOL. While I was reading I hurt the mailman drop something through the mailbox, but I didn't feel the need to run downstairs.
Later when I came downstairs I found this package on my doorstep from Josey for my birthday. I just love that snowman chart and the linen she put in to the package. I am not a big fan of Dimensions, but maybe I will stitch it for my mother.
Than when I came home I saw the mailman still in our area and when he grabbed in his bikebags I saw a orange envelope beneath the pile and as we are most times the last house he visits due to where our house is situated in the street (we have a very difficult street, where there is no logic of how the houses are numbered. LOL we even had newspaper boys ask her where number ... was in the street and we would even had a hard time to tell them) So when he came at our house he dropped the orange envelope in our mailbox and it was from Lyne who has adopted me. I just love the package she made me and I am sure that I will use the fabrics she send me.
I also got me some nice stash. I just ordered some nice fabrics and a pattern at webfabrics that I just loved. I will keep it a secret as I am making it for a friend of mine and I know she is reading my blog every day.


anneke said...

hi Judith,
that's a nice way to start your day: reading in bed (I try to read the newspapers in bed every day) and then surprises in the mail. it looks great: I love snowmen!
the quilttop of your former entry looks great too. It's a lot of work to do all this sewing, but you manage to do all that. I admire you for it.
have a nice weekend

Carol said...

Aw Judi - gorgeous gifties! You deserve the spoiling, so sit back and enjoy!!

BeckySC said...

Very nice gifts :) Enjoy them :)

Your Natures Home afghan is going to be wonderful-I have had everything to stitch mine since it came out in the mags...but it is still untouched :( MAYBE someday :)

Meari said...

Congrats on your finish. What fun to get all the new stash in the mail!

Karen's Blog said...

That sounds like my favourite way to start the day. After a good night's sleep, laying in, reading a good book followed by presents in the mail. It doesn't get much better than that:)

The Nature's Home Afghan is looking very pretty!!!

Thanks for the tip on the Jessica stitches. I cringe every time I see Martina has used them. I will perserve today.

Carol said...

Oh Judi! Great job with the needleroll!!! OK, I better get back to MTM now... enough blog reading LOL!!!

Vikki said...

Your needleroll is beautiful and I'm glad you had wonderful birthday packages :)


Shelleen said...

Your NR looks great and what great gifts you received :-)