Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May/June Goals

Goals for May:
1. Finish Micaquilt Done
2. Finish Gerardquilt Not done, but quilted a lot
3. Finish part 7 of the mysteriequilt

1. Finish part 7 of MTM Done
2. Finish part 8 of MTM Done
3. Finish april stamp-it Done
4. Work on mondays on colonial garden Done

Also stitched on Animal shelf and purr-turbed

Goals for June:
1. Finish Gerardquilt
2. Finish part 7 of mysteriequilt
3. Finish part 8 of Mysteriequilt (very difficult part, just got it in the mail today)
4. Start Hiskequilt
5. Start Anitaquilt

1. Finish part 9 of MTM
2. Finish Animal Shelf
3. Finish Purr-Turbed
4. Work on Victoria sampler
5. Work on Colonial garden

I know I am quiet, but life is very busy. I will go and pack my bags in a few minutes for my weekend. Hope to post again sunday.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Some progress..

Yesterday I have been quilting a lot. Here are some pics of the celtic knots on the Gerardquilt. The middle one I already quilted a few weeks ago. Also I have been stitching a lot these last days and here an updated pic of the animal shelf.Yesterday we got the new bikes and boy they ride pretty fantastic. We have done a ride of 15 km's and we didn't find it hard going against the strong wind.
Probaly I won't be much around this next week as I will be very busy on work and everything at home. I will be teaching a little class saturday and I have to do some things for it to make it run smooth.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Yes it worked

My DH got the job. I am so happy.
Tomorrow will be another great day as our new bikes are ready to pick up.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed!

This week have gone by pretty fast due to some things that happened as of thuesdaymorning. My Dh got a call from a tirecenter here in our city if he still wanted a job there and that there was a place avaiable for him. So he made an appointment for that late afternoon to come by and have jobinterview there. It went great, but they also asked another guy to come by and he would here later this week about it. Yesterdayevening the man called again and tomorrow he has another job interview there. I sure hope he will be going to work there as it will be really close at home. He now has to drive 35 milea to his work and 35 miles back to home and a lot of traffic jam and this new job will only be a 10 minutes ride with his bike. There will be only one big road between his and mine work than. So please all keep your fingers crossed that he will get the job.

Due to all of this I really couldn't get my mind to stitch. So I haven't done that much, but have stitched a bit on animal shelf. I am now more than 1/4 finished with it.

Monday, May 22, 2006


That face is just my mood today. I had a very bad night this night, didn't sleep much and am very tired. So I decided to take of half a day. Here is my progress on animal shelf from saturday and sunday. I think I have done a nice start on it so far.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Been a bad girl

I have been a bad girl today stitchingwise. I started two new projects and I love them both. Links to the pics of them are both in my sidebar above their progress bars. I have started one Sunset design called Animal shelf, it is for my nephew and as my father has fixed my stitchingstand I have it on that one and it goes great. Pic will follow tomorrow or later this week as I am to tired now to go downstairs and get a pic of it.
Also I started purr-turbed from Margaret Sherry for a comfort quilt. I just love those animal designs, but I discovered today that my DH hates them LOL. Finally something were we don;t have the same taste.
My leg is better, but still hurts sometimes. As I work in a hospital I will let one of our doctors look at it monday and when he says I have to go to my own doctor as it is serious I will go than. It is still a bit swollen.
Today we also went looking at the local garden shop to see how we are going to do our garden, but still not really an idea. I am thinking of stones and than here and than big flowerpots, but nothing is really in my mind yet.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Micaquilt finished

Yes a finish. Tosay finally my sewig machine and me were on speaking terms again. Also I finally decided how I wanted to quilt this one and had to rip out a lot. But here it is finished.
I will send it out next week to Mica and hope she will get some comfort from it.
I also finished my two presents, but as they are presents I can't show them to you all. As both are reading my blog.
The rest of the they I will go cleaning and do groceries and tonight I maybe will stitching another present or even two and than I will be totally ready with all the presents I have to make for next month and the month after.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I hate this day

And here is the promised pic of colonial garden.

I stitched this morning avit more on the garden bottom right and the crosstitches are now all finished. Now I am busy with the backstitching and than the specialty tree.

Today I am working on a little gift for a friend and when that is finished I will start and finish another gift. So no pics of that.

Today it was one of those worse days ever. First I hurted my leg very badly due to a door. The wind is blowing ver hard here and it got the door to slam me very hard on my achilles' tendon. There came a lot of blood from it and now it hurts very much when I am walking up the stairs. Hope it won't take as long as when I had it infected a few years back. That took a few months and it feels the same now.

Than the second thing that happened was that my pan on the stofe got fire in it. So I was stressed all over again. So this is a day to stay in bed.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am on a roll!!

I have been stitching on colonial garden now for the second day and it will be gorgeous when finished The garden o the right side of the middle is now almost finished. Pic will come tomorrow.

For the rest not a lot to report. Work was very busy these last days and we had some strange weather. Tonight we will have some rain and I hope it will gone before I hop on my bike tomorrow.

Today I got a bit of a surprise e-mail from the quilterij as I totally forgot about the midsummernightmysteriequilt I will be doing there on June 23th together with my mother. I signed up for it already in January and today we got the price of the get together for that mysterie. It will run from I believe 5.30 pm - 11.00 pm. It will be done by hand, will end up to being a wallhanging and very summer. Everybody has to bring something to eat for diner. So I am thinking of something very much from Hoorn "Hoornsche Broeder" which is like a sort of bread with raisins and sugar in it. Reaaly tastfull. With this added to my very busy June month, I will see my mother/parents a lot that month. 1,2 and 3 June I will be at my parents for the bee for the big mysterie and a stitching get together. The 10th I will see them for the familyreaunion of my mother's side of the family. The 18th we will have a big concours hippique at their place where I am in the organisation. the 23th I will be with my mother in Den Bosch and go home with her after that to sleep at their place and go to Soest the next day for the charity quilt day and the 30th of June I will have a BBQ from work at my place. LOL looks like I will be happy that June is over after that.

Also the days for working with some more people on the charity quilts are planned. One will be the 24th of June and the other the 29th of July. Looking forward to that and hope we can sew a lot.
Hope everyone is safe in the parts of the world where there is some major rain like some parts of the USA and also in Suriname.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A finish

Yesterday late in the afternoon I finished april stamp-it. I was almost finished with it sunday, so I just had to finish it. I am working today also on colonial garden, just to make it right for the sal. I worked on it yesterday a bit, but not much. Pic will come tomorrow.
I think tomorrow I will go and stitch on Victoria city sampler and hope to have it finished this month.
Could you all also let me know if you can see the progress bars in the sidebar.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It is finished

I just put in the last stitch for MTM. I finished it faster than I thought, but those last houses went very fast. Now I am going to stitch on april stamp-it and hope to have that finished too this week. But tomorrow is Colonial garden day.

A late birthday package and MTM!

So here a pic of MTM again. I decided to stitch also on it today to have it finished and than I will have half a month of rest from it to work on some other projects. I have still 2 weekends this month where we have nothing planned so enough time to work on my quilts. Yesterday I have done all the backstitching on this one and I am glad I did as it costs some more time on this part.

Also here are 2 presents I received for my birthday this week. I love the home sweet home chart from Elizaabeth designs, so will have to go and stitch that soon. The floss will find it's way in to designs for sure.

Also I decided that things like MTM or a mysterie for stitching doesn't work for me. I just have to devote every month some time in a design and can't choose myself what to do in that design next. I would have stitched MTM totally different. But I have to say I like doing the mysterie quilt as that will run me smoothly through a design. De quilterij will have a new mysterie starting in october this year and I think I will also sign up for that one. I am also thinking of doing this mysteriequilt another time in other colors, but you never know how everything will run. Also I decided to let someone quilt it with a longarm machine as it is so big and I don;t see myself doing it, but as I said you never know.

Now it is time to go downstairs and go stitching. As my parents are in France for a holiday I don't have to go and visit them for mother's day. And we don;t have much contact with my MIL, so we also don;t have to go there.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

And again MTM

I hope part 8 will be finished soon as I really feel the need to work on something else by now. Also again there are mistakes in the chart. The door in the house next to the middle house has to be stitched with SNC 161 and the little tower above the house with the glittery roof on the right side isn;t on the chart on the left side, but has to be there too.
Today I have decided to not go quilting or sewing, but just go working some more on MTM. Hope I will come a long way and will finish the stitching on the left side too, but we will see what happens.
Tomorrow I am hoping to work on part 7 of the mysteriequilt and maybe finish it. Than monday and maybe also tomorrow I will be working on colonial garden.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Yesterday evening John was working on the car from a coleague of mine and so I was home alone all evening. So I stitched, stitched and stitched. Now the right side of part 8 is finished. Today he will also be home late, so I will have another long stitching day a head of me, maybe I will finish the middle house.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I am back

I am back from my weekend gone and it was very nice and very sunny. I had a lovely time with my family and we did make some nice rides by bike over Texel.
Also here a pic of MTM part 8 as far as I got before the weekend. I hope to finish some more on the long house today and maybe do some of the black stitches in the other houses.
Have to go now, it is almost dinertime.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Away for the weekend

Just a fast blog to say I am gone for the weekend, won't be back till monday afternoon. We are going to Texel one of the islands of the Netherlands, for the stitcher bloggers it is where Mylene lives. We are going to celebrate my parents anniversary today for 35 years. I hope to take some pictures of the flowerfields too.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Finished part 7 of MTM!

Yes early this morning I finished this part of MTM. Now on to part 8, which looks easier to me, but maybe I am not right with that, will see when I stitch on it.
Carol I will look in that roof in just a minute and will let you know when I am on the internet again.
Today summer came in the Netherlands. It is beautifull weather and I am loving it after such a long period of cold.
Now have to decide will I start part 8 or stitch on colonial garden. MTM is calling a lot harder at this moment.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MTM part 7 almost finished

I can't post any pics as my batteries run out, I have to gget new ones tomorrow if I don't forget. I only have to do a little stitching on the long house and than the backstitch on this side and after that it is finished. After I will finish it tomorrow I will stitch on colonial garden as yesterday I was late and didn't have any stitching time. Also it is that time of the month and I am so tired due to it. I changed my thursday half day work to tomorrow and hope to get some energy tomorrow afternoon.