Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Goals June and July

SBQ of this week:
What do you do with your charts once you’ve stitched them? Do you keep them or dispose of them? If you keep them, do you organize them in a way that is different from the way you keep your unstitched charts?

I trade the with other people or I keep them till I see that someone has it on their wishlist and will trade than than.
I keep them in a seperate drawer from the rest of the charts (which are organized by designers and the used ones aren't.

Goals for June:
1. Finish Gerardquilt Done, Jacqueline will finish quilting the last two blocks
2. Finish part 7 of mysteriequilt Not worked on
3. Finish part 8 of Mysteriequilt (very difficult part, just got it in the mail today) Not worked on
4. Start Hiskequilt Done
5. Start Anitaquilt Finished
1. Finished Poetry in Motion
2. Finished Autumn Thanks
3. Finished the midsummer night mysteriequilt
4. Started "It's summertime"quilt

1. Finish part 9 of MTM Done
2. Work on Animal Shelf Done
3. Work on Purr-TurbedDone
4. Work on Victoria samplerDone
5. Work on Colonial gardenDone
Finished May Stamp-it

Goals for July:
1. Finish part 1 from It's Summertime
2. Finish part 2 from It's Summertime
3. Finish part 3 from It's Summertime
4. Finish part 7 of mysteriequilt
5. Finish Hiskequilt
6. Finish Yvonnequilt (only quilting as Jacqueline has made the top of the quilt)

1. Finish Purr-Turbed
2. Stitch on Colonial garden
3. Finish Victoria City Sampler
4. Finish part 10 of MTM
5. Finish my fob exchange for rotation stitchers
6. Finish June stamp-it

Too tired

Sorry girls I am just to tired to blog a lot. I try to go as early to bed as I can, but it doesn't really work. I hope to get some good sleep after friday when we have the bbq from work in my backyard. I have done all the shopping already. Only have to go and pick up the meat and fish friday and than we can have some fun with all of us.
I haven't been stitching much as I have been reading in the dutch edition of this book. I really love her books, just hate it that I are being not so often released in dutch, so maybe I will read one in english and see if I can follow it and than buy them in english.
I have been stitching on Purr-Turbed and I am getting slowly there. Maybe it will be finished this week, maybe not.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

2 finishes

Yesterday I had a workshop at the quilterij in Den Bosch. It was a little midsummernight mysteriequilt and here you can see the result of it. I really love it. When my mother has finished her I will also let you guys see that one as it is totally different than mine. We were with 8 woman and the teacher and all 9 were totally different. It was nice again to do a little workshop together with my mother.

Yesterday I first went to meet with Jacqueline and give her the Gerardquilt to finish the last two blocks. I am sure she will make some nice knots on it.

Today when I arrived home around 1 pm I started to get the may stamp-it finished and so I did just a few minutes ago. Now I will go and work on Victoria City sampler or Purr-turbed, just have to see which one calls the loudest.

Today I also find a nice one to stitch for the scissorfob exchange on rotationstitchers bb and I am almost sure that she will like it. I think I will start it sometime this week or next week.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Here is a pic of the Gerardquilt. I only have to do two celticknots and than it is finished. I hope it will be at the end of the weekend. I hope to do them both sunday as I will be gone today and most of tomorrow.

Also Jacqueline has volunteerd to do them. Just have to see if I will leave it at her place today or will do tham myself.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just some talk

Today I got the second part of the summermysterie and it will be nice for sure. Now we are going to make 24 windmills, and we have to cut a lot of parts for all of them. Hope to work on it next weekend.
Today I have been working on the Gerardquilt and got 1/3 of the blocks quilted. I hope to have some more time tomorrow in the afternoon. I relly want to get this one done this month as I have than made my deadline of 3 months. I am doing the blocks by machine, only the celtic knots by hand and I have to say it looks great. My machine is still working great. I really love it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some updates

Yesterday I stitched the rest of the day on Colonial garden till I finished the 4th garden. It was our normal LTD SAL day, but as both others are finished, I thought let's stitch on it for awhile. After I finished the garden I went back to Victoria city sampler for awhile and the pink flower is almost finished only a bot of green to do and than the blue flower mirrores to the one on the left has to be stitched again. Than some other stitches in that row and than I have all the rows completed and I can work beck at the bottom again.
Today I started May Stamp-it it wasn't on any list, but I tried to stitch them all in their month, but with april I got distracted and I hope to finish now May and June so that I will be at the right month again.
I also will be quilting on the Gerardquilt the next days and maybe will finish it next week, but that depends if I will find another beauty of a celtic knot to quilt. I will do the squares and triangles in the black and yellow by machine.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Finished part 9 of MTM

Yes it is finished part 9. Now on to part 10, 11 and 12 which will fill up the corners between the rows of houses. I am happy to be done with the last houses as those middle buildings and long buildings all the same on all sides where a little to much.
Now I am going to work on my sewing machine to get some stitching nicely finished. So more pics will follow later.
And so Autumn Thanks from Sisters and best friends is finished in to this little quilt/wallhanging. Can you see that I just love my new sewing machine, maybe I will do some more sewing later today, but I think first I am going to stitch again. Just have to decide on which of my projects.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The new sewing machine

And here it is. My new sewing machine:

And with it I got this beautifull box of sewing thread in a lot of colors (55):

After working on the sewing machine the whole afternoon I worked on MTM in the eving and here the pic of that one so far. I hope to have it finished this weekend not a lot of houses anymore so keep those fingers crossed that I will survive.
Today I was looking at how many finishes I had this year so far and I found out I have had 11 quilt finishes and 12 crossstitch finishes..
Today we have been away on the bike for 45 km and it was nice and hot. We went to Medemblik and had a nice lunch there between a lot of germans how where on holiday there as it is next to the water.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Yes yes

I just bought my new sewing machine and I have to say that I really love her/him. I am very busy quilting poetry in motion on it and looks like it will be finished today. I laready done 4 of the 9 blocks. I just can't get myself to do anything else at the moment. I bought the 750Q and it is just perfect. Pics will follow later. Now I am back to quilting again. I have to update this. I finished the quilt already. It is a real crazyquilt as I used a lot of the stitches on the machine. I will make a pic later. First I am going to look at soccer as the Netherlands have to play again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Update MTM part 9

Still stitching on part 9 of MTM. I am hoping to have it finished this weekend. On the middle house only the Specialty stitched and the backstitching has to be done. Hope to have that finished tonight and that I will do some stitching on the next houses. I will be glad when those houses are done. I don't think I will manage to finish a lot of my goals this month. Hopefully next month some more.

Today was the last day for my DH on his job, now he has more than two weeks off before he starts his new job. He felt a bit sad, but also is happy that he is going to work so close to our home.

Tomorrow my mom and aunt are going to visit us and we will go to the city to shop till we drop. And than friday I am going to buy my new sewing machine if I like one of the two I am going to test.
This one I want the most and also I am going to test the 730.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update MTM and a gift

This is a pic of MTM as of yesterday eveving. Not a lot of progress, but weather is hot hot hot.

This time I do the backstitcing as I go. There isn't a awfull lot in this part, so I thought let's do it on the go. Today I will work some more on the middle house.

Today I loved my mailman as he was bringing a nice present from Lyne (the one from the fob) and I love both of them a lot. It is "4 Wishes" from Just Nan with the beads and charms(a very cute umbrella) and "ladybugs and bumblebess" from Country Cottage Needleworks which I also love and she included a skien of Crescent colors that is needed for this one. I am still waiting for a package of silver needle I ordered and that was send the 15th of May, that is really taking a long time to get here.

Monday, June 12, 2006

A future project

Today I heard that one of my colleagues is pregnant and I decided I would make a quilt for her. I just ordered the kit. It was a nice thing that I just saw this quilt this morning, but didn't know anyone that would get a baby. So it was a nice surprise that she was pregnant.

Yesterday when we arrived home our view at the front is this. Yes the Netherlands are in the FIFA worldcup and already won there first came.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Update MTM and Can it be the nerves?

Here is a pic of MTM. This is how much I stitched on it friday and today till ow. I still have a evening left to stitch, so Hope to start the big house in the middle now.

Also here is what I have done for the summertime mysteriequilt. I still have to make a lot of sailships, but probaly will do them in the next days. There are 80 cut squares in this pic and 6 cut triangles which we will use in another part.

LOL I think so that that it is why I forget to tell about the dutch stitch together where I did a little workshop. The get together was very nice and we have a lot of fun and a lot of people carried a lot of WIP's and UFO's and finished things with them and I loved everything. Also after some thinking I decided to do the Rainforest afghan as a quilt, so I will make the blocks seperately and finish them in a nice quilt, which won't be impossible to do for me. I just can't see me stitching again on the same afghan fabric and I only would be able to stitch it when it is cold, not like now when it is hot. Nature's Home Afghan is laying still again.
The workshop went great and I think everyone loved it. I am really thinking of doing another workshop soon.

I was so happy that everything went ok at the dentist that I really had some good nights sleep after it. The dentist was even surprised as to how relaxed I was. Lucky for me that day wasn't that hot yet. Yesterday we had the familyreunion and boy that was hot, above 30 celsius. First we had to pic up my brother from the airport. We were a bit late, but nothing to worry about. First we went to his home so he could take a shower and refresh himself after such a long flight. Than we went to Nijmegen to meet the whole family of my mother, we were with 37 people. We had a nice walkingtrip through Nijmegen and than we went on a boat were they served pancakes. I am sure the kids loved it, only my little nephew was sick, but he even was a bit happy sometimes. As my father had his birthday we had a nice bbq later that evening just with the 6 of us. My brother just didn't had time to get a present and I forgot to bring it. So he will get his present next sunday when we see eachother again.

Friday, June 09, 2006

A little finish

Finally it arrived this little fob I made for my friend Lyne. It took a very long journey to the USA, almost two weeks and I did send it priority.

It is a little chart from Needle's content and I loved stitching it.

This morning was the big dentist appointment and everything went well. Even the dentist said I was finally relaxed.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A lot of updates

I know I am not much around these last days, but life gets in the way a lot these days. First I wanted to show a pic of the finished Anitaquilt. Hermie, a woman from a dutch quilting group I am on, has quilted it and did that so fast, I am really amazed by her speed.

And here a detail

Than I wanted to show a pic of MTM part 9 how far I am. Not really far, but I didn;t do a lot of stitching these last days. I have been busy with patchwork and reading. I think this part stitches up nice, but I already discovered I like those left and right sides the best as it is more in the line of my stitching as I stitch from left to right.

Than I wanted to show how far I came with Animal shelf.

Than in the weekend I have been stitching a lot on Purr-Turbed as I have to get this one finished before the 1st of August and so far I only stitched on it on the go. So I am guessing it will take a while before it is finished. His little legs are now almost done and than on to the rest of his cute body.

Also I have been patchworking on the new mysteriequilt "It's Summertime". I love this little boat and have to make it another 17 times. More pics will follow from this time tomorrow or sunday.

Tomorrow I will have to go to the dentist again and so I am already on medication and hope it will help this time. I have to take some more than last time.

Saturday we have to pic up my brother from the airport before we go to my parents. He flew away yesterday morning to Chicago for his work. I really love him as he called me if I needed any DMC from Michaels as in the USA the DMC is very cheap compared to here. But as he already brought a lot last time in December I didn't need anything as of yet. His plane will land early in the morning, but we live very close to Schiphol/Amsterdam, so we only have to drive for 30 minutes to pic him up and than drive to my parents to have a familyreunion and after that a bbq as my dad has his birthday saturday.

Here is a pic of another comfortquilt. The quilt is done by Annelies.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Anitaquilttop finished

I was very tired today and I thought let's do some patchwork and so I did. I have finished this quilttop and I like the look of it very much.

So you can see also what I have done with the fabrics in my previous post.

Today I also worked on MTM, but I am not going very fast. I did however finish the first house.

All quiltingfabrics pics

LOL yeah just pics of fabrics I bought and that came in last week. First the fabrics I bought for two charityquilts. One will be with little woman from all over the world and the other one will be with flowers. I think these fabrics will look good for both and the upperfabrics are for the behind of both quilts.
Than I bought fabrics thursday for one or more childcharityquilts. Which I think are very bright and happy colors.

Thanks I bought some extra fabrics for my big mysteriequilt as the maker of it said that it could be that we would run out of some.

And than I bought the fabrics and pattern for the mysterie "It's summertime" Which I think look very summery.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

From the east

Hi from the east of the Netherlands as I am at my parents.
I had a great day today. Work was great as the most terrible colleague on my job resigned yesterday and we are all very happy she did do that.
Today I went to the mysteriequiltbee and saw some beauties there. Part 8 is big, but very nice. Also signed up for another mysteriequilt. This time a mysterie in 4 times for summer. Already got the fabric for it and I think it will look yummy. Also got fabrics for a charityquilt for a kid. I will show pics sunday when I am home again.
Tomorrow I will see my little nephew again and saturday ir is time to the workshop specialty stitches. I hope everyone will like what I have made up.
Have to go now as my bed is calling very loudly.
Today I worked on Purr-Turbed.