Monday, February 26, 2007


Well my great news of today is that I just got a phonecall from my LQS that is also a sewing store that as off monday of next week I can come and take sewing lessons with them. Already looking forward to next week a lot. It is from 7.30 pm till 9.30 pm and around a half hour drive, but I don't have worries for that.

Also today I got another great gift. It was a giftcertificate from Vicky Claton and I already spend it on silks for my stitching treasures from Jeannette Douglas and silks for Tocata number one from Drawn thread.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

My birthday stash

I am on two yahoo birthdaylist and the list beneath is from all the stash I got from both groups and I am still waiting on two packages. There are a few that I am going to stitch soon after I have finished starlight sampler in a few days and stitchind and finished the peacock chair and finished trickORtreat box into a box. The Just Nan pieces are calling my name laudly.

4 wishes and winter in a square from Just Nan with beads and embelischments.
And a little kit from Bucilla
A thread cutter pendant
Some DMC and a skien of Carries creation
Some project cards
A piece of hand dyed linen from Polstitches designs
And a four season design
a few skiens of DMC
Christmas Flip-it from Lizzie Kate with a piece of fabric to stitch it on.
Thisbe's Needleroll from Shperd's Bush.
The four seasonal samplers from Pine Glen designs
From Mystic stitch Believe (she wants me stitching a BAP).
Some beautifull self stitck notes .
Some white linen
From Waxing Moon designs Sugar and Spice
Some skiens of DMC and fabric.
Some six strand sweet strands.
Noah's Ark from JBW designs
Butterfly welcome from Cross my heart
A piece of handdyed linen,
And a chart called Marine mates
Evening sampler Sheperd's Bush
Spot of summer and spot of winter from the drawn thread
Good news from Margaret Sherry
3 skiens of Caron Wildflowers
Midnight Serenity from Linda Connors
Heirloom Treasure from Designs from the needle.
Fether and Friends - Butternut Road
Green Old Gardens - Elizabeth designs
Bee Keeper's Cottage
Bee buttons
18ct Aida English Mist
Britty Kitty Christmas Cottage
Fabric for the stocking and needles.
Some aida fabric
Some DMC skiens
Eight Immortal people from Pinn stitch
Some beads and floss from my wishlist

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finished another DJ block

I just finished F6 for my DJ.

Well the applique in this one isn't perfect, but hey in a big quilt with these little blocks you won;t notice ;-)

Also I opened my birthdaypackage today as tomorrow I won;t have time with visitors all day. You can see all the fatquarters I got of 2 quiltingclubs here.

Also I got a lot of stitching stuf. But I haven't taken a picture of that.

Today and yesterday I made some nice progress on Starlight sampler. I can start now to do the alphabeth and the rest that is under the house.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gift and update

Yesterday my ineternet connection was very very very bad and also the day before so I decided I could better work on some quilts to get them out the way and so here you can find my harvest time quilt finished with binding and everything. All left to do was my binding, but I couldn't find time for that and like a lot of ladies that is the less fun part of making a quilt.

Here is my progress on Little Red riding hood. I have now finished 3 and a half page. Next to stitch is Starlight sampler as I want that finished soon. Also I really have to go and finish animal shelf now. I also want to start the stitching chair which I received yesterday in the mail and I just found out I have the perfect fabric for it. Just the color they asked for I think or it is very next to perfect. I am sure the stitching won't take that long, but the finishing will take a lot of time.

I just got this beautifull fob from Carol in the mail. I just love how it looks. LOL now I will have to buy an extra pair of scissors for this.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I am very very spoiled

As some may know that read my blog earlier I have been the owner of a group that made/makes quilts to comfort sick people or people that just need a little comfort. I ended my ownership last year in fall and someone took over. I am still very happy with that decision.

Today I got a big envelope from all of them filled with stash as a thank you. I am still in shock.

I got from them Britty Kittie charts I, II and IV. Signs of summer, atumn and winter from Bent Creek and Frosty Hopes from Just Nan.

LOL with all this new stash that came in lately I really have hard decisions when I want to start something new.

About yesterdays post. A Jellyroll is 40 strips of fabric that are 2.5" wide and the full lenght of the fabric. I already have some ideas, but I also there is somewhere an american strip club for these jelly rolls, but haven't find that yet. Maybe I will do a Rail Fence block, or just all squares, really don't know yet, so all ideas are welcome.

Friday, February 16, 2007

My new stash

I just came back from the crafting show and here a pic of what I bought.

One kit for kartonnage a 1001 things box

A Jelly roll from Moda fabrics from the Folklorique line by Fig Tree
The Lavender Rose Sewing Case from Fancy Works
English Garden Pocket - The Drawn Thread
Autumn Sewing Roll - The needle's Content

Thursday, February 15, 2007

HEAD progress

Here is my progress on Little red riding hood which is a heaven and earth design.What you see on the pic is curtains or at least the beginning of the curtains. I have done now two pages and am busy with the next two as page 3 is very boring I do it stitch by stitch and page 9 is what is going on in the left bottom corner.
For the people that askedabout the stitching chair here is the pic of it. Just heard yesterday that it is on it's way.
Tomorrow I will go to a dutch crafting market or show, not sure how to call it, the whole day and I am sure I will need the weekend to rest. So I will stitch my biscornu for the exchange and work on little red riding hood some more.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Birthday exchange for Natty and sal idea

Here is the birthday gift I made for Natty. I made her a bag with on the front Bug Collector from Jeannette Douglas and used also for this one fabrics from my stash, which are the tulip fabrics. I loved making this one for her a lot as it is my favorite designer. I did try my hand on a bit of crazy quilting for the back as that looked perfect for it.
By the way I have been a naughty girl as I ordered the stitching chair and probaly will get in in a week or two, so if anyone is up for a sal than just let me know.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Exchange received and some updated pics

I received my needlework small exchange from Cindy today. And I just love the needlebook she made me. She also included a handmade scissorfob and a lot of needles and needlethreaders. Also some worksheets for some sewed bags. Thanks Cindy for this beautifull exchange. It is my first needlebook and I surely will carry it with me when I am on a trip as I than also have problems where to keep my needles.I have been working on starlight sampler till wednesday and here you can see my progress. I love stitching this one.
Yesterday was SAL night from summer snapperland and here you can see the progress I made, not really much.
This weekend I will be stitching on little red riding hood for the HEAD sal and hope to get a lot accomplished. Pic will follow after the weekend.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

House exchange was received

I just heard that Patti received her house exchange. I stitched her the sweet shop from the sweetheart tree and made it into a flat fold and personalized it. Next to arrive will be the birthday exchange at Natty her doorstep.

And also a present for a friend has arrived. Bianca will be moving soon and isn't so happy about that. So with a few girls we made her this pillow. I have stitched her butterfly chase (right top corner)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

And another package arrived

I just heard from Lyne that she received her birthday package. I made her this burse and am glad to hear she likes it. I loved making it a lot. Like the biscornu it was a 2006 finish and also I did this kind of finish for the first time.
Today I started on the starlight sampler I received yesterday ad it is going great. I just love LHN designs.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Look what I received!

Here is the basket I got from Leena with some very nice goodies. The little house needlework chart is from my wishlist and I am thinking of stitching that soon, maybe even this weekend. I am sure I will have a suitable piece of fabric for it.

Also here a pic of summer snapperland which comes together also now. I will stitch on it some more today.

Here is what I made...

for the needleworks small exchange. A biscornu and it was my first and Cathy says she likes it :-) These are the pics from Cathy as I forgot to take pics. I never forget that, but my head was on another place :-) I hope to show some pics of the house exchange I received tonight. Now I am first going to sit on achair and watch ER from last night and am hoping my headache is than gone.