Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finished f9

I just finished block f9 from the Dear Jane quilt. It was a lot of applique and that isn't my favourite technique.

Also I still had to show a pic from the Biscornu scissorfob I received from Heidi last week. She stitched it beautifull and I just in love with it.
This week was very hectic when I came on work tuesday I got the word that we had a diner that evening with some colleagues. It was a nice diner, but I came home late and so no time to finish the garden exchange. Last night I finally got the new connection working and boy it is fast. Than today I have picked up my sewing machine and did do the groceries. Tomorrow it is time for some major cleaning and also I have to go to the local VW dealer for our car to get it checked out for my hubby, so that he can fix it. The light of the ABS system is glowing.
I am now going to finish the Garden exchange, everything is cut, etc. As it has to dry a bit before sending it will go out monday (a few days late, which is nothing for me), but well circumstances were a bit hectic here. It can be that I will change the finishing a bit, so it can be shipped out tomorrow after all.
I think I will work on another dj block again.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Thursday we left for France around noon and had a fast right through the Netherlands and Belgium. We tried to get a hotel in Luxembourg, but had trouble finding a room. We decided to drive a bit farther to France and we have slept just outside Metz in a Novotel. It was a nice Hotel with some nice food. The next morning after breakfast we did our first good thing for this vacations. There was a couple from the UK where the accu died on their car and we gave them a boast so they could ride back home. Well I think his wife was a bit annoyed with her husband as he lat the light burn all night Well I have talked a bit with her and than she got a bit nicer to her husband.
Than we drove south. Around Nancy we went to put in some gas in the car and than the fun started. I got a bit confused about all the pumps . Than a guy (backpacker) came to us and I just hoped he wasn't going to say anything difficult in France, but he said something in dutch and told me I had to get another pump. So I did and my husband already said, maybe he wants a ride and while my DH was getting gas he asked he good get a ride together with a lady friend of his. They were doing a race with 29 other couples from Belgium to get as fast as possible to Malaunce (close to Orange and the Mont Ventoux), and the winner would get a little trip somewhere in the world. So we said we would go to Orange and that they could ride with us. They were with this organisation . We were a day earlier. So we decided to bring them to their camping and than find ourself a hotel or Chambre D'hotes. We had a fast drive and when just before Orange there was a trafficjam, because a dutchman and his mobilehome where all over the highway we said we had phoned hime to do that so they could win off course we didn't do that. Nico and Tessa were the first ones to arrive, even a lot of the organisation weren't arrived yet. We got a drink, made a pic and went to find a chambre. We had some problems with that as it was very hard to find something, but finally we found a nice and neat place, just 3,5 km outside of Malaunce. Than we unloaded the car and found a sweater that didn't belong to us and as they were backpackers we decided to bring it to them as you don't take a lot with you when you have to pack everything in a backpack. So we climbed in the car again and Nico was very happy we brought his sweater. They decided we could eat with them. Well now I have to explain a little bit. When you go to a camping in the netherland with a group normally there isn't a cook with the organization, but with this organization they took a cook with them (even a few) and they prepared some great diner. We got as a starter couscous with vegatbles, smoked salmon and dressing and it was delicious. Than we got Rosti with some stuffed meat and fruitsauce and that was delicious too. We got home late that night and had a nice sleep in a very soft bed with one matrass. One time my DH turned and I did too around the same time and I almost fell out of bed as I jumped very high above the bed. As you
can see on the pic the chambre d'hotes looked great. But the next morning we had great language difficults, there were also german people in one of the rooms and so we talked english, french, german and dutch within 24 hours, belive me than you get really confused in your words.
On Saturday we couldn't be in our hotel before noon. So we deicided to climb the Mont Ventoux by car, yeah I am not crazy by bike it was to big (1909 meters high). So we too a nice ride and when we came at the start of the mountain we found again some backpackers from the belgium group. Now they had to get up the Mont Ventoux.
First get to a point 6 km from the top by car and than 2 had to hike, one had to do it by bike and one could find someone to get them a ride to the top. So we took 2 to the point 6 km's from the top and later we took one to the real top. I have to say the sight was really beautifull. as you can see on the pics. This man on the pic I don't know, but I am sure he was happy to be at the top.
Than we got down and went to our hotel which was beautifull, with big rooms and a swimmingpool, that was what I missed on vacation in Ital last week. The temperatures went rising through the week from 25 to almost 40 at the end of the week. When we came back from the bikeride of that day we went swimming straight away to cool down a bit. We only didn;t do a bikeride on thursday to get some rest after 200 km.
The first day we went for the hardest ride. It was around 50 km and took us to a tower on top of a mountain. You can see a pic on the background here. The ride to it was really very very hard and I was exhausted around the time John took the pic. Also we had some nice looks on lavander fields.
It was a nice ride, but very very hard. The next day we did a ride to Bolene, Mondragon, Monras and Rochegude. It was 49 km's, but due to us get lost it was 10 km's longer. In that route was the col in my latest post. It was a nice ride and not as hard as the day before. There was a nice french man who helped to get on the right track again.
A the end I will include some pics of sights we have seen.
The next day we biked to Vaison la Romain. It was the longest ride of around 65 km. It was very hot and sunny that day and everything hurt from the first two days, but after a while we got in a flow and it went better. Vaison was very beautifull and we got to see the big theater which was just very impressive in real life. We had a very nice lunch in Villedieu which is on top of a mountain. They had nice tapas there and it was a nice light lunch for such a hard tour. We got back around 6.30 at the hotel and than we met someone from Eigenwijze reizen and had a nice chat about this vacation and the one to Italy. They had put this one on one bike, but well that means you can do it easy and it wasn;t true all the rides we did were very heavy.
When we got back to the hotel we heard that Luc and Sonja, a begium couple, got a flat tire on their ride and Luc had walked 12 km to the hotel back to get the car.
The next day we did a short ride of 22 km and were glad to come home. Later Luc and Sonja came at the hotel walking and they had again a flat tire. So my husbandhelped them to change to tire as that is his job at home it went very fast. Luc said I will put the bike in the car and will not use it again this vacation, well I could see that as he now walked for 4 km's.
The next day we sat at the swimmingpool and lunched together with Luc and Sonja and had a nice relaxing day. I tried to take a pic out of the car of the castle in our villagem which is now a wine university. It was a good focus point when you were lost again.
The next day we talked Luc and Sonja in to join us that ride and they did. We had such a great day with 40 km's and again a lot of sun and also wine. And at the end they were happy they decided to join us after all on the ride. Than the packing of the suitcases waited and a nice last meal before heading home the next day. We drove to Echternach in Luxembourg to stay there for a night and than drove back to our house.
It was a nice vacation and I hope to have something the same in September.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am back and some packages that I send before my vacation

I just came back from vacation and had a great time in France, I will tell some more tomorrow or later today, but first I want to show some things that arrived at several places while I was away. But a little pic of the things we have done. I survived biking up this col as you can see 186 meters high and boy it was hot every day.

But now on to the gifts that were received. I also saw that Zalita has received her gift, but still has to pic it up at her parents.
First Carol recieved her PIF gift. I decided to use this creme cat fabric as soon as I decided which box to send to her. As she is a catlover I thought it would be appreciated a lot. By the way I am asked a lot to give a little kartonnage workshop and would be glad to do that, but first I have to do some writing for that. Keep an eye on my sight and I will let you know as soon as I have it.

Than I had send out the May Flower exchange to Renee and I read in my e-mail that she has received it. As you can see I stitched this same piece twice for two different exchanges. The pinkeep was for Vonna and when I was stitching that I thought it was also perfect for the May Flower exchange as it says May and Flowers, so what could be more perfect. I made this one in a little flatfold.
Than I send out my trip around the world exchange for Cathymk just before my vacation as I didn't want it to be send out late. I have udes the "Delft" design from Beardiedesigns and love making it. The colors are a bit more richer blue in real life.
Later I will also post a pic of the may flowers exchange I received from Heidi in my vacation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am going away

We will be leaving tomorrow late in the morning, early in the afternoon for our vacation in the south of France. We will do a sleep over twice, it is one time to much, but we just want to take it very very very easy. We have everything packed and just have to clean the livingroom before leaving tomorrow. I have been working on my France a bit this past week as that was driven away very far after 15 years not doing anything with it.
I maybe will take a few DJ blocks with me, but that is all. Yesterday I already send out the Trip around the world exchange and right after I get back I will send out the Garden Themed exchange right on time.
My sewing machine stayed at the shop monday to get service. So he will be as knew when I come back from vacation.
Hope to see you all back around the 28th of May.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Iris received her PIF gift.

Here is the box I made her. A pic of when it is open can be found here

Saturday, May 12, 2007

First PIF gift received

I just read in my e-mail that my PIF gift arrived at Jacqueline her place.

I have made her this box. I picked out the blue fabric as she has a cute closet in her kitchen and her kitchen has a lot of blue in it. I have still some fabric left and will make somthing from it, but after my vacation.

Todat we bought a lot of cloths. I have bought a new swimmingsoot as we have a swimmingpool at our hotel. Two pants that you also can make in to a little shorter pants and a real short pants. One skort which is a skirt that is also a short and I have bought two shirts. Also my hubby got some new cloths, so we can now go on vacation.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I have been tagged by Dawn

Here are the rules:Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. John, my DH, is 9 years older than me.

2. I was once attacked by someone with a knife. He hit me in my hand and when I was looking at it I saw my bone :-( (very scary)

3. I have had my own horse for 8 years when I was still living at my parents.

4. We are seriously thinking about moving out of this country. Canada comes first on the list to move to, but it could also be somewhere in Europe.

5. I am allergic to Latex and with a job in a hspital that isn't a nice allergy.

6. I moved in with John after only 2 months.

7. I am really afraid of the dentist and it is such a nice man.

I tag Simone, Jacqueline, Iris, Carol, Mathilda , Barbara


Just a short message to let Zalita, Carol, Iris, Jacqueline and Cheryl know packages to you all are on their way. For the first 4 it are all PIF gifts, Jacqueline will arrive probaly tomorrow. Iris's probaly beginning of next week and the other 3 will arive at the end of next week. Depends how good the mailsystem works.

Page 5 finished

Here is the pic of page 5 finished of Little red riding hood. And what do you see at the bottom:-)
That is the wolf LOL, yeah I know I have to tell you, but it really is.
Yesterday I also finished my trip around the world exchange and I think it looks great. Pic will follow after my vacation as it won't be received sooner.
Now I first will work some more on Little red riding hood and than on my garden Themed exchange as that wil have to go out after my vacation.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Number 62, which is Cheryl Thomas There is already an e-mail on it's way to you.
Thanks everyone for participating. I got 84 people signing up for this.
Will post a pic of Little red riding hood later.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Anne recived the box

I just heard from Anne that she received the box I made for her, you have seen it's smaller sister already some posts ago. I had some fabric left from this big one and decided to make a little one for the dutch stitch together. Cute thing about this box is that the fabrics are from Australia, but bought here and now send made in something back to Australia. I am very glad Anne loves it so much. She really deserved it very much.
I will be having a new e-mailaddress as of today (old one will still be avaiable till end of this month). The new one is

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Two post within an hour(maybe a bit longer)

I just got word that my pinkeep exchange was received by Vonna . I stitched her Let May Bloom from Sheperd's Bush. It is stitched on a limited edition color from Silkweaver which I had in my stash and the colors looked great on it.

Than I went to SBEBB and found there that my ABC exchange was also received, that one went to Myrna I have stitched the chart that was with the linenfloss I received this winter from someone. I just didn't like the colors. So I first went looking for a nice fabric for the finishing and I found a nice strawberry fabric and I choose my colors by that fabric. On my sewingclass I found a nice ribbon for it. Well now I am really gone. There is still time to sign up for the drawing.

What a nice mailday

Well it started this morning with the neighbor bringing me a package. I never got a notice from the mailman that it was brought to my neighbor, also don't know if it arrived yesterday or not. Didn't ask her as I was in a hurry for getting to work.

I got a nice surprise from Debbie of BAPXSRAK list. It was a finished piece "High hopes"from Just Nan and I am already thinking how to finish it, but I am sure I will find a nice way. I am thinking of a pinkeep or a hanger, but you will all see later after my vacation.
I was thinking this was another package as I was expecting also a package from a shop, by the way I was expecting two packages, one with fabrics and one with all sorts of pins.
Than when I returned home I had two envelopes waiting for me one was a bill for a birthday package I had send to someone through a shop. The other one I thought was the pin package, but it was also another. First after opening I saw this and that looked already so great. Than when opening I saw this beautifull pinkeep from Chris . It looks like a just nan design, but I don't know which one it is. I just love how she finished it. It is her first, but it is perfect already. This was for the SBEBB needlework smalls exchange and we desided to do a pinkeep. She also included some beautifull goodies.
Last week I also got a RAK from Andrea through the Rak Registry and she got me this nice chart from my wishlist.
Well now it is time to go. Last weekend I finished 4 PIF gifts only one more to go and I hope to send them out right after my vacation.
Well the doorbell just rang and I have now my pinpackage too. It is from the Crafty Elephant ( I believe I have that shop also from Andrea) and I have to say very nicely packed and great and fast service.

Hope to finish page 5 of Little red riding hood tonight and than I will stitch my trip around the world exchange.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Party time!!

It is my 300th post and I have a little surprise for someone. I will have a drawing till the 10th of May. If you send me an e-mail at with in the subject line "drawing" you are in to win this sewing box. It is amde by me. This is my own and I will make another one in the same colors for you. It is around 5.1"x 6.7"x 2.8"inches or 19,5 x 13 x 7 cm. I will give you all a number and let a randomizer pic a number for me, like I did with animal shelf.
Edited 4 may: You can in the list in the sidebar if I got your name and which number you have.

Update little red riding hood

Here is an update on LRRH. I am finally beginning to love this piece, maybe that is because I am finally seeing something in it.

I have made the pic on our couch which is red, so that is why the fabric looks red.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I am not feeling my normal self

Since yesterday I am feeling like I have been run over by two high speed trains from two sights at the same time. Everything hurts, I think it can have something to do with my allergy as we have lovely weather here and no rain at all. I had a headache all day, but it looks like (knocking on wood) it is gone.

This weekend I didn't feel like stitching on an exchange piece so I finished page 4 of Little red riding hood and am busy with page 5 (I am on 1/3 now). In this page the wolf will appear, well just a little bit of him. Pics will follow later.

This weekend I also finished the quilt for my nephew Job. I have made some spirals in it. Hope you can see them on the detail oherwise I can take a pic of the back, where you can certainly see them. It is all quilted on my normal sewing machine and the size is 1.50 by 2 meter, maybe a little bit larger. After my parents and my vacation it will go to my parents and my mother will put the binding on it, so for me it is a finish now.
Sunday we had a nice bikeride in the far northwest point of the Netherlands, it was around 45 km and there was a lot of wind, but we have seen the sea, the tulips and also visited the flower festival in Anna Paulowna and that did make such nice peices. I was very sorry of not taking my camera with me, so I can't show you any pics. It is only 3 weeks till we go on vacation, so we have to train some more as we go on a bikingvacation again and we will have to bike around 300 km. Hope the weather will be nice than. We are going to the Provence in France just a little bit above Orange.
Also my e-mailaddress will change ad the end of this month, will let you all know more when I know when it is going to happen.
Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I can do a little workshop for cartonnage if you want, but that will be after my vacation.