Thursday, February 28, 2008


This week I received thse beautifull fabrics. I bought them as a birthdaypresent for myself. There also has to come a jellyroll, but that is probaly in another envelope and is taking a longer way :-)
Some asked if my dad did again all the cutting on the quilt that my mother made and yes he did.
Today I got in Carol's Quilt Round Robin and well inspiration came instantly and I know what to do on it, it will be an applique round this time.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quilt that my mother made

I have a learned my mother a few years back how to quilt and it looks like I learned her very good. Isn't it a beautifull logcabin.
6 march we are going to baste it at my LQS. She will be handquilting it.
I learned her quilting a lot through phone as we don't live close, she never followed a quiltingclass, so yes she is my perfect student.
This one comes from the magazine magic patch.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Had a great birthday

Yesterday I had my birthday and I am really spoiled, more pics will follow later this week, but this is what I received from Chris for the stitching bloggers birthdayclub. I just love the bag she made very much. I will love it forever.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This evening I received a envelope from webfabrics with the fabrics I ordered for my Strawberry lemonade quilt. It is the yardage for the borders. I already have a few charmpacks.

The flower one will be a wide border and the other one will be a smalle one and maybe also the binding.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


And here is another block. Only one more block till this first row of blocks is finished.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A 8

Here is another SBS block. This morning I had a quilting course and I will be making gooses, but well a pic will have to wait for a few weeks as there is nothing to see yet.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Received some mail

well already a few days ago. First I think even more than a week ago I received mail from Anne with two charts in it. I did know the package was coming and love both of them. I won both in a draw. Than a few days ago I received a birthdaypackage from Carol and I wasn't feeling very well these past days I decided it was opening time. I received the kit for Mother's love needleroll from Sheperd's Bush.

Thanks to both you ladies.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Leanne's Journey of a quilter block 4

I finished the stitcherie on this one last night and I have to say I just love this quilt very much. Block 7 is already sewed, so I can work on that one next month.
Now I am back at stitching on Nature's Home Afghan block 24 if I am correct.
Our neighborhood rr had a glinch due to Lauren not sending any pieces anymore and not responding to e-mails she has two pieces in her pocession that are'nt hers Katrina's and Michelle's. Now they both have to make up another round robin and I will be getting Michelle's in two weeks and will hae to send in 3 to 4 weeks from now and the deadline falls together with my quiltingretreat, so well that will be tight. She has a halloween/harvest theme if Iam correct and that will be lovely to stitch as that is one of my favorite seasons.
Katrina's will than come around the time I need to send Michelle's to Erin and that needs to be finished the 15 of April, I am hoping than Erin won't mind if I send Annemarie's a long as the sending date for that one is in the middle of my vacation. Lucky me it is already stitched.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Horrible day

I just had a horrible day due to my hormones going crazy as it is almost that time of the month. I am stitching busyly on block 4 of Journey of a quilter and will finish tonight. I also traced all the bees and bears stitcheries, so that I can work on them the next days, but NHA also needs some stitching time, I want at least another block finished, probaly some tree.

Here is a quilt I have been making lately, now only find time to quilt. It was first for a friend, but I decided it was for me instead. I have some charmsquares left and also some yardage, so that will be probaly be used for another bigger quilt also for me.
Yesterday I bought some yardage for my strawberry lemonade quilt, I had already some charmpacks. Today I bought some charmpacks, a jellyroll and some yardage from Zaza fabric line from Moda. I already have an idea in my head for that fabric.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some more stitcheries

Yeah I am busy with them, but now I first have to trace the next one, which I will do tomorrow by daylight.
Oops I now I see I cut of the left part of the pic.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Another new quilt

In May I am getting a new nephew or niece and I am going to make a quilt for her/him. It will be with 11 stitchries and put together by ninepatches. These are the first two stitcheries.

I am also busy with block 4 of Journey of a quilter. Hope to show that one this weekend. Also I will be sewing A-8 of SBS, start the box for RoseMarie and maybe even do the finishing on the teatime exchange.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Annemarie's rr and a-7

Here is Annemarie's Round Robin. I stitched her Bent Creeks autumn snapperland the last two pieces. I loved stitching on this one very much. I like her Round Robin very much.
Than today I also worked on A-7 from Sylivia's Bridal sampler. Loved making this block very much. This week I will be cutting for the next block probaly, but first I decided I will do the stitchery of block 4 of Journey of a Quilter. I plan to do one of those blocks a month and than in 8 months I will have all blocks done. When I have time left I will work on the BOM from my LQS and a mysterie I am still busy with. Yes I have made some plans for the coming months. This month I also have to finish a box for someone and I am busy stitching my tea time exchange which looks lovely already.
I received the chart as a gift more than 5 years ago and now saw an oppertunity to stitch it. Hope my partner will like it.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A4 finished

Today I finished the applique on Sylvia's Bridal sampler block A-4. I know there has to go another more smaller round on the red one, but well did like it this way and maybe I will stitch something as the middle. I think I only will decide in the end.
Next block to make is A-7 I will make that one tomorrow as I have a full week in front of me and I will just gladly sit on the sofa when I am home.
Annemarie's Round Robin is also finished, will make a pic tomorrow and put it than on here together with a-7.
Than I will be stitching on the tea time exchange.

Friday, February 08, 2008

2 other blocks and a wip block

Well yesterday I have been busy with the SBS and now I have finished A 5 and A 6, on A 4 I still have to do a bit of applique, which I will do tomorrow. Now I have to go and cut the pieces for A7 and than I can go and work on it next week.




Thursday, February 07, 2008

Silvia's Bridal Sampler

Well yesterday I stopped with my DJ, didn't have a lot of blocks yet, so not really damage is done yet. With the same fabrics I am going to do Silvia's Bridal sampler along with my friend Jacqueline. She has already done 6 blocks, so I have to go hurry and finish 6 of them. So we can start next week with block 7.
Here are already the first 3.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Some finishes and some mail

Well first I received a beautifull fob from Shelley. I just love it, but I can't get a proper pic f it. It is Queen Anne's Lace from The cats Whiskers, she changed the colors. I also received the chart Queen of the needle from Just nan from her. I will be stitching hopefully this chart soon.
Yesterday I finished block 23 of Nature's Home Afghan so I could finally make a pic of the 3 blocks I stitched already this year. Only 6 more to go from which wo are big and 4 small.
Now I am busy with Annemarie's Neighborhood Round Robin. I am stitching part of Autumn snapperland from Bent Creek on her Round Robin.
This weekend I also got fabric for a quilt I am going to make with Roman Holiday fabrics, I already had bought some charmpacks and I also bought now to fabrics with it.
From a for me new shop and well I have to say excellent service.
Also decided that the Nature Trails quilt will stay at my place. I already basted it. Now I have to go and quilt it. Pic will follow probaly when it is finished in a few weeks.