Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Will be gone

Just wanted to let everybody know that I will be away till next mondayevening. I will be in Belgium with a lot of other ladies and I am sure I will have fun. Hope thursday is a little dryer than today so I can walk at the beach which I just love to do and hope to visit this store .
Than on friday Inge , Guute, Katrien, Shirley and Yvonne will be at the bee at Poperinge and after the quiltingretreat will begin. Don't know for sure if more of the ladies have a blog or maybe I have forgotten one or two.
I will bring my laptop, but if I have internet I am not sure.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A little busy bee I have been

Today I have been sewing this tunic. I love making it very much. It is simplicity 3697 few B. It was easy and nice to sew and also learned some new things.The pics aren't the best, but well I can live with them. I will surely sew some more from this one in other colors.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It arrived

Well just heard my bag arrived. And Anna likes it a lot, also the fabrics I send with it. When you go to her blog you also see the back side of the bag, which is different and that it also is quilted. Even got a nice comment from her mother.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I had a lot of frustration today with working on the spring fling round robin first border (round 2). First I mniss calculated how big the blocks had to be. That is when I started to hate myself. Than I thought looks like it is going to be a bit to big, well I forgot to count the border two times, so well I had to change something and lucky me that was easy to do.
So here is the sneak peak. LOL not a lot to see there.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bag swap

The mailman was just at my doorstep to give me a package from Tami . I love the bag very much and will treasure it. Thanks so much Tami.
For the rest I am quilting like crazy on Lentekriebels and well I am half way now. My DH he is in Frankfurt (D) for 2 days and so I have all the time in the world to quilt. Tomorrow I first have to finish the spring fling round robin as sunday is the day to send it, well that will be monday. Just had problems to decide what to do with the lovely center.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sundayevening I was quilting on Lentekriebels and yes having a 2.50 meter square quilt on your lap is hot, but well it is getting hotter and hotter.
And even more hot when a 8 kilo warm cat also decides he wants to be under it and on your lap LOL. Yes quilting was now a bit hard and this pic I made while lifting up the quilt. Doesn't he looks stoned too.LOentekriebels is going great. I have now almost 1 and a half side quilted and 8 of the 20 little stars quilted and off course the big star in the middle. Yes when I keep up this way it will be done this year. Just have to not let the cat beneath it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

And another finish

Not the best picture, but the bag exchange is finished. After the first terrible try, lucky to know what went wrong. The second time looks great. Colors are a bit warmer in real life. I like how it came out and it will go in the mail soon.

Today I started the halloween exchange and am just loving stitching the design I choosen. Also this next weekend/week I will be working on the spring fling round robin round 2. Now just have to figure out what to do.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A round robin finish

Well first of all I waited much to long before starting stitching on this one. Due date is the 15th, so it is a close one. Now explination of the part I stitched. Cathy asked us to try to include something from your province/country. Well there came the hard time deciding what to stitch. I decided there had to be an harbor as Hoorn has one, but well than my square wasn't filled at all. So I decided to ad some cabbage (green and red) as that is on the fields in West-Friesland in winter days when the tulips are gone. I could have stitched tulips too, but I couldn't find the proper tulip design. Hope Cathy likes it.

I am still busy with the bag exchange as what I made fisrt really was dramatic and I have started over, but needed some matching quilting thread. Have ot now and I am going to work on it tomorrow and soon as it is finished tomorrow it will go in the mail.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Little red riding hood

Here is LRRH after I finished 24 pages and 3 rows of pages. Now on to the next row. Tomorrow I will go looking for a design to put on Cathy's round robin, a design for the pumpkin patch exchange and the halloween exchange or maybe even already tonight. Hope in an hour to go upstairs to sew for an hour on my bag exchange.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Busy, busy

This past week I have been doing a lot of sewing on the 3x3=9 mysterie and it will be lovely when finished. It consists of 12 parts and I have now almost finished the 4th part, a lot of cutting was involved in the parts I have done so far. I also made a mistake in the cutting and lucky me, I had enough fabric left.
I have also been stitching like crazy on Little red riding hood and the next two pages are almost finished. Only 10 more rows to go.
Today I started the bag/bucket exchange and I am still happy with the design I have planned in my head. Hope it will look as good in real.
Than this week I got the center in of the spring fling round robin and also already the second round. For the first border, I still have to think a bit about. I am still not totally sure what to do with it. For the one I have to add the second border too I am totally sure what to do.
Pic is of our house and probaly the last pic of the tree in front of our home as they decided to remove all the trees from our street. Will I miss it, probaly a bit.