Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finishing things

Yes I am busy making finishes, but can't show them yet I want to wait till the quilting retreat in Belgium which is from october 8th, but I will be leaving on the 7th and sleep close to the place where the retreat is, but not at my normal place in Veurne, it is now even closer. A simple not to expensive bed and breakfast, also I will stay there on sundaynight, otherwise I will be just to late at home. After that I have a week off till the 15th and from tuesday the 12th till friday the 15th I will be at my local quilt shop behind the longarmmachine to quilt surely Long Story, my round robin and 40 T and maybe when I still have time left also the mysterie designer bom 2009 and when before the retreat I will get my other 3 quilts finished, I don't have any quilts in the closet anymore to get quilted, than I really have to make some new tops.
The ornament is an oldie.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I haven't done a stashbusting report for 3 weeks, but here it is now.
Fabric in the past 3 weeks: 4.50 meter (fabric for binding and backing)
fabric out the past 3 weeks 10.80 meter (all backings)

Fabric in 2010: 117.60 meter
Fabric out 2010: 141.80 meter
Fabric busted: 24.20 meter

Monday, September 13, 2010

Was away on vacation

I was a week away on vacation in France. To start the right way first a message to my SSCS. I am very easy. I like everything, but I am really crazy about bags and other things I can use. Colors I am very easy going. I have to say I wouldn't mind something christmassy.

Well now for the trip. It was a very easy going trip. We had fun in the swimming pool, she pics above, I am the one in the dark swimming suit and the sunglasses on, because with my glasses there was a chance that I wouldn't hit the ball for sure. And as you can see Robbie Williams was there too. LOL, just kidding, it is John from the shetland islands, at least he told us he was. I still think it was Robbie and I played Volleyball with him and we won.
Only biked 200 km in total over 4 days, 3 short ones and one long one to Vaison la Romain. We also went one day by car to Marseille and when we were driving we came in a little flooding, see the pics.