Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally I can show a finish

I just got the word that the Halloween exchange arrived at Michelle today. What a relief as it took more than 2 weeks to travel to the USA.

It is part of witch way finished into a pillow. A new type of pillow for me and I just tried something and lucky me it turned out great.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin patch exchange

This week I received this beautifull exchange from Lisa. I love it very much. She made me a beautifull pinkeep. I also love the fiber, fabric and chart she included.
I am a bit worried about my Halloween exchange as it still hasn't arrived. Hope it will arrive soon otherwise I have already another halloween design to finish in to something.
Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to meet Yvonnewho was there together with her daughter. We met at the quiltshop Birdblocks together with Marion who we know from a dutch quilting list and also Martineanother Blogger. We had a nice chat and I also bought some fabrics, a book and some pencils. Nice afternoon and the train was working with me too. I loved the day very much.
This week also my own labels came in I got them made at Holland label Don't you love them. One big reason to order labels is that an exchange I made this year and send to the receiver. The receiver
has send on to someone else. Well I can now live with it, but this is to prevent that.
Today I also finished the Pumpkin patch exchange, so that can go on the mail tomorrow.
Now I am on to quilting on Lentekriebels again.
Speak to you all later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where have I been busy with

Well I have been sewing on my Spring fling round robin part 3 (which was the second border). I have send it out today. Hope the end receiver will be happy with it. I have let the middle design come back in the second border and that worked out fine and as the rest of the quilt was really hectic, the rest of the border is just plain.
Than as I already told in a few posts I am busy with my wintercloths and so I have bought some extra fabrics. You will see this being tunics/shirts soon. Now I only need a stretch denim fabric for some jeans.
Than yesterday also my order from Amazon came in. Two Jennifer Chiaverini books. I will love cooking the recipes from the book for sure.
Sticthingwise I am still waiting for my halloweenexchange to arrive. Silly me forgot to put in the goodies I bought to go with the exchange, hope my partner won't be to sad about that.
End of this week I hope to send out the pumpkin patch exchange. Only have to do a little on it and than it is ready to be send.
Also the big news is that the middle part of my big quilt Lentekriebels is finished and I am now busy with the last part of the border. Still hope to finish this month, but it will be close.
After that I surely will be busy with stitching. I hope some stitching laides are still reading my blog as the comments section is a bit silent. Well I am planning a giveaway when I have finished Lentekriebels and I am sure I will get a lot of comments than.
Also decided that for the SSCS exchange I am going to make some gifts with a jellyroll and some yardage.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ohhh I am speechless

Here can you see what I got in the mail today. It is my round robin which I send of more than a year ago and now after going to the UK and USA it came back to me. I was worried the whole time if and how it came back and if I would like and I can see. Yes I like it very much and it is gorgeous and also huge. I like what the 4 ladies did with it and am very
happy with the result. Now it is on to me to quilt it. Just don't know how yet.
Now I am on to finish Carol's Round Robin, I got some perfect inspiration from this one and also this night in bed I got the perfect idea.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A giveaway

I would love to win this quilt. Just click all on the pic here on in my sidebar.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And here the pink one

And yes it is now the pink variation, but also already the third one I finished. I love making these very much and they are so easy to do.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The first

This morning early I went to the fabric store, it was already around 9 in the morning, so yes I call that early. My DH had to leave early due to a day out with his work in Friesland. He had to be there around 10 and lucky he had to drive onlyfor 1 and a half hour, his other colleagues had to go a lot longer. They were going to sail, than walk on the land that falls dry when it is low water. I was already awake around 6.30 this morning and couldn't sleep anymore. So I was up even before my DH. Than I did the groceries and after that I went to this store which is also where I have my sewing classes and is also a quilting store around a 20 minute drive from here. I had a nice chat with the owner as I also went there to say that I won't return for sewing class as I just don't have the energy at the moment. Hennie was sad to see me go, but totally understood. I also had to buy some fabric to make pants, I came home with two fabrics for pants, both black, fabric for a tunic and fabrics to make diaper hangers and well that is the title about the first one is ready. It was sewed in I think in a little longer than one hour. Loved making it. It will go to a future baby or one that was born not so long ago. Hope my friends will like them.
Now I have to go and quilt some more on Lentekriebels, because I made good progress on that one and well I would love to have that one finished this month.
Halloween exchange was finished and send off this week too and loved how it came out.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Some more about the weekend.
First we had a bee in Poperinge with around 17 girls if I am correct. I have been working on Journey of a quilter there, as soon as my halloween exchange and pumpkin patch exchange are finished I will work again on that one.
Than we went to Westouter for the quiltingretreat and we had so much fun. The weather wasn't always great, but well saturday it was great weather.Here is a picture of the girls that were on the quiltingretreat. Philip our cook was a bit drunk or at least it looks like that when he took this pic.
Than all the presents I received this weekend. The week before the retreat I posted the 30.000 message on a yahoo group and all the moderators/owners gave me a fq. Than we on saturday we had a number under our seat that matched a gift on table and that is the winterfabric package. And from one of the girls we got two gifts, one is a tissueholder and the other one some sort of bag. And than the thing in the right bottom that was a gift I received sundaymorning at breakfast it is a little sewing pocket. Here you see me, Shirley and Sabine working on the quilt.

Than in February I asked a dutch group how this pattern was made you see in the pic below and we found out. Yvonne made one and called it Judith's challenge, so well after some teasing on the dutch quiltretreat in March I said that should be mine as it has my name on it. Than we made the deal I would make one for her and would be finished in september. Due to circumstances that didn't work ou on time, but well she did give me the quilt already.
In the pic you see both of them. Now I made an agreement with Yvonne that I will visit her in December to give it to her. In the pic beneath you see that first try for a quilting pattern I drawed to quilt by sewing machine. I like it very much, just have to make it a little bigger. It is a christmas flower (or well at least it should look like that).

Monday, October 06, 2008

A finish

I am just back from the quiltingretreat in Westouter and we had so much fun. We also had to make a little challenge quilt. We all got the same fabrics and had to make a quilt that shouldn't be bigger than 25 cm. Here is mine.In the weekend we worked on our own projects. I mainely have worked on Lentekriebels.
Also with the whole group or almost the whole group we worked on a quilt for a aunt of one of the ladies that is a nun. I helped to do the binding.

Here is a finish I can finally show.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Here in veurne

Before I went on vacation I received this beautifull halloween exchange from Edgar. I wasn't expecting anything yet as the deadline was the 10th of october. So it was a very nice surprise.

Here I am in Belgium and having the time of my life. Yesterday was a very long drive as trafic around Amsterdam was dramatic, I did an hour over 14 km and well that is a bit long. Till I arrived at the Belgium border I couldn't go harder than 100 km's per hour. Lucky me I had a stop at Ingrid to pick up some lugage from her so that she can ride with Marjon to Westouter tomorrow. I was around 16.00 in Veurne and I have to say it is a beautifull Bed and breakfast. There is even a fireplace in the room. I am sure John and me will also come here someday with the two of us.
Last night I first finished reading the winding ways quilt from Jennifer chiaverini and loved it every page, but I have to say I loved the other books she wrote better. Than I started stitching on block 1 of Journey of a quilter and you can see here a progress pic.
Today I went first into Veurne to see the city and I have to say it is beautifull. Nice old buildings and such. Also there is a fabric store, needed some things to finish a few exchanges and lucky me they had the right ribbon. Than I went in the bookstore and found a new one from Elizabeth George, Careless in red. I already started it while drinking some in a cafe and later with Lunch. Probaly will read some more tonight. I have to say the first pages are already very catching.