Friday, August 29, 2008

Top finished

Yesterdayevening I finished this quilttop, but maybe I will put an extra border around it (black probaly). I will look the next days to it to see if I will do it or not. If anyone has good ideas just let me know.

Next to do is make the bag for the bagexchange and I have a good idea for it. Somehow I got a lot of great ideas in my had the past days, yes that new sewingroom is getting me crazy LOL. I even got thinking I have to work on a BOM I started two years ago again. I had a great idea to work every day, maybe week on another project to get some work on all those big quilts. Also have to trace stitcheries for the Leanne's house BOM will take them also with me to the belgian quilting retreat. Don't want to take my sewingmachine with me.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A compliment and a new block

Today I got a nice compliment from my colleagues when I wore this shirt I bought a dark brown top beneath it and it looks really great. Am very happy with it. Hope to make some more cloths the coming weeks. But first I am working on a few quilts. Yesterday I finished the Wetsouter quiltchallenge and it looks really great. I love the result. Pic won't be viewable till after the quiltingretreat. That was my morning sewing session, not my normal sewing session, but I was off yesterday.
Than in the afternoon/early eveningI have worked on the christmas wave to make another border on it. I try to sew at least a half hour a day and I was surprised what I already can do in a half hour. Another border is added,, only two moro to go.
Than I suddenly realized that I haven't showed you the last 1930's block I have made. Love it very much. This weekend I will make another one and I also wanted to prepare the appliqueblocks to take them with me to the quilting retreat, but that will happen the coming weeks.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My sewingroom is ready

This past months we have been changing my sewingroom and today my DH finally finished the last thing which was the table.
A pic taken from the table
Taken from the window in the boxes on the right side there are all my floss, DMC and others
In the boxes the closest to the table are all my clothing make things and sewng threads. Than a row of boxes that I still have to sort out.
Few to the window.
My table with above the picture is from my own horse and her daughter, I had her 10 years and she died 10 years ago.
The 2 rows of boxes that are the closest to the walls are al my quiltingsupplies and the row next to it are the stitchingsupplies like fabric, charts and floss that is not organized yet in the boxes. Yes I still need some organizing to do.
On top of the boxes are all my works in progress quilting wise and some stitching fabrics.

Doesn't it look colorfull.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

planned a weekend away

I got an invite to come to the begian quiltretreat for the second time and as I have off from wednesday till wednesday I decided to make it a long weekend. I will sleep from 1 till 3 october in this B&B and also the sundaynight after the weekend I will sleep there. Will take some books and off course something to quilt with me and I already know what it will be as I want to have it finished. Especially with my leg I have to get some much needed rest.
Today I finished page 22 of Little red riding hood, but won't make a pic till the next two page, when row 3 of pages is finished. Now I will go and do some sewing. I still need to finish the challenge for the quiltretreat, but that I may not show till after that weekend. I want to work on the 1930 quilt and also want to have the wavequilt ready before that same weekend to show and than the bag for the Bag exchange on Linda's blog. You see I am just to busy.
I know I am not much around at the moment, but I am just very tired at the moment. Vacation is near, only 6 more workdays and than I will be having 2 and a half weeks off, really need that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some things

Well mail was busy these past days. First I received part of the 40T kit in the weekend and yesterday the rest. I saw this one a week or so ago in the friday feature newsletter of the Fatquartershop and fell in love. Just had to order it and lucky me it came in fast. I have to say in real life Portobello market fabric line is even more pretty. It will become the quilt soon, somewhere in the next year LOL.
Leanne had a giveaway in July and I won a pattern for the bag of her. I love it very dearly and surely am going to make it too this year. Than I also bought the Winding ways quilt so also something to read for me. Page 22 of LRRH is almost finished, vacation is very near and I still have to do a bag for an exchange and stitch on a round robin and quilt on another round robin.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well I am not very talktive still, but I am around and stitching and sewing.

First the stitching bit. I am still stitching on Little red riding hood and well look at the picture and you are seeing right, she appeared on the last page out of nowhere. Doesn't she look great, really love the detail in her. As you can see in the past month (maybe less) I almost finished 2 pages. You will see more in a few weeks, also have to finish a bag and a round robin in the next weeks and than I am not talking about quilt rr's.

Than the quilting part. I have been working on the quilt in the past weeks. I saw this one here and I asked on a dutch quilting group how they thought it was put together and well together we found out how to do it. This was in february and I still hadn't made it myself. So now I started mine with a jellyroll with christmas fabrics. I think it will be called christmas wave or something like that.

Well that is all. See you later.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Spring fling round robin second try

And this one went in the mail today to .....

I know I have been a bit silence lately, but well some things happened that really touched me deep in not a good way. Since that happened I decided to not do any stitching exchange till I know how to feel about what happened.

Positive news is that I am walking again. Yeah!!! without crutches. I feel reallt great about that. Just the wound is still looking bad.