Saturday, September 30, 2006

Quilt for Yvonne finished

I didn't expect that I would finish, but I just did. Now I have to go and e-mail Jacqueline if she has some fabric left for binding as I don't have any.
So now I will have the whole month of october to work on my own mysteriequilts. Yeah!!

Annemarie, I have it in a sort of a scrollframe, but it is on a stitchingstand that my dad build, but I am thinking of buying a scrollframe for my HEAD pieces as they are huge and don't fit the stand. I love working with them.

How did I do on my goals for september!

Goals September:

1. Finish Gerardquilt Done
2. Finish Yvonnequilt Done

1. Finish Crazy Cat lady exchange Done and on it's way
2. Finish lined seed back exchange Done and on it's way
3. Finish MTM Done
4. Stitch on animal shelf Done
Also I have finished the stitching on the needlework small exchange and finished it in a nice exchange, at least I think it looks nice.

Goals for October:

1. Finish Yvonnequilt
2. Work on the big mysteriequilt (this month we are getting the last part)

1. Finish animal shelf
2. Finish September stamp-it
3. Finish October stamp-it
4. Finish scissorfob exchange
5. Work on Little red riding hood

Finally I am quilting the Yvonnequilt and boy it will look great. First the sewing of Jacqueline was fantastic and now my meandering looks also very good. I will show a pic as soon as I can let it alone for awhile. Hopefully it will be done this week(end) so that I can take it to Jacqueline the 7th to show her and than put it in the mail, so it will be on time at Yvonne for her birthday the 15th.
Blogrolling isn't working very well at the moment, but I hope that in a day or something it will work again.

Friday, September 29, 2006

A quilt and stitching post

Well here I am again. Exhausted and happy. I just went to my LQS for the quiltshow and everything looked so good, but why I am exhausted and happy is that it was nice weather and so I went there by bike, which is about a bikeride in total of 25 miles. I try to loose some weight and this looked like a good way. So I thought I had earned some fabrics as they also were 10% off. I think I will make a doublesided quilt from them. One sight orange and the other side green, but you never know.
Also here a pic of animal shelf. As you can see I am making great progress. Only a little bear/rabbit and that the little quilt and do all the backstitching and than I will have a finish.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am still around

Work is so busy that when I get home I am totally exhausted, so I try to rest a lot and not be behind the computer all evening. I try to stay on track with all of your blogs, but mostly looking, not much commenting.
With the relaxing I am stitching up a storm on animal shelf. I really hope to have it finished in the next weeks. Than I can get everything to the framer and have all my christmas presents that I want to make ready before christmas.
Also yesterday we heard that in March of next year there will be another quiltingretreat of some dutch quiltinglists I am on. And off course I want to go as I just loved it last april.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I hate this

I had 3 finishes this week also have finished them in very cute things and I can't show anything as they are all for exchanges. But it also means that I am totally finished with the first 3 exchanges and the crazy cat lady exchange will go in the mail tomorrow. The lined seedbag has to wait a few days as I still have to get a nice color ribbon for that and the small needlework exchange have to wait a lot longer as that is to be send around the 15th of october. Now I only have to make a scissorfob and than I am finished with all the exchanges so far and I have to say I love doing the finishing a lot.
This week I will have to look if I have enough Hobbs to sandwich the Quilt for Yvonne, so that I can start the quilting on that otherwise I will have to go to the LQS to buy some.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Finished Gerardquilt and a finish from my mother

First I wanted to thank everyone for looking at my blog and leaving such nice comments. Sorry that I don;t answer them all seperately, but since I am home from vacation I have been running around and this is the first time I really sit behind my computer for longer than 5 minutes.
Next I just did the last stitch on the binding for the charityquilt for Gerard. I like how it looks, but not totally satisfied about it, but that is because my old sewing machine wasn't a really good sewing machine.
Next to quilt is the charityquilt for Yvonne, but I think that will have to wait till next weekend as the next week will be busy with stitching on animal shelf and maybe working on my mysteriequilts.

Also here a pic of my mothers next finish. It is a little quilt for a new born and can be used in the carseat for babies, It is not very big, but looks so nice.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It is finished!!!!

Yeah MTM is finished. I just put in the last bead and boy it glitters all the way. I just love the finished result.
Now I am going to get busy on the stitched lined seedback exchange. Finally decided on what to stitch.

This week I am also going to finish the Gerardquilt and crazy cat lady exchange. So I have to keep busy.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I am back

I am back from my great vacation in Italy. It was very warm, between 30 and 41 degrees (86 to 105 F). We have done a lot of biking the first week and that week it was 38 and 41 (100 and 105 F). Meeting Lyne was great, she is also if I am correct on one of the pics. We had some nice hotels espicially the second week in Toscane. I really love italian food. here some pics
For stitching or quilting I haven't done anything as the weather was so hot and the light in all the rooms wasn't great.