Thursday, December 31, 2009

How I did on my goals for 2009

Goals for 2009:
1. Bind Lentekriebels
This one is done
2. Bind Cat's Paw
This one is done
3. Finish the last round robin for the quilting sisters
This one is done
4. Finish the top of Journey of a quilter
Not done at all, also haven't worked a lot on it.
5. Make a few strip quilt and other WIM's in my closet
Well done, I used a lot of charmpacks, jellyrolls and even a fatquarterbundle.
6. Work on all the WIP quilts
This one is done
7. Finish at least 10 pages of LRRH (1 page a month)
More than done as I finished this year around 16 pages or more, not sure.
8. Finish English garden sampler
9. Stitch some things for myself
Done as Little red riding hood is for myself.

Tomorrow I will give my goals for 2010, have to think a bit about them.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finished a quilt top and the stashbusting report

I have finished 40T finally this weekend. I am thinking about a good name for it. I loved sewing on it every minute and do love the look of it.
Than on to the stashbustingreport, the last one of this year. I busted fabric for the backing of 40T and I busted a bit for a quilt for my colleague. Nothing came in.
Fabric out in week 52: 7 meter
Fabric in week 52: 0 meter
Fabric out in 2009: 153.85 meter
Fabric in 2009: 145 meter
Fabric busted in 2009: 8.85 meter

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well thursday early in the morning I unwrapped my gift as I was going away until today and I just love what I received, a beautifull crochetted and felted bag. I am surely going to use it.
Thanks Annie.
Than today I did send an e-mail to Dawn my exchange pattern to see if she had figured out what it was she received, well she didnt, just see her e-mail:

"After I had cleaned up, and we still had visitors, I then said, look what I have received from the Netherlands and went and obtained the box from the tree. I opened the smalller of the two parcels first and was absolutely estatic with the materials - just LOVE the tonings - you got it very right., then the bigger parcel - yes this did have us all intrigued as we went from discussing what it would be used for - well you can imagine , we tried every which way but couldnt work out the "final" use - we had tried to make it into casserole holders, shapes, but you had us all miffed. I think it was the gorgeous Xmas fabric which made us all think it was a Xmas themed product, hence why we were trying think it was a "kitchen" themed idea!!!! I can say that i too just LOVE the fabric - in fact have one of the "dot" ones and also the candy cane ones which I purchased in New Zealand earlier in the year, so that is absolutely amazing.

Now - a Sewing Machine cover - let me go and see.......................................
oh you are amazing - how on earth did you know it would fit???? Do you have the same machine????
Thanking you - it is lovely and looks great - have it on there now - cant wait to show the visitors as to where it belongs!!!"

Yes I saw this machinecover on the modabakeshop and just fell in love and immediately thought about Dawn and that I would make it for her from my "Winter" Jellyroll. I asked on an onlinegroup I belong too if someone had a machine like hers and if they could meassure it for me and someone could do it. I am very gratefull that she was so helpfull. That is why it looks a bit strange on my machine as a Bernina has a table on it and not mine. I am glad she likes it so much and they had so much fun to find out what it was for.
I have to say I loved making it and will probaly make one for my own sewingmachine too as soon as I have a few things I must finish have finished.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stashbusting report week 51

The new block of the mysterie designer bom came in. I used a charmpack for the fabric wreath and a bit for the tuffet.
Fabric in week 51: 0.25 meter
Fabric out week 51: 1 meter

Fabric in 2009: 145 meter
Fabric out 2009: 146.85 meter

Busted 1.85 meter

Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 finishes and Little red riding hood

What shall I show you first LRRH or my finishes. Well I think the finishes.

First I finished a tuffet, which is a pincushion and also a schnibbles pattern from Miss Rosie. It is made from leftovers from the november schnibble.
Than I also made another fabricwreath, now for myself. I love how this one came out too. You can find a tutorial here, but I have to say I make the little bags a bit different so that I have the opening onthe back, I also don't close that little hole as it is real small and also on the wreath itself.
And than off course the monthly update on Little red riding hood. Another 2 pages finished and a lot done on the next 3 pages.
I am also very busy with 40T, all the stars are finished and am now busy with the ninepatches. Hopefully it will be finished the coming days.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

The fatquartershop has said that I should post my letter to santa here. Now what to wish for was very hard and I decided on the essence fattquarterbundle. I just love the colors.
I hope you will see my wishlist.


Monday, December 14, 2009

SSCS ornament

I just read that my package arrived at dawn and she is happy with it. I am always worried if a package will arrive or not. I stitched her an ornament as about my stitching I am sure it is beautifull. It is from LHN from an ornament issue( don't know which one for sure.)
Now she has to wait for 2 weeks before opening the rest of the packages.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

stashbustingreport and the winner of the giveaway

Well what shall I do first, decisions, decisions, decisions. Well let me first do the winner of the giveaway. That is Jeanne from luv2stitch . Please contact me with your snail mail address and the angel will come your way.

Than the stashbustingreport.
Nothing came in and I busted 1 meter, I already busted it last week, but forgot to include it in my report.
Fabric in week 50: 0 meter
Fabric out week 50: 1 meter

Fabric in 2009: 144.75 meter
Fabric out 2009: 145.85 meter

Fabric busted 2009: 1.10 meter

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy bee

I am very busy with work at the moment and some private stuff and almost can't find anytime to blog myself or read blogs. Hope the coming weeks will be a bit better.
This week my brother was in Winconsin and well as some of you know there was a lot of snow there. I am so jealous as I just love snow. Today we finally have had a cold night and I just love it. John is , like last saturday, working, so I have the house for myself all day. Today I will be cooking Cassoulet. The beans are already soaking for 10 hours. I hope it will taste nice in the end.
This week I received my sscs package and you see here a pic of the ornament on the package, isn't it a beautifull ornament? Annie is my partner and my so curious what is in the package. Can't almost not wait to open.
This week I worked on 40 T as I would love to have it finished this year. I still have 12 more of these stars to do and than if I am corret 13 ninpatches. I hope I can make it in that time.
Than how am I doing on my goals for december
- Work on the caroline christmas mysterie done
- Work on the mysterie designer bom (finish block 5,6 and 7 and work a bit more on the finishing kit).
- Work on 40T done
- Make two blocks for the sbs quilt.
- Start quilt for my colleague
- Finish 2 pages of LRRH done

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A finish

When I was at my parents my mother gave me the quilted Cindy Lou Who. She handquilted it for me. I just love what she did with it. There is a flower in each snowball block.
I tried to make a detail pic of it.. Didn't work out to well, but I hope you can see it.
Tomorrow I hope to make a pile of tuffets.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

stashbusting report week 49

Last week I got some fabric as presents and also my price from the schnibbles. And after a bit of debating I decided to count it after all as fabric in. Also today came an order from fatquartershop. I had to order the year of schnibbles pattern "tuffets" and because only an envelope with one pattern is a bit to empty I also ordered two charmpacks from alliance and some yardage.
Also fabric went out. The charmpack for the christmas wreath in my last post and some more background fabric for the carolina mysterie.

Fabric in week 49: 6.55 meter
Fabric out week 49: 3.35 meter

Fabric in 2009: 144.75 meter
Fabric out 2009: 144.85 meter

Fabric busted: 0,10 meter

A fabric wreath

This is for my parents. I made it today and just love how it came out. Now have to make another one for myself, another 40 cushions need to be sewn. It is made with a charmpack of Moda "Winter"collection.

Than I still needed to show my schnibbles prize from last month. Isn't it beautifull.
Don't forget the giveaway in an earlier post

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

carolina christmas

Don't forget my giveaway.
I am busy with the carolina christmas mysterie and I just love working on it. I am almost finished with part 2, so I hope part 3 will come soon. For the year of schnibbles we will do the tuffets from Miss rosie.