Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A finish

Today I finished roundabout. Quilted it already this weekend, but it was just wanting for the binding and today I was up already very early 7.00 am on my day off and after doing some housecleaning I did do the binding.

This week I also have been working on the mysterie designer bom and now put the top together as far as I good do.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


It is time for the weekly stashreport. It is a good one as I finished all the blocks from the 1930 quilt, that is 6 meter out of my stash. This was an oldie from for the stashreports, so I decided with myself that for the oldies I can count the stash when I finish the top.

Also the monthly jellyroll came in, so 2.5 meter came in. It was a jellyroll from Martinique and a quilt is planned already.
Fabric in 2010: 66.70 meter
Fabric out in 2010: 85.70 meter
Fabric busted: 19 meter

Saturday, March 27, 2010

All blocks finished..

And the quiltttop put together. Now just have to decide on the borders. Probaly will be one of the green colors or a piece of all the colors that are in it, but I think I will do that for the binding.
I can't do any applique for a week or more as one of my fingers is really hurting. Well lucky me I haven't planned any applique soon.
With this top finished I may start two new quilts as the box from 40 T is still empty and waiting for a new project. Also have to decide about the carolina christmas as I am not really liking the outcome of the mysterie.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am back

Well I was already back sundayafternoon, but since than I was just to tired to do anything, but do a bit of applique on my 1930 quilt. I hope to have the top finished soon. The 3 total white blocks are places where only appliqueblocks will come the other empty places are blocks that are pieced and appliqued.

I have done the bottom half blocks of the quilt this weekend and some of the upperhalf. I have done 40 blocks, little ones and big ones. Only 6 more to go, from which one will be finished tonight.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

stashbusting week 12

Well a very good week. I had a very big bag with quiltfabrics on my attic that was used for donationquilts a few years ago, I still had a lot left and a friend makes now Little quilts of Love and I decided to donate the fabric and give them to her and so a lot of fabric went out, but also a lot came in. I was out of backgrounds fabrics and so I bought 15 yards of ivory bella solid and 15 yards of black bella solid and a bit of yardage from Bar Harbor. And off course the new bom block.

Fabric in: 29.50 meter
Fabric out: 60 meter

Fabric in 2010: 64.20 meter
Fabric out 2010: 79.70 meter

Fabric busted in 2010: 15.50 meter

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On quilting retreat

I will be gone till sunday. I will in the east-middle part of the Netherlands for a retreat with 60 other ladies and I am sure we will have lots of fun. Everything is packed and tomorrowmorning I will leave and probaly will go and first visit my parents who live in the neighbourhood of our retreat place and maybe visit a quiltshop too.
Yesterday I have been very busy with the mysterie designer bom and now all the sashing strips are ready and when I am back home, I will finish the top as far as I can with still two blocks missing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mystery designer BOM 2009

Yesterday and today I have been sewing up a storm on the 5 blocks I still needed to make. This week or next probaly block 10 will arrive. Now I will go and work some more on the finishing kit.
And I wand to sandwhich 3 quilts to get them quilted and finished.

stashbusting report week 11

Nothing came in. Lucky me. Don't want to talk about the 4 envelopes that will come in probaly next week, but I didn't have any background fabric anymore.
Fabric was busted this week. I was very behind in my mysterie designer bom and made the 5 blocks I have laying around in my sewing room, so now I am up to date again.

Fabric in week 11: 0 meter
Fabric out week 11: 1.25 meter

Fabric in 2010: 34.70 meter
Fabric out 2010: 19.70 meter

Fabric busted 2010: 15 meter

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last month I forgot to take my monthly pic of Little red riding hood, so now it was really time to take one.Sorry I was to lazy to take of my q-snap for the pic. Only 8 pages to go.

This week I have been working on the march schnibbles and I have finished the top. I really loved this one very much. It is roundabout and it is made with Astor Manor and the background is from Winter. I hope to quilt it this week.
Thursdayafternoon I will go to my quiltretreat and now I have to go and think what to bring and I already have some good ideas what it will be.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

stashreport week 10

Well don't really want to talk about this week as 2 envelopes have landed, 7.90 meter. What was in the envelopes, 3 meter of Whimsy yardage, a whimsy jellyroll and a bit of yardage from breath of avignon.
But the positive thing was that there also went a bit out for the schnibbles, 2.20 meter.

Fabric in 2010: 34.70 meter
Fabric out 2010: 18.45 meter
Fabric busted 2010: 16.25 meter

So there has to be busted something soon.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I won!!!

Got a letter today in the mail that I won a weekend trip of two nights to this hotel in Venray. Last weekend we went to the biking and walking expo in Amsterdam and my DH filled in a lot of cards for things to win including this hotel and my name was picked out of all the names. Lucky us. Now just have to see which weekend we can plan to go there. I have so many vacations from april till september that that is the hardest to do. Think it will be in July probaly.

I am busy with the march schnibble, it is roundabout and I am like Sherri using Astor Manor. Everything is cut, I only have to sew everything together.

Also busy cleaning the houseas saturday my family will come and visit and we will have a nice diner together for my DH his birthday.
Little red riding hood is growing, have to take a pic soon as I forgot my monthly pic for february.