Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lizzie Kate exchange received

First I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments on my huge quilt finish. I really love reading all that comments, makes me so happy.

Now that Suzanne has received the LK exchange I finally can show it. I stitched Lizzie Kate's Trick or treat for her and finished it into a floss tag. First one ever and I have to say I love this finish very much.
The concert Thursday was great, but the night very short (only 5 hours) so yesterday was a very hard day on work, but I survived. Today will be a huge stitching day as I haven't stitched in two days and when you have a deadline to meet than it isn't good news.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A huge finish

My parents came here today and as I need to stitch as much as I can, my mother decided that she would do the binding on Lentekriebels. And they stayed a little longer so it was really finished. My DH and my dad held the quilt up so I could take a pic. I really am feeling happy when I see it. It is the largest quilt I made so far. It was a mysterie from de quilterij and are some very difficult stars in it. Tonight it will go on our bed and we will have a good night sleep.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on Englisch garden sampler

Well I have done a lot of stitching this week. All the backstitching in the borders I had already finished, also finished the left border and did part of the right border, started the bottom border and finished the topiary squares and started the next peacock.
This week I don't think I will have that mjuch progress as wednesday my parents visit me, so not a lot of stitching in the afternoon, thursday evening I am going to a concert, so no stitching at all and sunday I have a birthday from my nephew, so also no stitching at all.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stash report week 4

Well not much to report. I am very busy with stitching to get EGS finished on time.
I have cut Lentekriebels on the right size, but haven't done the binding yet. Will do that hopefully this week, but it will be a very busy week, so don't know if I will manage. Still no sign of my fattquarter shop package (I just keeping my fingers crossed it is not lost in the mail). So also no fabric was added.

Fabric added this week: 0 meter
Fabric added year to date: 9.60 meter
Fabric used this week: 0 meter
Fabric used year to date: 4.40 meter

Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on EGS

Well this week I have been stitching a lot on Englisch garden sampler, but most of it was backstitch. All the backstitch and specialty stitches on the fountain part are done. Also the krenik came in, so I could finish the peacock too. Now only the beads needed in this part, but they will have to wait till the end.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

stashreport week 3

Well this week I have been a brave girl and I haven't added anything. My package from the fattquartershop still hasn't arrived.
Yesterday I started a new quilt and so I have busted some stash.
Fabric added this week: 0 meter
Fabric added year to date: 9.60 meter

Fabric used this week: 1.50 meter
Fabric used year to date: 4.40 meter

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And more cloths for my niece

Well here is the whole set. I also made a Kim from farbenmix, so it is the same set as the purple one, but than in other colors. Saturday I know if they like it or not. I am sure my brother will like it as it is not pink. My SIL I am not sure.

This weekend I will start another quilt now from charmpacks I think, I really hope I will manage as I need some stashbusting.

Oh yeah I finished my first floss tag today and I just love that finish, there will following some more for sure. I still have 4 other ones to finish.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A new top for my niece

Here is what I have been working on these past days. Hope they will like it.

Also today I had my mother on the phone and she was ready with the quilting on Lentekriebels, so it will come home with me saturday and than I can put the binding on it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stashbusting week 2

This week I put the binding on this quilt . And these fabrics came in. So not a very good fabric busting wek this week.
Fabric used: 0.40 meter
Fabric used 2009: 2.90 meter
Fabric Purchased: 4.60 meter
Fabric Purchased 2009: 9.60 meter
Fabric used to date: -6,70 meter

So I hope to do a big bust of fabric this week.

A lot of great ideas, but...

not a lot happened, well maybe I will sew on the cloths for my niece tonight, but for the rest I only stitched a lot on Englisch garden sampler, which really fills up now. Here you can see the last pic and how much progress I have done in only a few days as I haven't stitched on it for a week.
Quilting well nothing done, but hope to start quilting christmas wave next week.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Plans for the weekend

This weekend I have no plans at all, so thought lets make is a quilting, stitching and sewing weekend. The fabrics for the romantic strip quilt still haven't arrived so nothing will be done on that quilt or the fabrics should arrive tomorrow in the po box. This week was a nice mailweek. Today I got an very early birthdaygidt in the mail. Not to open till the 25th of february, also I received 4 new patternns from farbenmix for cloths for my niece.
Wednesday two packages with fabbies were in the mail. One from the stoffenkraam with fabrics for cloths for my niece. I already started a Kim from farbenmix with the fabric on top (red one) and with the bottom one (blue one) I am making a roxy.
Also there was a package from Fatquartershop with some Nature's Chorus fabrics. I have a big idea for this quilt. Just have to go designing on paper and not only in my mind. I now have a jellyroll, 3 charmpacks and a layer cake of this like and 3 yards of the light fabric and a yard of the other fabric. I have the idea of doing also applique on this quilt.
Weather is very cold here at the moment and due to a lot of ice on the streets it was to risky to go by bike to my work, so my DH has brought me to work everyday on his way to work.
This weekend I will make some cloths for my niece. I will work on one of my quilts that are wip's, I will finish 2 stitched things in to something and I will stitch a lot on EGS. It is really waiting for some attention.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Cindy was my partner I had to make something for and I used 2 or 3 charm packs from the Zaza line from Moda to make all these. I didn't make a pic of the back of the tablerunner, but there are the charms straight. I just love this line very much. I still have a jellyroll from this line and will be surely making a nice quilt out of it. Just need to think what it will be. Any ideas are welcome?
Yesterday I finished stitching my Lizzie Kate exchange, hope to do the finishing today or later this week.
Also I finished stitching a little birthdaygift, just have to make it into a fob and send it.
Now I am of to stitch a new christmas ornament from Carol as the first one is lost in the mail. Now just to decide what to stitch, don't want to stitch the same one a second time.

Monday, January 05, 2009

First finish of 2009

Today I decided to put the binding on Cat's Paw and finish it and so I did. I started this one in october 2007 and it was a BOM at my LQS. Love how it came out. My mother has quilted it. I also included some pics of the quilting.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stash report week 1

Well I decided to join the stashbustingreports. I already started to keep track a few weeks ago, but this week I started fresh.
This week an order from the fattquartershop came in 2 jellyrolls, both on sale. From the harvest home one I directly started the romantic strip quilt and today used up the whole jellyroll. Just have ordered some fabrics for a border, they will probaly come in this coming week.

This week I:

Fabric used this week: 2.5 meter
Fabric used this year: 2.5 meter

Fabric Added this week: 5 meter
Fabric Added this year: 5 meter

Only borders left

Today I have finished the last blocks and made them into a top. There will be borders added, but fabric is still on it's way. Was send the last day ofthe year, so probaly will arrive the beginning of this week. Loved making it very much. Now have to go and think about the quilting.
Frosty friends exchange is finished, only a little bit of finishing left to do. Now on to the LK exchange.
Also I joined the challenge of May Britt and Kris to finish one project a month.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My new quilt

This week I have been busy an hour a day with my new quilt. It keeps me busy in the evening and I just wanted to show you a little bit of it.

I just sewed one of the blocks together to show. I still need to make 32 1/4 peices of the block and than I can make the rest of the blocks. There will be 20 in the end.

Also another update on EGS, just because I wanted to. Tomorrow I will kit some exchanges I need to finish next week, so the rest of the week probaly not a lot of progress on EGS. I need to finish the HoE LK exchange, SBEBB Frosty friends, SBEBB Christmas ornament exchange (my first one got lost) and something for a birthday. The frosty friends can wait a week or so.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Update English Garden Sampler

As you can see I have done much on this one. I just love it very much. Hope with the next pic I will have this part finished. We will see, son't have anything planned for a few weekends so a lot of stitching time. Tuesday my order from Fatquartershop arrived and I started immediately on a new quilt. It is with a jellyroll from Harvest Home. Pic will come later when I have finished the top. As fast as I go now, probaly will be within a week. I try to quilt at least a half hour a day and it works really to get something accomplished.