Saturday, May 31, 2008

Monthly finishing challenge

Thos month was the challenge a biscornu and that is the finish I don't like at all, but I had this great chart from cat's whiskers and just had to do it.

So just on time finished, here it is.

I am also stitching on Little red riding hood and that one really grows in my hands.

Thanks all for the hugs and feeling with me. That does a lot for me.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sorry english readers, but now will follow a dutch venting post to get rid of my frustrations. Just the situation with my ankle nothing that you will miss.

Grrrrrrrr ^$$#$#^%*%^%$# Ik ben er even helemaal klaar mee. Ik wordt zo moe van de mnsen die vragen hoe het gaat. Wat moet ik daarop zeggen. Gezien de situatie gaat het goed, maar als je de situatie niet meetelt gaat het zwaark.t. Ik kan niks zelf en wat ik wel zelf kan, daar heb ik dan toch weer hulp van iemand anders vor nodig anders kan ik het alsnog niet. De buurvrouw vroeg een paar keer per dag of ze niet even de tijdschriften op moest ruimen en kranten en dergelijke, maar dat is nu iets wat ik zelf kan, maar ja ik heb er dan wel een doos voor nodig en daar moet ik John dan weer voor vragen. Die dan weer boos wordt als ik voor de derde keer om een doos vraag. En dat begrijp ik ook wel, maar ja daar kan ik weer niks aandoen. Van de week belde mijn baas hoe het ging, ik zei goed, maar ja met alles bij elkaar gaat het niet zo heel goed. Pijn in mijn been, maar dan voornamelijk meer bij mijn tenen. Maar mijn voet hebben ze heel goed bekeken en daar is niks te vinden. Woensdag weer naar de chirurg en misschien het nog even over mijn voet hebben. Daar was afgelopen keer weinig over te zeggen, want we gingen gelijk voor de foto en daarna werd er alleen maar gezegd dat de operatie kwam en eigenlijk geen tijd om over mijn voet te klagen of er iets over te zeggen. Is ook een zorg voor me. Is het straks niet zo dat als ik er iets over zeg ik straks daar ook weer een operatie voor moet krijgen, want ik heb die operaties naar 2 keer ook wel gehad. Mijn man zei net ook al zo vrolijk en dan kom je woensdag bij de chirurg en dan zegt hij weer we zullen eens kijken wanneer er een plekje vrij is op de OK (grrrrrrrrrrrrr).
Om het kort te zeggen ben ik er dus even helemaal klaar mee en ik heb pas 1 van de 6 weken gehad. En het is dus meer de vraag Hoe gaat het ermee? waar ik moeite mee heb wat ik dan eigenlijk moet zeggen. Kijken hoe het gezien de situatie gaat of hoe ik me gewoon echt voel.
Morgen komt mijn baas op bezoek of ik misschien wat kan werken als ze mij halen en brengen. Nou kan ik op het werk volgens mij ook weinig beginnen. Ik denk alleen computerwerkzaamheden en die kan ik net zo goed hier doen en dan zit ik ook lekkerder.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A huge finish and an exchange received

I just put in the last stitches on Nature's Home afghan. I loved every stitch on this one. I started it march 2003 and now after a bit more than 5 years it is finished. That is 6 blocks a year, not bad at all I think as I didn't stitch on it last year at all. In real life it looks even better. Pics are both not perfect, but you can't imagine how hard it is to make a pic on one leg.
Today I also got a beautifull exchange from Becky K in OK. I like it very much and love the things she has included in the package.
Also I want to thanks everyone for feeling with me and my ankle. After this second surgery I have more pain, but it is manageble.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Surgery went fine

Whaat all went wrong last time, did go right this time. I had to be at the hospital at 8.30, but as I didn't want John to take some hours off I let him deliver me on my work and asked if one of them good get me to my room later. It was fun being on my work for an hour to hear how it was going there.

Around 8.30 I was going to my room and the nurse got a call even before I was in the room that the OR was ready for me. I was planned around 0.30 pm and now it was only 8.45 am when they phoned. So we than went very fast to undress and get me my premedication, than have a fast drive to the OR and there also everything went very fast to get me ready, the one in front of me was not in time on the hospital and was put behind me now.

On the OR we had a lot of fun as first they thought I was the other patient and the doctor said well I see we are going to do your right ankle today. Now that doctor won't say that anymore lol. He understood fast that it was only putting the screws well in place on my left ankle and that he had to leave my right ankle where it was. With all these things we had a lot of fun in the OR and had a lot of laughs. I knew a lot of the people in the OR. They also looked with a scoop on both sides of my ankle if it was now good in place, so I hope it will be perfect now. I am not in a lot of pain, but am just very tired again. Was home already the same day around 6 pm. The pic is from a week ago at that time my ankle was already a lot less swollen than he was before.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Again bad news and two finishes

Today I had to get back to the hospital for an inspection and well I didn't get very good new. The room between my ankle and leg is to wide and the have to set the screws again and that will happen tomorrow with a new operation in the morning (at least it is planned that way). We will see how late the operation will take place and I will keep you up to date thursday. The weeks will count again starting tomorrow, so I still have 6 weeks again in front of me with no standing on that foot.

Yesterday I have been quilting on "Lentekriebels"and I have been stitching this past week on Nature's Home afghan and I have finished two blocks, only two more to go. This block 29 and 30, now only left to do are block 26, 27 and 28

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A real quilt ...

as some say that it is only a real quilt when it is totally done by hand. Well this one is. I even put the borders on by hand. It helped me through the bad days.
edited: I don't agree with this for me every quilt is special and all the ones I have done so far were only done by machine.

I know it still needs a bit of ironing, but well that isn't the easiest thing to do. That probaly will happen this week. My DH bought a backing for it and also fabric for the binding, he also got my sewingmachine which is back from it's service at the dealer. When I have sandwiched it I will also do the quilting by hand, but that will have to wait a while.

At the moment it is my stitchingtime as I am busy on Nature's Home afghan and well only tree is left to stitch. So there is a finish gloring at the end of the road.

My leg hurts here and there sometimes, but I have a good day again after having thursday such a bad day. John and me went on groceries with the two of us and that went great. I even could help a bit. Thanks everyone for the compliments on the rr.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A bad day

Today I have a very bad day with pain and everything. I already had a bad night with nightmares and very bad sleeping. Hope tomorrow I feel a bit etter again.

I just wanted to show you the Round Robin of Susan I have been working on yesterday and also before my vacation. It is now on it's way to the USA, luckily my neighbor didn't have a problem to go to the postoffice for me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am healing very well. Just am very tired at the moment, but with a bit of more sleep everything will come alright. I forgot to tell (I think) that I may not stand on it for 6!!!!! weeks. LOL I couldn't even keer that yell in when I hurt the doctor say that in the OR. He had a good laugh about it and he just said I think I hear the patient complain let's go and talk to her.
I was a bit worried about the Feathered friends exchange on SBEBB that I send before my vacation. Just read that Donna has received it. I stitcher her blackbiirds and blossoms from LHN. Love stitching their patterns very much. I finished it into a pinkeep, that is one of my favourite finishes and not that difficult to do.
I just went and looked in my send dates list and saw that I can relax for a few months, I know I have planned a little of time on exchanges myself and well now I am really happy with that with my leg and everything. I only have to ask my DH or my neighbor to post one envelope with the round robin of Susan in it and the rest will not be in the mail till I can walk again.
This message took sometime as the computer is just a little bit to far away and it does cost energy from my eyes to look at the creen even when I put it to a very large lettertype.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here I am again

I am back from hospital and surgery. I was already yesterday, but due to concentration problems I didn't post to the board yet. I am still not my best at concentration and am very soon very tired. So I will do a lot of sleeping and resting and well it can be that this post will take a bit longer than normal.
Friday I went around to the hosp[ital to first do a visit to my coleagues and after that a going to the room I would get in the hospital. I was sheduled at 1.30 pm for surgery, so after around 10.30 am I hadn't had any fluids or meals anymore. When we arrived at the florr the surgery was shedules for 2.15 pm, but well that time pasted to. Than around 3.15 pm the nurse got me my premedication and so well it looked like I would have my surgery around 4 pm. Well that time past and around 6 pm I still was lying on my bed and felt really worse. Lucky me my DH came to see how I was doing and went to the nurse right away as I was looking very very sick and hydrated after not getting any fluids for so long. So I got an IV ASAP with fluids, which was very problematic and I got in tears, but after the first bag of 500 ml I felt better a lot and after another bag I felt even better, had some talks and jokes again. But still no surgery. Well around 9 pm I got the premedication again and 9.30 pm I really got to the OR where I was operated and had some laughs with the persons in the OR as some recognized me from the hospital. Surgery went great I got a little slepmedication to keep me relaxed, but somehow that didn't worked till when I was back in my bed, but there was no problem at all. Somehow they even got rid of my blister on my finger that I got from riding the wheelchair and I even didn't feel that.
I now have two plates in my ankle and some srews. No cast on it, so for that I am very happy. I have to move it a lot as we don't want any bloodcloths. I have some pains, but well that will go better soon for sure.
I am now working on a hexagonquilt I still had kitted up, that I can work on as it needs not a lot of concentration, just simple stitching.
Yesterday after I got out of the hospital we went for groceries and got in to town as I was totally ready with lying in bed. My DH didn't have any trouble with pushing the wheelchair and I even visted the LQS to visit Tonnie and get the backing for the cat's paw which was still waiting for me. It was so nice to be outside again. Only minor fact was that I was biten by a wasp (hope babelfish did a good translation LOL). I was horrified when it flew in my t-shirt and bit me, lucky me my DH stayed very relaxed.
Well I am going now, see you all later. I am reading all your blogs very slowly and probaly will not respond a lot, but believe me I am still around.
Already thanks to everyone wishing me well.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More news from the hospital

Today I went to the hospital to see wwhat a dutch doctor would say and well I can say no good news for me. A band broek between both my bones in my leg and now I have to get surgery fridayafternoon. Till that time I have to lay my leg high and only get it down to get to the toilet or to bed. I have a cast on and will get another one after surgery. I have now more pain than without the cast, but well it is worth everything.
My DH has brought the computer down so I won't feel left out when he is not here. Also our neighbors said when my DH is going to work they will help me when I need something.
So well that is all for now. Now I will go and read some blogs.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Back from vacation, early :-((((

Well as you can see I am back from vacation two week early. Friday I fell down with my bike and twisted my ankle really bad. The doctor in Czech republic said there wasn't anything broken, only a very little part like 1 mm, but that coulsn't be set, so now I have a elastic band around it and am walking on crutches. Tomorrow I will be going to the hospital here in my own town and hope to hear some more as I think the bands around my ankle are torn or maybe, something else. More news later.
Also I have a new NIECE, she was born the 28th around 3 am, I visited her today and she was a darling little girl.

Also read that my garden themed exchange arrived. so here a pic of that one, I just read a message that Goldie likes it. It is garden spot from the trilogy made into a pinkeep.