Sunday, December 31, 2006

DJ A-13 and A-1

I had the urge to see how I was liking sewing by hand and I must say with these little blocks I like it. This one is starlight - starbright which is block number A-13. and now also A-1 Pinwheel Gone Awry is finished. I love doing this handwork a lot.

myserie quilt 2

Here is what the other block will look like, well not totally as only finished one corner so far from one block, but

as I won't be sewing today I just thought about letting you all see it already. Hope to sew again tomorrow.

I am now busy stitching on the house exchange as the chart for that one arrived at my doorstep yesterday. It will look great when finished I am sure.

Last night was a stormy night here in the Netherlands we even got a weather warning and it could be that tonight we will be having another weather warning as it can be stormy too. Last night it was carla and tonight we will be having Lotte as they have called the stormfronts. Carla has blown even of a balcony in Den Haag and blew down some trees here and there.

Yesterday we decided to do a summer snapperland sal. I will be doing it together with two girls from a yahoo group and we will be stitching on it on tuesdays.

Now I hope you will all be having a nice new years eve.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Just a simple question. I want to make a pillow for a friend of mine but I don;t want to send a big package. So are there prefilled pillows in the USA for on a chair in the livingroom and how big are they, so that I can make a pillowcase that she will be able to use.

Part 2 of mysterie

This is the first half of part 2 of this mysterie. When I am done with this post I will start drawing and cutting for the second part of this part as it is a very difficult block. This making of 16 ninepatches was easy, only they are very small, around 3 inches I think. I could already try out how it is working with this little pieces as my DJ is also this small. I got the news yesterday that my order has shipped. So am looking forward for the fabric to arrive and than find some matching fabric for the background and start. One block per week or two weeks I am thinking about.
Today I also started stitching again on little red riding hood page 2.
Yesterday I finished two exchange pieces, but before showing them it will be somewhere in february.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Winter snapperland finished

I just put on the last button on winter snapperland.

I love stotching this serie. Now I am going to do summer snapperland. I have everything in my stash for it.

Also today I finished the other 3 blocks of the mysterie "3 x 3 = 9" quilt. For the ones asking. This is not an online mysterie, but from a shop and I have a meeting once a month. Both blocks are made 4 times. So part 1 is now finished, on to part 2 tomorrow.

One year anniversary

The 24th I had my one year anniversary in blogging land and I just wanted to thank everyone for their friendship in this past year. I have met some great blogging friends since than and love being on the exchange board with other stitching bloggers. I hope to be here a lot longer with blogging and everything.
Today I first did my task for today which was cleaning the bedroom and so now I can start doing my hobbies. I already have found a chart for the needlework smalls exchange and redwork exchange. I already ordered something for the house exchange and also found something for the biscornu exchange.
So now it is time to do first a bit of sewing and than get winter snapperland finished.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

some more on the mysteriequilt

Here a pic of the finished pine needleroll. I gave it to my mother with christmas and she was very happy with it.
For christmas I received a book from Kathy Reichs, a book from Elisabeth George, the audiobook of Harry Potter and the secret room and a biasband maker of clover. I am very happy with the gifts and alsready am busy in the book of Kathy Reichs.
Yesterday I started the cutting for the 3 x 3 = 9 quilt and now I already finished the first block. I only have 3 more of this one to go and than I can start part 2. I really love the look of it.
Part 2 is easier, but also in one block it is very diffcult as it is a star with round corners. When part 2 is finished I will work again on the first mysteriequilt. So probaly tomorrow some more pics.
Also I decided which fabric to use for my DJ quilt. I am going to use fabrics from Moda's Nell's Flower shop and will be using some cream fabric for the background fabric.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas and new year wishes

As a lot will go on trips to their family or friends I just wanted to do this already now. I want to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. To say it in dutch. Prettige kerstdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar.
Sunday we will be at my parents celebrating christmas with some pressies and the rest will be spend with the two of us and our cat at home. My DH was very happy to have 4 days off, so he can rest from his studies.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pine needleroll finished!

I just did the beading on pine needleroll and now it is finished. I like this one again a lot. It is from Sheperd's Bush. I already did do the hemstitching, so only have to close and stuff it and than it is finished to be displayed. I hope this week to also finish Sheperd's roll in a needleroll.

I have vacation

Well I have a week off as of now. So I will return to work again on the 2nd of january and am very happy about that. I just need some time off.

Today was nice on work, till there were some problems and due to me being angry and also I have my time of the month next week I can cry easily and so I did, but all my colleagues were very nice and after talking about it I am happy again, but crying felt so good.

This stocking I stitched a few years back and also sewed it myself a few years back.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mysterie in different colors.

Here you can find the mysterie that I am making (the first big one with the green and pink colors) that are already finished in a few different colors. My colors are like the fourth pic, but here and there a color is different. I think in the end hers will look lighter.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Which of Santa's Reindeer are you?

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Feeling relaxed

After the long bath from yesterday and finishing reading my book (if I am correct it was The third secret from Steven burry, I am sure of the name of the book, just not about the author) I feel relaxed again. I also had a nice night, not being awake half the night makes you feel a lot better.
Tomorrownight me and two of my colleagues will go visiting the colleague that got her baby to give her the quilt I made her.
Now we just have to get the finacial things again on a row.
The pic is from one of my masterpieces I already have finished and framed a few years ago, just had to post a pic as I hate only words and no pic.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My mother is busy, I am not.

As I told some posts ago I have learned my mother paperpiercen and here is the result of he first try another christmas quilt.

The background is 6 paperpierced christmastrees and the reindeers are appliqued on it. Aren't they cute.

Now she is just busy quilting as she has her big quilt to quilt for their bed and also a rosesquilt.

I haven't done much just have been working a bit on winter snapperland. Today I will be surely go to read a lot and maybe a bit of stitching. I hope after a long bath I can relax better, I just feel stressed.

Some asked what the problem was with the minkeefabric, well it is very slippery.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Update winter snapperland

I just wanted to show you all that I haven't sit still stitching wise.

I just love how it turns out. Still a lot to do, but I am not really in a stitching mood at the moment and it is not like the past 12 weeks that I had to sit downstairs stitching as my DH was learning for his study upstairs. I hope this weekend will be a stitching weekend. Also I want to make preparations to finish the Just Nan trickortreat box as I want to finish that in to a box between christmas and new year and I still have to finish some needlerolls, put the beads on pine needleroll and tomorrow I hope to buy the last 2 birthdaygifts.

Friday, December 15, 2006

New wishlist link

I just made a new wishlist here including beads, floss etc.

Minkee frustration finished

Yes that is how I called it as I am really frustrated about the whole thing. I am going to my beighbor in an hour and hope she will like it.
The pic is a bit strange, but that is because I am standing on a chair to make the pic.
Next quilt to finish is the autumn harvest, probaly this weekend as it is only the binding that is left to do.
And I really have to go stitching and patching again. I am so happy to have vacation in only one more week.
Edited a few hours later: My beighbor was very pleased with the quilt and it looked like she will treasure it, but use it. Lotte was a very cute girl and was deep a sleep while I was there. Now I am ready with all the gifts for this year, now I can work for myself without feeling sad about it. It was my 56 finish for this year, so I did great on my finishes and am happy with every result.
Now I have to get stitching. Our cat wants to be on my lap all day to cuddle, but I just want to stitch and I can't with him in my arms.

Minkee frustration

I am really frustrated with the minkeequilt. They even now want me to do the binding with minkee. LOL if you hear screams the next hour than it is me. It is quilted now and well all I can say it looks fluffy for sure. If I will wash it before giving it. I don;t know yet, because of the frustration. Luckily the cat hasn't laid his body on it yet.
Now well I have to get on with the binding, maybe I can give my neigbor a call after that if I can come and visit.
Bye for now, from a frustrated Judith

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am just a bad girl

Financial it is going bad, but I just coudln't resist these fabrics when I was in LQS for batting yesterday. I bought fusible this time and will see how it works. It is for the minkee babyquilt, so that I can go and quilt tomorrow.

What I will be making from these fabrics, no idea, but I am thinking of a pillow or maybe they will be used in an exchange piece.

Also I signed up for a workshop for the victorian sewing box in the end of March. Looking forward to that. Now it is done with speding money as also the brakes on the car did cost a little more money than predicted.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Quilting finished

I just finished the quilting on the autumn harvest tonight and really love the look. I haven't done the border after all. Now I still have to do the binding, I hope to do that this weekend after I finish the babyquilt for my neighbor as her daughter was born friday and the quilt isn't quilted yet. So I have to get busy on that one,

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy bee

First before I forget I wanted to thank everyone that has recently looked at my blog and gave such nice comments. It is a pleasure to read them all.

Someone asked if Sinterklaas is the same as St. Nicolas day and yes that is. The man has a different name in all countries that have it.

Also there was asked if the treehouse afghan is cross stitch, yes it is and it is 30 squares and I have now done 21 so far. I will make a pic of the whole thing when I have stitched the next block.

Than today I started quilting the autumn harvest quilt a bit each time. I am doing it with an overall heartpattern and I have to say I like it a lot as my old machine didn;t sew very good. I decided to make it overall as than you don't look at the patching that much at least I hope so. I have still half of the middle to do and than on the borders I will also do hearts, but in a different way. I am still loving this quilt very much and also love working with my new accessories.

Also a pic of a comfortquilt for which I stitched a square which is the left square in the third row. I love it how Annelies finished it and I am sure Bert will like it. This is the last Comfort quilt I have done something for and I am still happy I decided to quit.

Now I am going to quilt some more and after that some more stitching on winter snapperland.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I have been a naughty girl

Yesterday we had the Husqvarna days at my local husqvarna dealer. I got the invite so I went. As the las days were days of only rain, I couldn't do anything else. So I went to Middenmeer (half hour drive) and looked at some shows of the new accessoires for the Husqvarna and boy I saw some nice things. I have bought the quiltkit, which has a quilting table, a free motion feet and one for following a pattern if I am correct, also another one which is for thick quilts and a quilting ring. Than also I bought one for sewing on cord and one for sewing on the binding on two sides a a time. LOL well you see I have spend lots of money.
Yesterday I also sandwiched the autumn quilt, which I hope to quilt in the coming months, one bit at a time.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I can relax again

I just heard that my stocking stuffer exchange also arrived at Catherine Michelle her doorstep. I have made her this buttoned pillow and the design stitched on it is Celtic Challenge from the sweetheart tree and also sewed her up a stocking. The stocking is with flanel fabrics. I just love how the pillow came out as it was the first time that I made something like this. Now I can relax and work on my next exchanges for january which are the house themed exchange and needleworl samll exchange on SBEBB. Have to go thinking how I will finish those as I already decided what to stitch.
I haven't been quilting these past days, hope to do a bit this weekend, maybe in a minute. I have to cut a lot of pieces for the next blocks of both mysteriequilts.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

exam and christmas ornament exchange

My DH had his exam today and he passed it, so now he is an official car inspector. Here in the netherlands after 3 years your car has to be inspected by the garage every year to see if it is still safe to drive on the roads. This inspections are done by the garage, but they have to be licensed for it to do it and now John is licensed. I am a very happy girl now. Also because my ornament exchange arrived at Barbara and also mine arrived from leena from Finland.

Image hosted by
by judiromi
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

stocking stuffer exchange

My mailman just rang the bell. I really hadn't expected that as it is Sinterklaas and a lot of people are having a sinterklaas party at home, but well he came and brought me this nice package from Leslie. I just love it and also the extra goodies are nice.
My package is already on it's way for over a week and still nog sign of it. I keep my fingers crossed.
Today I got an invitation for a swedisch day this weekend at my Husqvarna dealer with all nice sales for the machine and other nice things. Also my DH and me will be going to a show for eating, with cookshows and everything. So I think I will be a bit quiet this weekend.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finishes from me and my mother

Well I have been busy these past weeks working on Nature's home afghan and I just finished another block. Here is the first one I finished over a week ago.This is block 25 of it. It is just a part of the tree. Than yesterday I finished block 20 of the afghan and doesn't it look good, this other birdhouse. It is the last birdhouse as on the others are no birdhouses anymore, but there a few huge blocks still to do.
In the train this weekend I started Winter snapperland, but not much progress as of yet.

Here also a pic of the bag my mother made on the quiltingretreat which she has made for me and I just love it. It are truly my colors.
Than she made me a quilt for christmas to be hang this coming month and I just love it. My father has designed it and my mother made it. Yesterday I have also seen some other finished mysteriequilts of the first mysterie and they looked all great and all totally different. One was in the same colors as mine (green and pink/orange), one was blue with pink/yellow/orange, one was light pink, with light green and one was in autumn colors also a beauty.
I heard also that I was the first that finished the summertimequilt, even the designer hadn't seen it finished yet.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Goals for December

I have done a lot in november that wasn't on my goal list and so I decided to not set any goals for the coming months, just the following:
1. Finish the exchanges I am in at that moment.
2. Finish every month first the next part of the 3 x 3 = 9 mysteriequilt
3. Than work on the first mysteriequilt till the end of the month to get that one finished also soon.
4. Stitch whatever I want from my list or any of my wips.
Off course I will keep everyone updated on my stitching and quilting.