Friday, December 29, 2006

Part 2 of mysterie

This is the first half of part 2 of this mysterie. When I am done with this post I will start drawing and cutting for the second part of this part as it is a very difficult block. This making of 16 ninepatches was easy, only they are very small, around 3 inches I think. I could already try out how it is working with this little pieces as my DJ is also this small. I got the news yesterday that my order has shipped. So am looking forward for the fabric to arrive and than find some matching fabric for the background and start. One block per week or two weeks I am thinking about.
Today I also started stitching again on little red riding hood page 2.
Yesterday I finished two exchange pieces, but before showing them it will be somewhere in february.

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Susan said...

These blocks look enticing - especially with the few that are blue mixed in. Little Red Riding Hood! I have to back up and see what you are doing.