Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy bee

First before I forget I wanted to thank everyone that has recently looked at my blog and gave such nice comments. It is a pleasure to read them all.

Someone asked if Sinterklaas is the same as St. Nicolas day and yes that is. The man has a different name in all countries that have it.

Also there was asked if the treehouse afghan is cross stitch, yes it is and it is 30 squares and I have now done 21 so far. I will make a pic of the whole thing when I have stitched the next block.

Than today I started quilting the autumn harvest quilt a bit each time. I am doing it with an overall heartpattern and I have to say I like it a lot as my old machine didn;t sew very good. I decided to make it overall as than you don't look at the patching that much at least I hope so. I have still half of the middle to do and than on the borders I will also do hearts, but in a different way. I am still loving this quilt very much and also love working with my new accessories.

Also a pic of a comfortquilt for which I stitched a square which is the left square in the third row. I love it how Annelies finished it and I am sure Bert will like it. This is the last Comfort quilt I have done something for and I am still happy I decided to quit.

Now I am going to quilt some more and after that some more stitching on winter snapperland.


Shelina said...

Judith, when I saw your autumn quilt, I assumed you had a long arm quilting machine. Wow, you did a super job! This comfort quilt is really pretty.

Anne S said...

Blogger hasn't let me comment for a while now ... so I'm catching up - your comfort quilt is totally divine, I really love it! And your latest fabric purchases look great ... can't wait to see what you come up with for them :)