Sunday, December 31, 2006

myserie quilt 2

Here is what the other block will look like, well not totally as only finished one corner so far from one block, but

as I won't be sewing today I just thought about letting you all see it already. Hope to sew again tomorrow.

I am now busy stitching on the house exchange as the chart for that one arrived at my doorstep yesterday. It will look great when finished I am sure.

Last night was a stormy night here in the Netherlands we even got a weather warning and it could be that tonight we will be having another weather warning as it can be stormy too. Last night it was carla and tonight we will be having Lotte as they have called the stormfronts. Carla has blown even of a balcony in Den Haag and blew down some trees here and there.

Yesterday we decided to do a summer snapperland sal. I will be doing it together with two girls from a yahoo group and we will be stitching on it on tuesdays.

Now I hope you will all be having a nice new years eve.


jacq said...

hihi ook aan de sterren zie ik,
ja heb de smaak te pakken zeg!
word mooi
groetjes jacq

Norma said...

I love your blocks. They look so delicate. Happy New Year!

Sue said...

Your quilt is very pretty. Good luck with your SAL's.