Thursday, February 19, 2009


We are going on vacation this night and it looks like Sjors doesn't want us to go. This was already the 5th time I tried to get up, but he just didn't want to go and my DH made some pictures with the celphone. Is he a cute cat. Well he will have to miss us till march 1. I am going to Austria and I will have a nice birthday with my whole family.
Bye for now

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christmas wave finished

Thanks for all the compliments on EGS. I am very happy that it is finished. Guute and Yvonne I am sorry for the both of you, but I can't take it to the quilting retreat as it will go to the framers the 2nd of March to get framed on time.
Well than to my next finish. I did a trade last march with Yvonne I got a quilt from her with the same pattern and I made her this one. Due to circumstances I couldn't finish it sooner. So she will receive it in March on our dutch quilting retreat. Hope she likes it.
Now I am on to my next finish, but first I need to go and pack the bags and do laundry and clean the house. Hope to finish also the other quilt before vacation. By the way there is more than enough snow where we are going in Austria. Hope traffic will not be to busy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A finish

Yesssss it is finished a few minutes ago. The pic is very bad sorry for that.

I am so happy to have it finished on time just for my holiday. Hopre to have two other finishes in the next days.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stashbust report week 7

Well I had a great week I needed two backing for quilts and off course also the bindings as I already quilted them. Pic will follow later this week when they are finished, only need to do the handwork on the binding. Also a pic of Englisch garden sampler will follow as it is almost finished.
Didn't came any fabric in, but I ordered some fabric at the fatquartershop, but not a whole lot.

Fabric in this week: 0 meter
Fabric in this year: 15.55 meter (17 yard)

Fabric out this week:3.50 meter (4 yard)
Fabric out this year:8.55 meter (9.5 yard)

Next week will also be a nice bust as I planned to put the borders on a quilt.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LK exchange received

I just received a beautifull exchange from Paula. I just love the pinkeep she made for me.
I am feeling a lot better, just still coughing a lot. I am ver busy stitching on the TW and still hope to have it finished before my vacation at the end of next week, I should get it done as how it looks now.
And just because I wanted a pic of our cat Sjors, he was laying there so cute yesterday when I was making a pic of the exchange.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

stash report week 6

Due to sickness nothing to report. I hope to bust some stash this week. Positive thing I also didn't but anything.

Fabric this year:
In: 15.55 meter
Out: 5.05 meter

A lot to show

Yesterday I received a beautifull exchange from Shelleen It is my last exchange from SBEBB, the frosty friends exchange. It is the first cube I received and I just love it. Picture doesn't do it justice at all, also I received some nice goodies with it.
Also I have to finishes to show. I made two floss tags, both are from Nature's alfabeth from Elizabeth designs. I am not totally happy with the M, but I am very happy with the S. With the M I put in the ring the wrong way, but getting it out won't make it nicer.
This week I have also stitched a lot on EGS, really made some great progress. I am now busy with the over one stitching on the gate, which is very time consuming.
My stashbusting report will follow later today, I am hoping to bust some stash today. I am planning to start quilting The Nature's Trail quilt. So that I can bust a backing, that would be a nice bust and I can practise on my quilting some more before I start christmas wave as that one is for someone else and I want it to be beautifull.
In February I had 3 finishes, so I am very proud about them as there were two UFO's among them.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Flu and thanks

Well I am feeling a little bit better at the moment, good enough to make a little post for you, I have the flu and I am now taking medicines that make me cough less, but they make me feel very groggy and well everything costs a lot of energy and I am not able to do a lot.
But the main reason to post is a big thanks to everyone for the support comments I got about the nasty comment I got. All the posts did do me a lot and made me feel a lot better. So a big hug and kiss for everyone.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Update EGS

Well not much progress, but I had a very busy week with other fun things and these last two days not so fun things (a heavy cold/bronchitis). I have only worked on the border some more. Maybe I will get a nasty comment because I am only showing the bottom part now, but on the top part nothing has changed.

Stashreport week 5

Well first I want to say to the person with the anonymous comment on my last post. I feel with you not mentioning your name. That I didn't send my name in the package was a little mistake due to something I am not going to mention here. That I only stitched a Lizzie Kate, well as it is a Lizzie Kate exchange, so stitching a Teresa Wentzler wouldn't fit the exchange very well. And floss tags are in for finishes, so I also made one. Nothing wrong with that I thought and I loved how it turned out. Due to this kind of comments I am leaning to deciding that I won't exchange anymore and I hope that will make that person happy. I already decided a few months ago that 2009 won't be a big exchanging year as I want to stitch a lot of things for myself.

Than my stashbusting report for the binding of Lentekriebels I busted some fabric, but also my long awaited package from Fattquarter shop came in.

This week
Fabric out: 0.65 meter
Fabric in: 5.95 meter

Fabric this year:
In: 15.55 meter
Out: 5.05 meter