Sunday, February 01, 2009

Stashreport week 5

Well first I want to say to the person with the anonymous comment on my last post. I feel with you not mentioning your name. That I didn't send my name in the package was a little mistake due to something I am not going to mention here. That I only stitched a Lizzie Kate, well as it is a Lizzie Kate exchange, so stitching a Teresa Wentzler wouldn't fit the exchange very well. And floss tags are in for finishes, so I also made one. Nothing wrong with that I thought and I loved how it turned out. Due to this kind of comments I am leaning to deciding that I won't exchange anymore and I hope that will make that person happy. I already decided a few months ago that 2009 won't be a big exchanging year as I want to stitch a lot of things for myself.

Than my stashbusting report for the binding of Lentekriebels I busted some fabric, but also my long awaited package from Fattquarter shop came in.

This week
Fabric out: 0.65 meter
Fabric in: 5.95 meter

Fabric this year:
In: 15.55 meter
Out: 5.05 meter


Brenda said...

please don't let other people's negative/ignorant comments stop you from doing exchanges!! It was just one - misinformed - persons view. If you are enjoying the exchanges and the other people are enjoying your work - exchange away!!!
Keep up your busting the stash!! And make sure Feb. treats you well!!

stitchenmylifeaway said...
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stitchenmylifeaway said...

I re-moved my first comment because I misspelled tooo many words. LOL

I thought the floss tag was cute. It was a happy design and I don't know what that persons problem was but I would have be happy to have received it. I'm with you on cutting back on exchanges in 2009 but if you do exchange I would be happy to be your partner.