Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spring Fling round robin received

I just received my spring fling round and robin and love what the 4 ladies have done. The center is from Dorian, the first border from my friend Rose Marie , the second border from Toni and it is quilted by Laila . I just love it very much. Thank you all.
Yesterday I went into the city and found some fanrics to sew something for my niece She will be wearing purple. It will be her christmas present.
Also last week I bought some fabrics for her for cloths, but that will be used next year.Only the fabric that is above will be used before christmas too. The rest will be for later use.
For myself I am very busy with a jeans and it is almost finished, only the button still missing. That will have to wait till tomorrow as today I was gone all day to visit a quiltexhibition in Antwerpen where her angel storey quilt would have hung, but there was a disaster with it.
With my DH his new job we have more time in the weekends and just needed a day together away.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I got the word the past two days that two spring fling round robins I have worked on are received. On the first I did do the first border. If you click the image it should take you to the finished quilt. which Margaret quilted so beautifull.

Than I also heard Helen has received her quilt too. I quilted this one. When I received to be quilted I was totally in love with it and so happy to do the quilting on this one. I read Helen likes it very much. Lucky us who worked on it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It arrived and also I was behind the sewing machine.

There is a special story about this package that arrived on my doorstep today. As you may know my birthday is in February. Well I am with the crazyexchange group and that organized a birthdayclub, but the person that organized it dissapeared and so Jacqueline stepped to make sure everyone would have a partner again. Well my first partner dissapeared, my second partner dissapeared too, from my third partner her package disspeared and than Jacqueline decided to make it herself and well that is this one. Isn't it beautifull. Also Bianca stepped in and she arranged the presents that had to go with it and I got a giftcertificate from the Handwerkboetiek. It is maybe 9 months late, but I couldn't be happier.
Today was stormy and snowy here and so I decided to spend a lot of time behind my
sewing machine. I made this jacket (it is for inside, can't think of the english name at the moment). It is from the Knip XL and it was great to make. I learned some new thing while making it and also had some dumb mistakes, but I am happy with the result as you can see on the pic. Next to make our some pants and jeans. Hope to show some more tomorrow.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Simplicity 3697 few B

with a few adjustments. No band on my back this time and I made my decolote a little higher, so I can wear it also with out a shirt under it.
Hated the fabric. Pic is bad, but well it is finished. Today also finished my ornament exchange and will send that wednesday with a lot of other exchanges. Hope to finish the sscs exchange also before wednesday so that one can fly away too.

Nice giveaway

It is a great giveaway and just wanted to let everyone know. Just click on the image.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finished Erin's rr

I have been busy stitching these past days and the square is finished. I stitched northwoods sampler from Jeannette Douglas, well a part of it.

Hope she likes it.

Now on to my ornament exchange. Already decided which one to stitch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am very busy...

with exchanges and round robins. I finished the quilting on the spring fling rr. Here you see the label. Pic of the whole quilt will be here when it is received, I may not send it till the 15th so the pic will have to wait awhile.
I have been working on my sscs gifts. I made it all out of 3 charm packs and a little piece of some yards I had from the Zaza line from Moda. Pics won't be here till she has open her gifts. Hope to send it out at the end of this week.
Also have been stitching on Erin's rr, I have my stitching mojo back and am stitching the house of Northwoods sampler from Jeannette douglas. Pics will be here when I finished my square.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Working on a round robin

I am very busy working on this round robin for a yahoo group. It took me awhile before deciding what to do. It came in just before I hurted my leg and I bought some fabrics for it, but wasn't satisfied at all and didn't want to work on it. Than a few weeks ago when my rr came home I got the inspiration and bought some fabbies for it. And here a pic of how it looks now. At the bottom I will add probaly also a string of green and some flowers. Do you think it need more? As I am not totally sure.
Also I am working on the spring fling round robin (quilting part) . This weekend I hope to work on Erin's rr so it can go on it's way on time. I think I have my stitching inspiration back now. I think I just stitched to much when I sat up with my leg. Didn't feel like stitching at all. This week I also got in Just nan's christmas ornament issue 2008 and well that got a lot of my stitching inspiration back. Already decided what to stitch for the christmas ornament exchange on SBEBB. Will start stitching that one soon too.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pumpkin patch exchange arrived

Just got an e-mail from Cindy that she received the pumpkin patch exchange.

It is autumn thanks from Sisters and best friends. Finished in a little wallhanging