Monday, July 30, 2007

How much % have I already done

I just have counted the stitches to do and that I have done on Little red riding hood. I have done so far 53284 stitches and it is 236700 stitches, so I have now completed 22.51%. If you look like it this way than it looks like you are a lot farther.One page is 2.11%, only the small ones are 0.49%.
The pillow you see here is the other one my mother made for the people where her horse is standing right now. My mother and my father totally did it themselfs, I haven't helped at all.
I just love how it came out.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Little red riding hood and some pieces framed.

Today I finished page 10 and 11 on Little red riding hood. I always have it that how longer I stitch on one project how faster it goes as I get used to the fabric, thread and chart. Now the first row of pages is finished and official I have finiahed page 1 tot 10 and page 17. I have't worked out how much % I have finished now of the stitches, but it a lot already.
I am also busy with one of the mysteriequilts and hope to show a new pic soon, but now there isn't a lot to see yet.
Today my parents came to visit and brought some framed pieces. Here a pic of Medieval Town Mandala, which I just loved how he framed it. We had to put in a 4double mat to have enough room for the bicones.
Also they brought starlight sampler with them, which was framed very simple, but I love it.
And I got Victoria city sampler to the framer and he did do a nice job on that one too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Page 9...

and also a bit of page 10 and 11, but 9 is totally finished. You see the big clock peeking around the corner there and also the end of the curtains at the left side, there is now a bit of curtains on the right sight left, but not a lot of nuance there.
I am a bit sick at the moment with a headache, hurting all over my body, etc. Hope it goes away fast. Also finished my matrass pincushion, but will have to see how it looks tomorrow, as I was not totally satisfied today. Now on to finish the needleroll.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Received Summer exchange

I received today the summerexchange from Karen. Is it beautifull or what.

Today I have been stitching on my matrass style pincushion exchange and it is finished, only have to make it into an matrass style pincushion, will do that this weekend as the weather will not be beautifull.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seasonal house exchange was received

I just read on SBEBB that the seasonal house exchange I made for Amy was received. In this exchange I again combined all my hobbies, sewing, quilting and stitching. She asked for a spring house. So I stitched her Daisy Lane cottage from Little House needleworks and finished it as a bag with springie fabbies. I am glad she likes it, I am always worried if they will like what I make them.
I am addicted to Little red riding hood. I really have to go and stitch on the mattrass pincushion exchange, but I can't let LRRH go. Well tonight I may stitch some more on LRRH, but than it is really time to go stitch and finish the exchange.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer exchange was received

I just heard from Karen that the exchange I made for her was received today. I made her a bag, a pencil or make up bag and a bourse. When I made the yellow bag for this exchange, my DH said why not make one for your nephew too and that is why you have seen this one before. For the exchange is the big one, the little one was for my nephew.
I made the bourse from insturction on focus on finishing, saw instructions for the pencil bag also on a blog.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finished page 7 and 8

I did a lot on stitching on Little red riding hood today and finished page 8. On the last pic page 7 wasn't completed yet, but that one is now also. Only two full pages and one small and the first row is completed. I will now first go work on both exchanges that have to be send at the end of the month as that is only half a month from now.

When I was working on LRRH and listening to Harry Potter I heard a hard bounce at the doorstep and here you can see the package that landed. It was a beautifull flatfold from Vonna for the seasonal house exchange. Doesn't it look lovely. I have the card downstairs, but if I remember right it is from Prairie schooler.

Harry P

I just got the audiobooks in from part 3 to 6. Yes I know I am late in reading the, but I am addicted since the movies came out. I have 1 as a real book and 2 as my first audiobook and I just love that as you can do whatever you want and still listen to the books. I hope to finish the last cd of 2 tomorrow and than go on to part 3. John is going to the "Vlootdagen" in Den Helder. So I have the house on my own.I am busy cutting pieces for part 3 of the 3 times 3 is 9 quilt. I have to make the block 16 times and all the blocks consist of 9 parts. So a lot of cutting has to happen. Still 50 pieces to go.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My mother is very busy

I just got pics from my father again. My mother has finished this beautifull pillow for the woman who owns the farm her horse is in the stable. The have a farm with cows, don;t know how many, but there are a lot. I used this fabric one time in a comfortquilt and gave it to my mother to use in something for Margret. Last time we were at my parents I learned her to make a logcabin block, so off course she was phoning me late at night to ask/say something was wrong. Lucky for her I found it and she redid it and now it looks like this finished.
Now she is making one with chickens (also left over fabric from me.
I am stitching on Little red riding hood. Page 8 is now halfway finished and it goes great. This row of pages is nearing it's end. Pic will follow at the end of the weekend. I hope to go out to make a bikingtour, but when it really gets that hot with high humidity I am thinking not to do that. We will see what happens. Hope to show also some finishes after the weekend as packages should arrive the coming days through out the world.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Goals for July

I decided to do goals again as that helped me through MTM and other things and I feel I need them again.
Goals for July:
1. Work on Little Red Riding hood
2. Finish part 2 and 3 of 3 times 3 is 9 quilt
3. Finish part 8 and 9 of the "Lentekriebels"quilt
4. Work on block 4 of Quilter's Journey
5. Finish Needleroll exchange due 31 of july
6. Finish Matrass Pincushion exchange due 31 of july.

Not much of my goals done

Well I went busy with other things and friday and saturday I had a movie/stitching marathon for myself. So I did do a lot of stitching on Little red riding hood. You can see the whole progress here. I am busy with page 7 and 8 at once. Page 7 is nearing it's end.
Hope to get some cutting done on one of the mysterie quilts today.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

What will I do this week

Last week I have worked on Little Red Riding Hood and now around 1/2 of page 7 is finished. I finished a bag for my nephew, did finish the last part of the summerexchange and the seasonal house exchange. So both can be send as soon as there date is there.
The coming week I will put the binding on my folkloridge quilt, work on the 3 times 3 is 9 quilt as it is loudly calling my name. Than I have to go and stitch something for the matrass style pinkeep exchange and finish that one, but that can be extended to the week after. Also I want to stitch on LRRH, maybe finish page 7.
Yesterday I brought the LHN I finished a few months ago, Victoria city sampler and Medieval Town Mandala to the framer. Getting MTM framed really costs me a fortune, but there will be 4 mats as otherwise the beads wouldn't fit. Pics will follow at the end of the month.
You will see more from me later this week.