Thursday, July 12, 2007

My mother is very busy

I just got pics from my father again. My mother has finished this beautifull pillow for the woman who owns the farm her horse is in the stable. The have a farm with cows, don;t know how many, but there are a lot. I used this fabric one time in a comfortquilt and gave it to my mother to use in something for Margret. Last time we were at my parents I learned her to make a logcabin block, so off course she was phoning me late at night to ask/say something was wrong. Lucky for her I found it and she redid it and now it looks like this finished.
Now she is making one with chickens (also left over fabric from me.
I am stitching on Little red riding hood. Page 8 is now halfway finished and it goes great. This row of pages is nearing it's end. Pic will follow at the end of the weekend. I hope to go out to make a bikingtour, but when it really gets that hot with high humidity I am thinking not to do that. We will see what happens. Hope to show also some finishes after the weekend as packages should arrive the coming days through out the world.


rose_michelle said...

The pillow is very pretty. I loke the contrast. My mom is a quilter and I am a stitcher. Actually, we do both, that's just our individual preferences.

claudia said...

I really like the pillow. The colors are great! The corners inside The little border look really lacy. Great effect.

tkdchick said...

Your Mom did a lovely job!