Sunday, July 01, 2007

What will I do this week

Last week I have worked on Little Red Riding Hood and now around 1/2 of page 7 is finished. I finished a bag for my nephew, did finish the last part of the summerexchange and the seasonal house exchange. So both can be send as soon as there date is there.
The coming week I will put the binding on my folkloridge quilt, work on the 3 times 3 is 9 quilt as it is loudly calling my name. Than I have to go and stitch something for the matrass style pinkeep exchange and finish that one, but that can be extended to the week after. Also I want to stitch on LRRH, maybe finish page 7.
Yesterday I brought the LHN I finished a few months ago, Victoria city sampler and Medieval Town Mandala to the framer. Getting MTM framed really costs me a fortune, but there will be 4 mats as otherwise the beads wouldn't fit. Pics will follow at the end of the month.
You will see more from me later this week.


Shelina said...

You certainly do have big plans to get lots of things accomplished! Good luck.

jacq said...

zo te lezen verveel je je nog lang niet. leuk de quilt voor job! en de knikkerzak trouwens ook, zijn ze daar ook zo bezig met knikkeren?

quiltorstitch said...

Can't wait to see your pieces come back from the framers, they'll be beautiful! Good luck whittling away at your list, I have a big list too :)

rose_michelle said...

Sometimes it takes me as long to figure out what to do as it does to stitch it. Can't wait to see the finished LRRH.

JudyL said...

Hope you get everything done that you have planned to do!