Sunday, April 30, 2006

Goals plus finished part 5 of mysterie

Here a pic of Mysteriequilt part 5 which I finished today. It was a nice one, but cutting 160 squares and after that sewing them all together was hard.
Also worked on MTM again and hope to have a pic of it tuesday and that it is finished than.
Tomorrow is Colonial garden day. I am thinking of moving it to sunday as I never have that much stitching time on a monday, but will see in two weeks as next sunday I will be gone for a long weekend.

1. Finish part 4, 5 and 6 of the mysteriequilt Done
2. Finish the Gerardquilt From the 15 blocks I have finished 2
3. Finish the Micaquilt From the 9 I have finished 2
4. Start a new quilt Done Poetry in Motion, is ready to quilt
5. Finish the top of my autumnquilt Not worked on it
Asxtra I finished 2 bags and two pillows, alle sewed and quilted.

1. Start a Jeannette Douglas Done and is 75% done
2. Start Colonial garden from LTD in the LTD SAL Done and am 1/3 on the way of finishing
3. Finish April stamp-it Not done as I ran out of floss.

When I have time left:
1. Only if I feel like stitching it stitch on Medieval Town Mandala. No I don;t hate it. It is just now my thing to stitch so slow on something so maybe I will do part 7 and 8 in may, part 9 and 10 in july and part 11 and 12 in september. Just an idea for myself not sure yet how it will work out. stitched on it , not totally finished, but will in a few days.
2. Finish NHA 19 and maybe start and finish NHA 25(which is a part of the tree)not done

Goals for May:
1. Finish Micaquilt
2. Finish Gerardquilt
3. Finish part 7 of the mysteriequilt
If there is time:
4. Finish Poetry in Motion

1. Finish part 7 of MTM
2. Finish part 8 of MTM
3. Finish april stamp-it
4. Work on mondays on colonial garden
If there is time:
5. Finish victoria city sampler
6. Finish NHA 19

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Part 4 and 6 of the mysteriequilt finished and MTM

Here I am again with new pic of MTM. I hope I will finish it maybe tomorrow. I just got part 8 in the mail and am printing it at the moment. So I will go around the corner right after I finished part 7. A few more days more stitching on MTM.
Today I also finished the sewing on part 4 and 6 of the mysteriequilt and tomorrow I will do the sewing and cutting on part 5. Than I have a whole month for part 7 which isn;t big, but it is still 16 parts to do.
It looks like I will be meeting a americain friend in Italy as it looks like she will be there the same days as me. My DH already said he wouldn't mind. I am going now as I want to go and stitch on MTM now.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Another week of vacation booked!! I just booked my second week of vacation. We decided to go the second week a little more to the south to Florence. We will be in a hotel just south of Florence. We hope to ride there also on our bikes. It is the same place as where our queen has her vacationhome in summer.
Speaking of our Queen, tomorrow it is queensday. Not that our queen at the moment has her birthday tomorrow. Official she has her birthday on the 30th of january, but as people go out in the streets on queensday, she decided to also honor her mother to let queensday stay on her mothers birthday and so it is on the 30th of april, but as this year that is a sunday it will be hold on the saturday before. The royal family always goes to two places in one province. This year they will go to "Flevoland" our youngest province, my DH who is 9 years older learned we have 11 provinces and I have learned we have 12. Than people will do plays in that city and greet the royal family in their city.
My DH and me will stay home and have a quiet Saturday, otherwise my DH had to work in the morning, but lucky for him it is a national holiday.
Tomorrow I will take a pic of MTM. I have finished the middle house and the stitching on the house next to it, only a bit of black left to do on that one.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am such a happy girl

Tuesday I booked our vacation to Italy, to be exact Carvour which is south west of Torino, to go biking there together with my DH and for this we also bought to new bikes today and they are so beautifull. I will show pics as soon as we have them in 3 weeks.
I also have been working on MTM a bit in the last two days, but as I wasn;t that much home and when I was home I was busy discussing bikes with my DH and finding the right vacation. And now we did so now I can sit and relax.
Yesterday I also got part 7 of the mysteriequilt and that will be very very pretty when totally finished again we have to use blocks from previous parts and we have to do some paperpiercing in this block also.
Tonight I will be working on MTM again and hope to do a lot on the middle house. I also bought today the box from the TV serieMacGyver and Indiana Jones, so guess what I will be watching.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I have been working today on MTM, pic will foloow tomorrow. Yesterday I have worked on Colonial garden for the LTD SAL, but only backstitching as I have a lot of that to do and I don;t want to save it till the end.
Today I also sorted some things out for the charityquilts, to get everything on the roll and send out the stuff to others so that they can make the quilts. I will send out two envelpes thursday.
Today work was very stressfull. We are doing moe and more for the boss and we love it, but it is also taking a lot of time.

Monday, April 24, 2006

New pic

Wow Life can be busy. I really am thinking where is the time I had this morning. Yesterday I stitched some more on MTM and I am now beginning the middle house. I still can't find the slow part, but maybe I will find it some time.
Today I got also the skien of floss to finish april stamp-it, so maybe I will stitch on that tonight as I am very tired.
The charityquilts are keeping me also very very busy, we have started the stitching for 4 new ones. this weekend.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New pic MTM

And here a new pic of MTM, we went out for diner yesterday, so I didn't do very much stitching on it. I think this was another 2 hours of stitching. Yesterdaymorning we went in the city to buy a pillow for in the blue/aqua pillow. I only stitched a bit in the afternoon. I still love stitching on MTM just don't like getting the chart in parts as normally I start my pieces at the top and work my way down and now someone else decides how to do it. Also part 5 was way to big with thise corners and so for my feelinf I had stitched always on MTM in February and March, so that is why I took a break at the beginning of this month, so that I had some time to stitch on different things. Probaly I will stitch part 8 right behind this part.
Today I will do some more stitching on MTM and tomorrow is LTD-SAL time, so I will be stitching on Colonial garden.
I think toda I will stitch outside as the weather is very nice here.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stitching on MTM again

Yesterday I started stitching on MTM. The progress is after 2 hours of stitching. Yes Carol I really think this part is going fast. I think maybe it is due to that it is laying better for me than the other part as I am stitching left to right or right to left and with the row at the top I had problems stitching that way. Also I think it goes faster when you stitch one side a time and not like you start in the middle and go both sides at the same time. I tried that with the upper row, but that slowed me down big time. I have to say I love the colors in MTM a lot.
Also a pic of Victoria City sampler of the progress of thursday. I didn't do a lot of stitching than. Today and tomorrow I will stitch mostly on MTM and also will work on the mysteriequilt tomorrow.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another Pillow finished and Victoria city sampler update and pics of the mysteriequilt

Just before I get really sleepy. Here the finished pillow in blue/aqua. I have to say this one went better than the brown one as I was now better with my sewing machine. By doing you are learning they say and yes that is true. I have done the quilting by machine. I didn;t have a good pillow to put in it. Hope to find one this weekend.

Also un update on Victoria City sampler which may even be finished after the weekend. I only have a few rows left and they are the easier ones. I only think the building at the bottom will be more time envolved.
Also the pics of the mysteriequilt I promised beginning of this month. This are part 4 and 6. I will work on these two parts and part 5 a little more over this weekend.

I just started reading Deception point from Dan Brown and in the first page there is happening already something. Also saw a new book of Katherine Neville in the bookstore.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Won't be much around

Friday I have to go to the dentist and as I am very scared for it I have to take medication to make me calm tomorrow and friday. I hope it will help me getting though the appointment. As I will be a bit sleepy from it, etc. I probaly won;t be much around.
I worked on the aqua pillow and the blocks are finished now I have to sew them together. Also got some more done on Victoria city sampler.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where is my energy

Today I have started working again and all went fine till around 12, than I felt really exhausted and still do. Hope tomorrow will be better again and so on till I have my old energy back.

Yesterday I have been working on Victoria city sampler. I hope to finish this part today.Not long as I have also been quilting some time. Here are the 3 blocks I have done. I also did the cutting on the other ones. Now i have to sew the other 6 blocks, piece them together and go quilting. It will be the same as the pillow yesterday.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Update and Finished Pillow

Yesterday I went to my parents to be at their place with easter and we had nice diner with my parents and my brother, SIL and little nephew. Job, my nephew, was cute again and he could now speak a bit better and was playing with his grandparents. He is now 2 and such a cute boy.

My mother finished the quilting of an UFO of mine. She quilted it as I had big problems with my hand with quilting this one. So I could make a pillow of it and put a pillow in it. I love how it came out. Now I have to go and do it also in blue.

Also a pic of Victoria City sampler from saturdayevening as it was very late that night and we went away very early yesterday I didn't have time to put the pic up sooner.

Anne thanks for explaining how to do the progress bars, will have a look in it in a few days.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Pic

Here the new pic of Victoria City Sampler.

Next to the one blue flower (Hydrangea) will come to Begonia's and another Hydrangea over one. On the 32 ct over one I can only do them in daylight, so maybe I will finish them today, but maybe not.

I am now half way with this beauty of a sampler. I am busy with the middle row. I am sure that will take some hours as there are a lot of specialty stitches in that one.

Friday, April 14, 2006

What is new with me

I am doing a bit better than these last two weeks. I finally get enough air in to breath properly. Since a few days I have "skype" and I have to day I love it. Now I can speak to my brother without a lot of costs.
We will have a family day in june with the family from my mothers side and I will see some nephews and nieces after 2 years back and also their childeren from which some are only 10 years younger than me.
On the stithcing front: I am busy stitching on Victoria City sampler and ii is coming along nicely. Will take a pic this evening or tomorrowmorning. I finished another two rows and will finis the 3th in a few minutes. I have left one row empty as that is over one and in the evenings that is just to hard to see. I want to do that with daylight, so probaly this afternoon.
Also did some more backstitching on Colonial garden, pic will come monday or tuesday when I will be working on it again for the LTD SAL with Karen V and Carol.
Probaly next week I will be stitching on MTM a few days.
On the quilting front: I finished the second block on the Gerardquilt and also the first block on the Micaquilt.
Sunday I will be quiet as I will go visiting my parents.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yesterday I have been quilting

Yesterday it was quilting day as I want to have this one finished this month I really had to get a move on it as I am doing it totally by hand. I just love the celtic knot I have quilted. Luckily for me I only have to quilt 6 celticknots and the rest are the surroundings and those go pretty fast. Here a pic of the front
And here a pic of the back, so that you can see what I quilt of the surroundings. I did also do some backstitching on Colonial garden, but not worth a pic. Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And here I am again

Here another pic of Colonial garden. It is already around 1/3 finished, still 5 little garden and a fence to do.

There were no mistakes in this part of the garden. It was cute to make the real small vegetables in the two gardens.

Today I have tried working again, but it was just a few days to early. I think I will work tomorrow my half day, than after that to the doctor and than home again to rest for a long weekend. We have two easter days, we also have minday off. We will go and visit my parents and maybe go biking with them, but it depends on the weather.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Fast update

As I really need to go to bed. Just a pic of Colonial garden. Already found the first mistake in the chart.

Slowly, very slowly getting there

This is the work of two days. Not a lot, but slowly I am seeing progress. I have done now all the stones in the upperhalf and am now going to fill the gardens. I love stitching on this one.

Maybe I will do also some stitching on MTM as when I see the progress of some of the ladies want to stitch on mine too. We will see what happens.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some more progress on colonial garden and finished the second bag

I have been working yesterday on Colonial Garden.

Colonial garden is a nice one to work on. The gardens are the most difficult. The stones and bushes are simple and nice to do. You should see that bushes as they are 1/8 - 1/4 inch high.

My DH is now buying some things for in the bath and I will go in a hot bath as soon as he comes home.

Here a pic of the second bag, which was just finished. My mother still can't choose. But she is leaning over to the green/yellow one. I like them both, so I have no problem with which one she will choose.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Still Sick

Yes I am still sick. The cold/flu I had is now a bronchitis and I feeling very bad in breathing. My DH also came home sick today.

I stitched a little bit on Victoria city sampler, but had big problems seeing the fabric. So I decided to start already on Colonial garden and see how that one would go. Well alright as I have to do the bushes with 6 strands and than making it look like a bush with 3 strands, so no problems seeing that. It looks a bit like knitting and when you have it in your mind and fingers it goes very very fast. The stones are also easy to do, so I think while I am sick I wil stitch on this one. Here a link to colonial garden. How it will look in the end. I started in the middle.

I also saw today the new Harry Potter movie on DVD and I have to say I like it, but it is a bit different than the other 3 I think.

Yesterday I also started the other japanese bag and hope to have it finished by today.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Finished the first bag!

Yeah I know I am sick, but a terrible patient as I am very bad in laying in bed all day and I thought making this bag should be easy and so it was.

Now on to the other version of this bag. Which will take longer as I don;t have the right thread to quilt and put it together as far as I know, maybe I will go and see how I am doing outside the house today and make a little trip to the shoppingcenter (5 minutes by bike).

Here a pic of Victoria City sampler. I am busy with row 2. The crosstitching is the hardest for me at the moment and is going very slow. On row 3 there is also some over one stitching and I think I will leave that till I feel all normal again.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I had a great weekend

I don;t know yet how long this post will be as I came sick home from the quiltingweekend, but we had loads of fun. Yesterday I couldn;t sit up for very long, but today is a little better.
First I want to show you what I have done on Nature's home afghan before the weekend. I will go working probaly on it again this month, but it depends on how the rest will go. Than here also my progress on April stamp-it. I had to stop as I am out of GAST-cidermill brown that I have to use for the basket. But as far as I know at the moment it is the only thing I need at the moment and paying postal costs for only that one skien is a bit to much. So it will have to wait for a next order.
Yesterday when I was sitting up I did some stitches on "Victoria city sampler. Not much as I had problems with the 32ct fabric, but it is a little bit of progress and I like it so far a lot.
Friday early in the afternoon I went to Annelies to pic her up at her home and than we drove with a very fully packed car to the wuilting weekend. We arrived there even before 4 in the afternoon as traffic wasn't a problem at all. Than we looked at where we would sleep and it were nice beds. We were in a room wit 5 people. and we had to share one shower with 17 people, so you can figure out mornings were very hectic in that bathroom.
We started in the chickenroom, but as it was getting to crowded and some had to go to the ducklings room we volunteerd to go there. Lucky for us we weren't with that many in that room (around 20 woman) and we had the quilting store there the whole weekend. A lot of woman gave me fabrics for the charityquilts and I am sure going to use them all in the next months/years.
On friday and saturdaymorning I worked on my mysteriequilt which is going to be a beauty, will post pics of that one later as I didn't take any pics yet.
On Saturday after lunch I started my Poetry in motion quilt and sunday before lunch the top was finished. It is with all ohio-stars and the colors are all so nice and lovely. First I would make it for a friend, but now I think I will keep it for myself.
Also I am going to make my mother and me a bag from a workshop they gave at the quiltingweekend. I am sure she will love it. Just have to decide if she will get the red/black one or the yellow/green one.
Now I have to go and go and lay down a bit as my head is exploding.