Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am such a happy girl

Tuesday I booked our vacation to Italy, to be exact Carvour which is south west of Torino, to go biking there together with my DH and for this we also bought to new bikes today and they are so beautifull. I will show pics as soon as we have them in 3 weeks.
I also have been working on MTM a bit in the last two days, but as I wasn;t that much home and when I was home I was busy discussing bikes with my DH and finding the right vacation. And now we did so now I can sit and relax.
Yesterday I also got part 7 of the mysteriequilt and that will be very very pretty when totally finished again we have to use blocks from previous parts and we have to do some paperpiercing in this block also.
Tonight I will be working on MTM again and hope to do a lot on the middle house. I also bought today the box from the TV serieMacGyver and Indiana Jones, so guess what I will be watching.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

It looks great Judith. You are so fast at getting these parts done I could never keep up with a project that size. Happy Stitching, CJ

Carol said...

Hi Judi - great job with MTM - I still just LOVE your fabric :-)

lala and gleen said...

Your stitiching is stunning!!! Would love to see your photos of biking in Italy and hear about any recommended trails in the Netherlands as I will be traveling there in October.

Keep on stitiching!!
cheers, Lala