Friday, April 14, 2006

What is new with me

I am doing a bit better than these last two weeks. I finally get enough air in to breath properly. Since a few days I have "skype" and I have to day I love it. Now I can speak to my brother without a lot of costs.
We will have a family day in june with the family from my mothers side and I will see some nephews and nieces after 2 years back and also their childeren from which some are only 10 years younger than me.
On the stithcing front: I am busy stitching on Victoria City sampler and ii is coming along nicely. Will take a pic this evening or tomorrowmorning. I finished another two rows and will finis the 3th in a few minutes. I have left one row empty as that is over one and in the evenings that is just to hard to see. I want to do that with daylight, so probaly this afternoon.
Also did some more backstitching on Colonial garden, pic will come monday or tuesday when I will be working on it again for the LTD SAL with Karen V and Carol.
Probaly next week I will be stitching on MTM a few days.
On the quilting front: I finished the second block on the Gerardquilt and also the first block on the Micaquilt.
Sunday I will be quiet as I will go visiting my parents.

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Carol said...

So glad you are feeling better now!!

I picked up my pretty flosses today for my LTD Emerald Jeweled Garden. Love these colors! I am so excited to start on Monday! One of the colors (a rather magenta toned purple) has no DMC equivalent, so I will have to dig around in my overdyed flosses to find something that will look good there... shouldn't be a problem :-) I think Crescent Colors Boysenberry Jam, that I bought two days ago for Blackbird Designs' Strawberry Garden, is actually going to be a pretty good alternative.... just thought of that as I was typing this LOL!