Saturday, April 29, 2006

Part 4 and 6 of the mysteriequilt finished and MTM

Here I am again with new pic of MTM. I hope I will finish it maybe tomorrow. I just got part 8 in the mail and am printing it at the moment. So I will go around the corner right after I finished part 7. A few more days more stitching on MTM.
Today I also finished the sewing on part 4 and 6 of the mysteriequilt and tomorrow I will do the sewing and cutting on part 5. Than I have a whole month for part 7 which isn;t big, but it is still 16 parts to do.
It looks like I will be meeting a americain friend in Italy as it looks like she will be there the same days as me. My DH already said he wouldn't mind. I am going now as I want to go and stitch on MTM now.

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Carol said...

What a pretty quilt! MTM looks great - it truly amazes me how quickly you stitch it... makes me feel rather inferior! I know I can only give it 2 hours at a time, but still... you are too fast for me!