Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I had a great weekend

I don;t know yet how long this post will be as I came sick home from the quiltingweekend, but we had loads of fun. Yesterday I couldn;t sit up for very long, but today is a little better.
First I want to show you what I have done on Nature's home afghan before the weekend. I will go working probaly on it again this month, but it depends on how the rest will go. Than here also my progress on April stamp-it. I had to stop as I am out of GAST-cidermill brown that I have to use for the basket. But as far as I know at the moment it is the only thing I need at the moment and paying postal costs for only that one skien is a bit to much. So it will have to wait for a next order.
Yesterday when I was sitting up I did some stitches on "Victoria city sampler. Not much as I had problems with the 32ct fabric, but it is a little bit of progress and I like it so far a lot.
Friday early in the afternoon I went to Annelies to pic her up at her home and than we drove with a very fully packed car to the wuilting weekend. We arrived there even before 4 in the afternoon as traffic wasn't a problem at all. Than we looked at where we would sleep and it were nice beds. We were in a room wit 5 people. and we had to share one shower with 17 people, so you can figure out mornings were very hectic in that bathroom.
We started in the chickenroom, but as it was getting to crowded and some had to go to the ducklings room we volunteerd to go there. Lucky for us we weren't with that many in that room (around 20 woman) and we had the quilting store there the whole weekend. A lot of woman gave me fabrics for the charityquilts and I am sure going to use them all in the next months/years.
On friday and saturdaymorning I worked on my mysteriequilt which is going to be a beauty, will post pics of that one later as I didn't take any pics yet.
On Saturday after lunch I started my Poetry in motion quilt and sunday before lunch the top was finished. It is with all ohio-stars and the colors are all so nice and lovely. First I would make it for a friend, but now I think I will keep it for myself.
Also I am going to make my mother and me a bag from a workshop they gave at the quiltingweekend. I am sure she will love it. Just have to decide if she will get the red/black one or the yellow/green one.
Now I have to go and go and lay down a bit as my head is exploding.


Jenneke said...

Great progress! That Victoria City Sampler looks very pretty!

The Dragon said...

I'm sorry to her you have been ill Judith - I hope you are better now.

The work you have done on the Afghan, the sampler and the quilts is wonderful though! (how can you work so well when you are ill - all I do is curl up and whimper LOL)

The Dragon

valda said...

Your afghan is gorgeous! Great start on the Sampler! I love the Poetry in Motion quilt! Just love the colors.
I hope you are feeling better soon!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Love the Victoria City Sampler you have may a good start. All your work is lovely and the fabric colors are great. Get better soon, CJ

Carol said...

You've been so busy - no wonder MTM is on the back burner right now! I love the Jeannette Douglas sampler!! I am excited to take a class with her on May 6th :-)

Nancy in IL said...

Judith, everything looks wonderful, and you have been a very busy girl! I love your afghan. It's going to be a beauty!

KarenV said...

All your stitched WIPs and the quilt look wonderful Judith! It sounds like you had a great time at the quilting weekend. I can't wait to see the bags you make - those fabrics are so pretty!

Sorry you're feeling poorly - hope you're feeling better very soon!

Anonymous said...

Hallo !
Was een hele tijd zoet met kijken naar je prachtig werk ..
Vooral de Poetry in Motion quilt vindt ik ontzettend mooi !
Welke stoffen zijn dit ? Zijn ze on line te krijgen ?
Werkelijk, ik kom telkens terug om nog eens te kijken, en ik vindt je quilt werkelijk buitengewoon !
Groeten van Danielle