Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another Pillow finished and Victoria city sampler update and pics of the mysteriequilt

Just before I get really sleepy. Here the finished pillow in blue/aqua. I have to say this one went better than the brown one as I was now better with my sewing machine. By doing you are learning they say and yes that is true. I have done the quilting by machine. I didn;t have a good pillow to put in it. Hope to find one this weekend.

Also un update on Victoria City sampler which may even be finished after the weekend. I only have a few rows left and they are the easier ones. I only think the building at the bottom will be more time envolved.
Also the pics of the mysteriequilt I promised beginning of this month. This are part 4 and 6. I will work on these two parts and part 5 a little more over this weekend.

I just started reading Deception point from Dan Brown and in the first page there is happening already something. Also saw a new book of Katherine Neville in the bookstore.


KarenV said...

Judith, your Victoria City Sampler is really pretty! I love the thread colours on that blue fabric.

Good luck with the dentist visit tomorrow {{{hugs}}}

The Dragon said...

All of these are looking really good. The sampler is really pretty and the quilt is fantastic!

Is the pillow for you or for someone else? if the latter then they are very, very lucky!

The Dragon

Vikki said...

Although I still love the brown pillow I like this one even more because blue is my favorite color. Your Victoria Sampler is beautiful. Great job!

Karen's Blog said...

Judith I love seeing all your patchwork and your Victoria City Sampler is stunning.

valda said...

I love your patchwork pillows! Just beautiful!