Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some more progress on colonial garden and finished the second bag

I have been working yesterday on Colonial Garden.

Colonial garden is a nice one to work on. The gardens are the most difficult. The stones and bushes are simple and nice to do. You should see that bushes as they are 1/8 - 1/4 inch high.

My DH is now buying some things for in the bath and I will go in a hot bath as soon as he comes home.

Here a pic of the second bag, which was just finished. My mother still can't choose. But she is leaning over to the green/yellow one. I like them both, so I have no problem with which one she will choose.


Carol said...

Oh Judi! Another great day of progress on Colonial Garden!! The bags you are making are quite cute!

Anonymous said...

You're so quick with everything you do! I'm very happy if I would finish a bag in a month or so, but you make one in a day?
Hope you feel better now. enjoy the stitching.