Sunday, April 30, 2006

Goals plus finished part 5 of mysterie

Here a pic of Mysteriequilt part 5 which I finished today. It was a nice one, but cutting 160 squares and after that sewing them all together was hard.
Also worked on MTM again and hope to have a pic of it tuesday and that it is finished than.
Tomorrow is Colonial garden day. I am thinking of moving it to sunday as I never have that much stitching time on a monday, but will see in two weeks as next sunday I will be gone for a long weekend.

1. Finish part 4, 5 and 6 of the mysteriequilt Done
2. Finish the Gerardquilt From the 15 blocks I have finished 2
3. Finish the Micaquilt From the 9 I have finished 2
4. Start a new quilt Done Poetry in Motion, is ready to quilt
5. Finish the top of my autumnquilt Not worked on it
Asxtra I finished 2 bags and two pillows, alle sewed and quilted.

1. Start a Jeannette Douglas Done and is 75% done
2. Start Colonial garden from LTD in the LTD SAL Done and am 1/3 on the way of finishing
3. Finish April stamp-it Not done as I ran out of floss.

When I have time left:
1. Only if I feel like stitching it stitch on Medieval Town Mandala. No I don;t hate it. It is just now my thing to stitch so slow on something so maybe I will do part 7 and 8 in may, part 9 and 10 in july and part 11 and 12 in september. Just an idea for myself not sure yet how it will work out. stitched on it , not totally finished, but will in a few days.
2. Finish NHA 19 and maybe start and finish NHA 25(which is a part of the tree)not done

Goals for May:
1. Finish Micaquilt
2. Finish Gerardquilt
3. Finish part 7 of the mysteriequilt
If there is time:
4. Finish Poetry in Motion

1. Finish part 7 of MTM
2. Finish part 8 of MTM
3. Finish april stamp-it
4. Work on mondays on colonial garden
If there is time:
5. Finish victoria city sampler
6. Finish NHA 19


anneke said...

Hoi Judith,
I think you did a awfull lot today. I quilted my first 3 stars yesterday and was very proud I succeeded. But you have done so much more! I admire what you're doing each time I read an entry.

good luck with everything

jacq said...

wauw wat word ie mooi!
ben zo benieuwd als je stukken inelkaar gaat zetten

groetjes jacq w

valda said...

I love that quilt! I think the colors are so pretty!

Shelleen said...

You did great on your goals and your quilt is really pretty.