Friday, April 28, 2006


Another week of vacation booked!! I just booked my second week of vacation. We decided to go the second week a little more to the south to Florence. We will be in a hotel just south of Florence. We hope to ride there also on our bikes. It is the same place as where our queen has her vacationhome in summer.
Speaking of our Queen, tomorrow it is queensday. Not that our queen at the moment has her birthday tomorrow. Official she has her birthday on the 30th of january, but as people go out in the streets on queensday, she decided to also honor her mother to let queensday stay on her mothers birthday and so it is on the 30th of april, but as this year that is a sunday it will be hold on the saturday before. The royal family always goes to two places in one province. This year they will go to "Flevoland" our youngest province, my DH who is 9 years older learned we have 11 provinces and I have learned we have 12. Than people will do plays in that city and greet the royal family in their city.
My DH and me will stay home and have a quiet Saturday, otherwise my DH had to work in the morning, but lucky for him it is a national holiday.
Tomorrow I will take a pic of MTM. I have finished the middle house and the stitching on the house next to it, only a bit of black left to do on that one.

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