Sunday, April 23, 2006

New pic MTM

And here a new pic of MTM, we went out for diner yesterday, so I didn't do very much stitching on it. I think this was another 2 hours of stitching. Yesterdaymorning we went in the city to buy a pillow for in the blue/aqua pillow. I only stitched a bit in the afternoon. I still love stitching on MTM just don't like getting the chart in parts as normally I start my pieces at the top and work my way down and now someone else decides how to do it. Also part 5 was way to big with thise corners and so for my feelinf I had stitched always on MTM in February and March, so that is why I took a break at the beginning of this month, so that I had some time to stitch on different things. Probaly I will stitch part 8 right behind this part.
Today I will do some more stitching on MTM and tomorrow is LTD-SAL time, so I will be stitching on Colonial garden.
I think toda I will stitch outside as the weather is very nice here.

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