Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stitching on MTM again

Yesterday I started stitching on MTM. The progress is after 2 hours of stitching. Yes Carol I really think this part is going fast. I think maybe it is due to that it is laying better for me than the other part as I am stitching left to right or right to left and with the row at the top I had problems stitching that way. Also I think it goes faster when you stitch one side a time and not like you start in the middle and go both sides at the same time. I tried that with the upper row, but that slowed me down big time. I have to say I love the colors in MTM a lot.
Also a pic of Victoria City sampler of the progress of thursday. I didn't do a lot of stitching than. Today and tomorrow I will stitch mostly on MTM and also will work on the mysteriequilt tomorrow.


Carol said...

Victoria City is gorgeous!

I like starting from the middle on MTM to save time in reopening the floss packets,etc.... I think the ends of this part are easier, but the middle is still quite burdensome :-)

StitchCat said...

You are stitching some lovely designs...I especially like MTM and the Victoria City Sampler (which I have never seen before). I really like your quilting work too...great stuff :)

valda said...

I really love that Victoria City Sampler! I have never seen it before. Can't wait to see yours sompleted!