Monday, December 31, 2007


Why does nobody tell me I forgot to include my quilty goals for 2008?
Here they are:
Finish the big star mysterie "Lentekriebels" at least the top, the quilting will take some time as it is very very big.
Finish Journey of a quilter top or also quilt.
Finish Cat's Paw quilt top or also quilt
Work on my other quilt wips.
Doing some quilty exchanges like the fourseasons ones and maybe something like the secret santa exchange.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kathy's Round Robin

Here is Kathy's Round Robin. I have stitched Maryse's July house for the beach theme, added a few birds and changed the width a bit of the whole design. The lighthouse was done by Michelle and for the rest there is nothing on this Round Robin yet.
Now I decided to start the next block of NHA as I really want to have it finished in 2008. I only have 9 blocks to do and 4 of them are 3 so easy to do.
Goals for 2008:
1. Enjoying some more exchanges, but less than 2007.

2. Stay on track with the quilting and also with the stitching Round Robin

3. Finish NHA

4. I wanted to write now Finish Little red riding hood, but well that seems a bit to much, but I want to finish 20 pages, which comes to 1 page per two weeks. Than there are in the end only 20 pages left to do, so it will be surly finished in 2009. By the way I have choosen the big print of the chart as that is a bit easier to do.

5. Maybe when I have time left stitch some things for myself.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two finishes

Here are some more finishes. Also finished the RR, but pic will have to wait as the rr is downstairs and I am upstairs and just to lazy to get it. I have finished the give away box for Jeanne, it will go in the mail friday as sooner I probaly won't have time and friday starts my week off from work so all the time in the world to post it.
When I asked for altoid tins I got a lot of them and so also a few from Nancy and a stitched piece she did to put on one of them and send it back finished. So I did that today. Ribbon and fabric are from my own stash. Well to be exact there are two ribbons on it, I think that looked better. Hope Nancy likes it too.
So now that I have had my last finishes this year, nothing small is planned for the rest of the year. I just wanted to look what I have finished this year:
37 stitched finishes (only 5 for myself the rest were exchanges and RR's)
14 quilt finishes (only 3 for me)
12 kartonnage finishes (2 for me)
3 sewinf finishes (none for me, only a few cloths, but that I haven't writen down in my finished sheet.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Another page of LRRH and a finish

I finished page 15 of LRRH. I have finished now around 30% of the whole design and 1 and a half page from the end of this row. I am really looking forward to the next row as there will be lots of interesting pages on that one. I put it on the chair across the room from me and there is so much depth in the design.
But before I can begin the last pages of this row first I had to stitch some other things. The first one is already finished. This is for a quilt that my mother will be making for her boss, who is moving in a new house and hass sold his business, so also a sort of goodbye present. When the quilt is finished I will put a pic of that one too.
Now I am stitching up a storm on Kathy's RR and it looks already great, pic will follow later this weekend.
Monday I totally forgot about my second blog anniversary. Yes I am now two years in blogworld and am still very fond of it.
Also this weekend will follow a pic of the give away box I made Jeanne. Just have to put in the finishing touches.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What I made for my SSCS partner?

Here is the pic of what I made for Toni, the bag is from a pattern from and I made her this Victorian sewing box. She likes cats and autumn colors and so I used the cats in country colors. Loved how it all came out. I also finished a new page of LRRH, but a pic will have to wait. Hopefully later this week.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to everyone.
There has no SSCS package arrived at my doorstep before christmas. Hope it will arrive still this week. Will post on my blog as soon as it arrived. Positive note I don't have to wait for opening it.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Well I am really getting better.
First a pic of the goodies I am going to use for the Winter doll quilt swap. It will be a more modern quilt this time. I have it in my mind all made up already. Now just go and start sewing. It will become a trip around the world with the wool pieced on it and on the edge probaly too. But still have to get that sorted out.
I thought to share some pics of our christmastree and a piece I bought this week. My mom normally makes christmasdecoration for me and my brother, but we wouldn't see eachother in time, so they gave me some money to by something. (BTW my brother lives close to my parents). This is what I bought, which I like very much.
Than out tree. It is with wooden ornaments and some stitched ones.
I am going great on the next page of LRRH. Probaly will be finished before christmas with that page. Than I decided to work on Kathy's RR which is a beachtheme, well that will be strange with this cold weather. Also I will be working on my give away present for Jeanne and a tin I have to finish for someone. She stitched it and I will be finishing it and also make instructions. Already bought some things I will be needing for it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not yet totally better

, but it is getting better every day. It feels like my nose is now really empty and now it is all in my ears (lol I am a bit deaf at the moment, but hope that will become alright in the next days). I got some nice packages lately with altoid tins and also one big one which had chocolate in it when it is was from it's former owner. I think a kind of sampler would look really good on it. Will have to work on that. Also got a lot of christmas cards from some stitchers and love them all.
Thanks all for the well wishes.
I am stitching a bit on LRRH, but can't do it long. Kathy's RR is also calling my name, but first I want to have the curtain part on LRRH finished as the clock is on two pages I will stitch on both pages at the same time. Hope to upload a pic this weekend.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bad case of Bronchitis

Just to let you all know I have a bad case of Bronchitis since yesterday. I still managed with some help of my DH to deliver the quilt to my aunt and she was very very happy with it.
Now I am back to bed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas ornament

Here is the christmas ornament I made for Svenja. It is from this years JCS issue from Jeannette Douglas. It somehow took a very slow train as it took more than a week to arrive at her place in Germany.
Today also Kathy's RR arrived. Just printed the chart I want to stitch on it and hopefully can start it tonight.
Hier een kerstornamentje wat ik voor een exchange heb gemaakt voor Svenja. Hij is van Jeannette Douglas. Hij heeft een erg slome trein gepakt, want hij heeft er meer dan een week erover gedaan om in Duitsland aan te komen.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A big finish

I just finished the quilt for my aunt. I just had to handsew the binding back and that took awhile, but that is now finished. Sorry about the poor quality pics. Sorry a long story in dutch, but just to difficult to say it all in english. Short story is that I had a horrible day yesterday and was called names by a few people due to an accident between me and my bike and a little child, which didn;t get really hurt by me, but was in tears do to the shock (me too).

Ik heb net de quilt voor mijn tante afgemaakt. Ik heb er een week overgedaan om het niesje tegen te naaien, maar ja het was een erg drukke week. Gisteren was echt de vreselijkste dag van dit jaar. Eerst werd ik door mijn baas opgebeld of ik even met spoed iets wou doen (normaal werken wij niet in het weekend, maar het ging erg slecht met de patient) het zou in de koelkast staan bij de EHBO, dus ik kom daar, niet dus. Na een half uur rond bellen bleek het op de ok te staan. Na een uurtje was ik weer weg en ging ik even naar Lieselotje om even tot rust te komen tussen de lapjes. Nou slecht idee. Vlak voor ik bij Lieselotje was springt er een kind voor mijn fiets, ik remde nog op tijd en raakte het kind echt net. Kind viel meer van schrik dan door mijn band die tegen haar been kwam, maar die vader heeft me echt strak gescholden daarna haar moeder en daarna ook nog een voorbijganger, terwijl papa toch ook beter op zijn kind had moeten letten. Ben zo'n beetje lieselotje binnen gerend en gezellig om tot rust te komen een kopje thee met de eigenaresse Tonnie gedronken en ook nog lapjes voor de winterruilquilt gekocht. Hoop dat mijn partner mijn keuze kan waarderen.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Finished another page and some exchanges came in the mail

Yesterdaymorning very early I finished page 14 of LRRH. Only 2 and a half page and I am at the end of this row. Yesterday evening and today I have been busy with the crazygift for Nic and two babygifts. So they are almost ready to get in the mail. Just have to do a bit of finishing on them. Wednesday was a very good mail day, but I was expecting to also hear my ornament exchange was received so I hadn't put in pics yet, but still no word so here are the exchanges after all. First the Rabiit's big day exchange from Suzanne. She made me a beautifull needlebook from if I am not mistaking a Marjolein Bastin/Lanarte chart. Than I also received a beautifull LHN exchange from Tanya. I just love it very much.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rabbit and santa and question

About the Titel of this post. Santa is for the christmas ornament exchange I received today from Terry. I love the ornament she made me and all the goodies she added. Sorry for the not so good pic, but finding normal light is hard when you go to work when it is still dark and come back when it is dark again and I always want to show the exchanges as soon as they hit my doorstep.

Also heard that Cathy has received my Rabbit's big day exchange on SBEBB. I have stitch ed some parts of spot of spring of Drawn Thread and finished it into a tin. I love how it came out.

Now for the question. I need some tins, but can't find them here. So if anyone is willing to send me some (empty) altoids tins. I will pay postage or make you something beautifull, just what you want.

Vandaag de ornament exchange ontvangen van Terry. Ze heeft erg leuke dingen toegevoegd. Ben weer helemaal happy. Verder is ook mijn rabbit's big day exchange aangekomen.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I know I have been silent for a few days, ehm I even think it was almost a whole week, but well I was busy with all kinds of secret things. My SSCS gift went in the mail and hopefully will arrive soon some where in the world. Katrina's NRR went in the mail monday, Rabiit's big day exchange went in the mail monday and thursday the ornament exchange went in the mail, which should be arriving real soon as it has to go a short voyage. Also send out two birthdaypackages which both already arrived, both were send from a shop in there country.
Also have been stitching like crazy on LRRH and I am on 3/4 of the new page. Hopefully will finish it this weekend. Than I will be stitching the crazygift for Nic and two other gifts and than again a new page of LRRH. Also I have sandwiched the quilt for my aunt which I will start today for the quilting. I sandwiched it at the LQS and well it went fast and got some nice tips and tricks. Also decided when this one is finished the next quilt to finish is the big mysteriequilt with all the stars that shouldn't take that much time anymore. Well this is all. The pic is Teresa Wentzlers Wedding sampler which I stitched for us.

Ik weet het ik ben een beetje stil geweest de afgelopen week, maar ik was bezig met allemaal geheime dingen. Het postkantoor heeft het weer druk met me gehad. SSCS, rabbit's big day, oranament exchange en de ornament exchange zijn allemaal op de bus gegaan deze week. Verder nog 2 verjaardagscadeautjes die gelukkig allebei al aan zijn gekomen. Om kosten te besparen stuur ik ze altijd gelijk van een borduurwinkel in het land zelf.
Verder flink geborduurd aan roodkapje. Ik heb inmiddels 3/4 van de volgende pagina af. De gordijnen zijn irritant, maar ook weinig kleurrijk dus gaan snel. Als deze pagina af is ga ik aan het cadeautje voor Nic werken en aan 2 cadeautjes die ook aan het eind van de maand moeten worden verstuurd (teminste als de kinderen op tijd worden geboren). Ook heb ik de quilt voor mijn tante gesandwichd bij Lieselotje nog wat goeden tips en trucs gekregen. Ik ga zo beginnen met quilten, wil hem eigenlijk voor half december afleveren bij mijn tante, maar dat zien we nog wel. Daarna wil ik toch echt de grote sterrenmysterie afmaken, want die gilt inmiddels heel hard. De foto is Teresa wentzlers wedding sampler gemaakt voor one trouwdag.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LHN exchanges was received...

by Melissa. I made her this little wall hanging.

Don't know for sure which chart it was from LHN, but I know I received t as a rak a few months ago and just had to stitch it. Fabrics are from the stash.

Am stitching like crazy on LRRH I want to get those curtains finished. I hope the RR from Kathy will arrive soon as than I can stitch something else for awhile.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Katrina's RR finished!!

I just put in the last stitch on Katrina her RR. I loved stitching it very much. She wanted simple houses and lots of trees and flowers. I hope she likes what I did. I stitched The house and a few trees and bushes and flowers from Florentine from Maryse and also some trees from Springtime also from Maryse. and below you can see how it looks now.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Since tuesday I am stitching like crazy on the Round Robin for Katrina, but time was very limited. The house is finished now, the grass too, I finished a lot of flowers and am now busy planting a lot of trees as she wanted them in there. Hope to show the finished pic tomorrow so it can go on it's way to Lauren.
Today my whole family comes for diner. I have all the groceries in the house. I will make roasted Lamb with fresh herbs.
The pic is Liz Turner Diehls family garden. LTD are a hell to stitch, don't know why, but I never really enjoy sticthing them. This was already finished some years ago with a SAL. Problem was that there are lots of mistakes in her patterns.
Now I will have to go and do the last cleaning of the house before family arrives.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Page 13 of LRRH

I just finished my 13th page of LRRH. You can see now her eyes if you look good.

Today Katrina's Round Robin came in the mail and I printed the chart with the things I am going to use of it. It will be Florentine from Maryse. I am really looking forward to stitching it.

Monday, November 19, 2007


No, I don't want the surprise to be ruined before christmas at least till I unwrapped the prezzie, hope I can make it till christmas.

Friday, November 16, 2007

crazyexchange received and help needed

I received this beautifull exchange from Nic. I had some time needed to figure out where it was for as I have some exchanges running. But well that coin fell on it's place after all. There was some more floss in it, but that was downstairs.
I already know what to make her as a returngift. Now just finish the other things that need finishing and than make this returngift.
Yesterday also heard that the Round Robin from Katrina is finally in the mail from Toni, so I hope it arrives soon, so I can stitch a lovely house on it that I already have choosen.

Now about the Help part. Well I am in the BOM programm for Journey of a quilter, but a package got lost and I can;t get in contact with the shop. Now I was send 2 blocks after all, but now she is not responding on my e-mails for the las two blocks. Now I know a lot of quilters out there are making this quilt. So I hope I can maybe do a trde for block 3 and 5 with one of you. So it's Leanne's house Journey of a quilter BOM and I am missing block 3 and 5. Hope anyone out there can help me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Harvest time exchange was received...

by Melissa. I stitched her the scissorfob from Autumn Sewing roll from the needle's content. I am glad she likes it.

Quiltingwise, I really should be working on some things hopefully tomorrow.

Stitchingwise, I have finished the ornament exchange over the weekend and am now back at LRRH.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

And the winner...

Jeanne, I will send you price in the coming two weeks.

Friday, November 09, 2007


I finished my piece on my own neighborhood Round Robin, will send it next week on to Cathy for the next house. Hope to get the new one to stitch on soon. Also I finished my piece for the Rabbit's Big day out exchange. Now have to think how to finish it. Next to stitch is the christmas ornament exchange.
Also don't forget to sign up for the give away. You can read about it in the two last posts. Runs till tomorrow afternoon my time.
We had very high water last night, but everything went well in Holland due to our great watersystem, there were tvstation from all over the globe, to see how we manage the water.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Some new stuff and still give away and winter doll quilt

The winter four seasons doll quilt swap is waiting for sign ups. Just follow the button in my sidebar.

I am still having the give away it will run till saturday and here you can see what I will make. The fabrics at the bottom will be used to make someone a victorian sewing box. Hope the person will like it. The top fabbies will become a victorian sewing box and some other things for someone special.
The fabrics at the bottom will be used to make someone a victorian sewing box. Hope the person will like it. The top fabbies will become a victorian sewing box and some other things for someone special.
Than finally a colored pic of my Harvest time exchange I received. I had done something wrong, that is why the black and white came.

These fabbies I bought last week for some quilts of Lori Smith I am going to make. Haven't choosen yet which ones I will be making of those 18 quilts. Pics hopefully will be soon to see of a top.

Here the quilt of my aunt folded on the backing fabric and with the quiltthread I am going to use. I will use a cotton batting from Hobbs for it.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Give away

Well I was so relieved when I just looked at our bankacount. Finaly the paycheck that was due the 20th of october has been payed by John his old boss.
He like his new job a lot.

Due to our anniversary thursday I have a little give away. Don't know what it will be yet, maybe a little bright colored dollquilt or something stitched and finished or maybe some fabrics (stitching or quilting). If anyone wants to take part. Just comment and make sure I can e-mail you.
Here to make the post not without a pic a pic of an old quilt I made for charity a few years back. It was one of the first quilts I made.

Quiltingwise I have bought backing fabric for the quilt for my aunt. Probaly Thursday I will get batting for it at least when there is no rain. The shop where I have my sewingclasses is also a quilting store and they had some gorgeous colored batting a bit bordeaux/aubergine colored. I will make a pic later this week. Hope to start the quilting this weekend.

Stitchingwise: I am filling up a space on a neighborhood round robin and am busy to prepare my own fabric. I am stitching februari house from her free charts and I want the rest to stitch also one of her monthly houses. They may choose which one. I stitch febrauari, because it is my birthdaymonth and they can do that too or choose the month they are stitching on it. I am now deciding what I want to be stitched instead of the month, there name or something else.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

here I am

Sorry I have been MIA for the last week, but I have been sick with a nasty cold. Since friday I am getting better. Here is what I have done this past week and weekend.
I have been doing a bit of stitching on Little red riding hood. This is page 13.

I have finished the quilt top for my Aunt, now I have to go and think how to quilt it. It is a broken brick pattern. Any good ideas how to quilt it, please let me know. I will be quilting it by machine.

And I received a beautifull Harvest time exchange from Chris, but somehow I only get it black and white. Sorry for that as the colors are gorgeous.

Well this is all for now.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Page 12 of LRRH

This is page 11 of Little red riding hood, but the 12th page I have finished of it. You now can see the wolfs ear and next page will be part of the cap on the head. I have dedicated the coming 2 weeks to stitching on LRRH as I haven't given it a lot of attention lately. I still have to finish 3 exchanges for the end of november. Two are stitched exchanges, the other is something else and than I will have a little rest for awhile.

Friday, October 26, 2007

What is keeping me busy at the moment?

Well my DH his old boss. He is not paying any salary till his new boss has paid the course he had to do for his old boss. So you can understand money is a bit tight at the moment. His old boss should have send the bill 3 weeks ago to his new boss, but only sended it a day ago, so well that is not paid yet. He will start at his new job next thursday and they want to have him very much.

Yesterday I had my applique workshop and we worked now on the real thing. I am making a hummingbird at a flower and we had to work on the wing. Hope to get both wings ready before the next lesson thursday. Will show a pic later. Am also working on Little red riding hood and it is going the right way with the next page I think only 1/4 more to go and than another page is finished.

Monday, October 22, 2007

What did I do this weekend

Well friday morning early I went to Marion in Amsterdam to pick her up and drive to Poperingen for the bee. It was my first bee and I loved it. I have worked there on a secret piece, so can't show it yet. Than after that we went to Westouter for the retreat and that was so nice. I loved the whole weekend and came home rested very well.
First a pic of the blocks of my big mysteriequilt which is ending it's completion. Only a few more blocks to go. Hope to work on that some more in the coming weeks. These are the corners of the whole quilt and that means I have now part 1 - 9 finished. On to part 10, 11 and 12 now.
Than I also worked on the BOM Cat's Paw. I finished month 1 and 2. Now I have to wait till next month for part 3. The big cat blocks and the 4 patch was month two the others are month one. Did it all this weekend.
I also brought with me Susans Round Robin and after a bit of help from the other ladies I decided to stay with my first plan and add triangles with tulips to it. The green fabric comes from the shop that was present and suited it very well. I think it compliments Susans middle block and Connies triangles very well. Now it can go on it's road to Liz.

That is all I have done this weekend. Now I have to start thinking about the next round robin which is Connies. I have to do two rounds on this one. First put it off point and than add a pieced border. That pieced border is an easy one, but what to do for the triangles. All good ideas are welcome.

I am back from Belgium

I had a great quilting retreat in Belgium this weekend and last night around 9 I came home. I am far behind in my bloglines and e-mails (even got one from Honeysuckelcottage finally after sending another one last week). I have finished a few things through the weekend and will show them later. I am not feeling well at the moment, but couldn't sleep anymore. I think I catched a cold somewhere.

I also got an e-mail that my Halloween exchange was received. So here is a pic. I made a needlebook out of it. It is spooks out from Waxing Moon Designs. The fabrics are the ones I used for my last bag, so it is totally made of leftovers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stitcher's Pocket received

I just received this beautifull stitcher's Pocket exchange from Melissa and I really adore it.
Also I received a beautifull RR yesterday, but as blogger decided that he doesn;t want me to upload pics that pic will have to wait. Tomorrow I have to work a few hours longer and than as soon as I come home I have to pack my bags, go to appliqueworkshop and get some much needed sleep to get up again early and leave for Marion around 7 am and hope to arrive in Poperingen at the quiltingbee around 12 am. I won't be back till sindaynight late, so don;t expect a message till tuesday.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Stitching pocket exchange

I just got the word that Linda received the English Pocket I stitched for her from Drawn Thread. I loved stitching it very much and I used a nice yellow fabric to line it inside. This one took me awhile to stitch as it is a bit big, but loved every stitch of it.
Have to hurry now as I have to go to sewing class in a few minutes.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Received Halloween exchange

The mailman came just at the door to present an envelope from Nadine with the Halloween exchange in it. She made me this beautifull pinkeep. Don't you just love the back of it with the little fence and everything.

I will probaly be a bit quiet till a week from now as next weekend I will be on retreat and I have to get packed up and buy/make a gift and I also have my applique workshop thursday and off course my sewing class monday. Tomorrow I will pack up the quilty things I want to take with me. I am still debating on that. Probaly the quilt from the workshop at atelier Bep, my DJ, the Cat's Paw Bom and maybe a mysterie. The atelier Bep quilt and the Cat's Paw Bom won;t take that much space, but the mysterie and the DJ will do, so still have to debate a bit. I want to pack some handwork and some machine stuff. Hope some exchanges will arrive before I leave as than I will have something to show.

Friday, October 12, 2007


The Gratefull Hearts exchange took a long while to arrive almost 3 weeks, so well I got a little nervous and was already thinking about a replacement, but luckily it arrived. I took the pic from Katrina her webpage as somehow my pic of it got lost on my computer somehow. I hope she doesn't mind.

It is Hardanger needleroll from Lorri Birmingham. I had the kit in my stash and as there are hearts on it, it was perfect for the exchange which needed to include hearts.
I am still busy stitching the LHN exchange and than I will have to start looking for a rabbit design for the Rabbit's big day out exchange on SBEBB, hope I have something with a rabbit in my stash, can't think of one at the moment, but it is a nice way to search your stash. Already picked out the best ornament to stitch for the ornaments exchange on SBEBB. I just got the new JCS issue in last weekend.
I know I have been silent a bit, but we have some trouble with the old boss of John, but after discussing the problem with his new boss everything is settled.
Today I finished a shirt, I will try to make a pic of it after I also finished the pants monday, I need some help on the pants from my instructor. Hope to show some other finishes soon as there are more in the mail.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I love it

I just came home and found a thick envelope from Australia on my doorstep. First to day me and the autralian mail or not best buddies, so when something arrives I am very happy. A package from Honeysuckel cottage with part 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Journey of a quilter BOM still has to arrive and it was send 5 months ago. I also can't get in contact with them anymore as it looks like. So I put the BOM to a rest and we will see what happens, when in another month I still don;t hear from her, I will order the blocks somewhere else and will use my own colors.
But now what was in the package that arrived at my doorstep. This beautifull fall quilt from Samantha . I love the colors she used a lot. It will go on my table this fall. I just put it there already :-)

Than she included some goodies and the pattern Flossies is calling my name very loudly. Will have to look into it to see if I am skilled enough to make it.Also a week ago the PIF gift from Shelina, but as it was a busy few weeks I didn't have sooner time to show a pic.

I think this week I will work on the Cat's Paw BOM from quilthuis lieselotje The first part isn't big and the next part I can pick up next week. Also I want to work on one of the mysteries as they really have to get finished.
Stitching wise I am working on my LHN exchange.