Thursday, July 30, 2009

Newest finish

Ik heb deze van de week afgemaakt, hij lag inmiddels al sinds voor de vakantie op de bies te wachten en van de week heb ik dat dan ook gedaan. Ik heb hem helemaal (inclusief de achterkant) van 1 charmpack en iets van een halve meter extra stof, voor lichte stroken en bies, gemaakt. Vandaag ook nog mijn doel gehaald en alle 59 snowball blokken gemaakt voor een andere quilt met nature's chorus stoffen, maardan van een jellyroll en 2 charmpacks.Morgen hopelijk alle ninepatches en dan de top in elkaar zetten.

I finished this one already tuesday evening, but just didn't have time to take a pic. I have made this one from one charmpack (inclusive the back) and a bit of yardage not more than half a meter. Also made my goal today as I finished the 59 snowball blocks for another quilt, now only 58 ninepatches to go. More later.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finished some cloths

Druk bezig geweest het weekend met een nieuw setje voor de toekomstige baby van een collegaatje. Het is Dwergenverpakking van farbenmix en makkelijk om te maken met een leuk resultaat. Misschien dat ik het zachte broekje van het patroon ook nog maak. Ik heb nog een fuchsia met witte stippen bijpassend aan de tricot van het shirt. Eventjes kijken nog. Ik denk dat ik eerst weer even aan een quilt ga werken. Wil er deze week eigenlijk nog 1 af hebben waar ik alleen het biesje nog van moet doen.

I have been busy sewing cloths this past weekend and just finished the last part. It is from farbenmix, the Zwergencollection. Easy to do with a very nice result. Now I want to work on a quilt which only needs the binding to be done and as it is a very little quilt it will be done soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stashbustingreport week 30

Well not a lot to report. Block 2 of the mysterie designer BOM came in and I sewed it right away when it came in.

Fabric in week 30: 0.25 meter
Fabric in 2009: 77.45 meter

Fabric out week 30: 0.25 meter
Fabric out 2009: 70.10 meter

Next week I hope to make a bust with the bag pattern I bought last weekend and maybe a backing or binding, depends on how fast I am going on the cloths I am making at the moment.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

And the last one I worked on

On this one I have done the quilting and finishing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Block 2 finished

Vandaag lag het tweede blok van de mysterie designer bom 2009 in de postbus, helaas moest ik wachten tot John met de envelop thuis kwam Gelukkig was hij niet al te laat thuis voor zijn doen. Na het eten gelijk begonnen en nu is het blok al klaar. Goede beschrijving en erg leuk om te doen. Nu alleen heb ik moeilijkheden om te beslissen wat ik ga doen

A: Gelijk de finishing kit beginnen zodat ik over 10 maanden bijna gelijk klaar ben, want ik kan dan de blokken er telkens tussen zetten als ze binnen komen.

B wachten tot het eind dus over 10 maanden en dan maar hopen dat ik er gelijk aan ga beginnen en dan zal het toch nog wel een paar weken duren eer hij daarna af is.

Wat vinden jullie?

Today I got the second block in the mail from the Mysterie designer BOM 2009 and I just had to make it right away. I just love the block. Now I am trying to decide to

A: start already the finishing kit so that I will have it finished right away when in 10 months I will receive the last month and can join the blocks as they come in and probaly this way it will surely be finished

B: Start the finishing kit when I have received the last block in 10 months and it will take another month to have it finished and I have to feel like doing it.

What do you think?

Another one I worked on

and returned home. I did the last border. It was a hard one to decide on the border

Monday, July 20, 2009

A finished set and Little red riding hood update

De laatste dagen ben ik druk bezig geweest met de Lore van Farbenmix. Ik vond hem erg leuk om te maken en ben erg blij met het resultaat. Morgen doe ik hem denk ik op de bus naar mijn broer, want dan kan Anouk hem nog op de vakantie aan.

These past days I have been working on the Lore from Farbenmix. It is for my little niece and I will probaly put it in the mail tomorrow as they will be leaving on vacation next week and she can wear it than.
Ook maar weer eens een update van roodkapje. Ze schiet heerlijk op, 3/4 is in zicht nu. Ik heb nu geloof ik iets van 31 pagina's af nu, dus nog 25 te gaan.
Also an update of Little red riding hood. I have now 31 pages finished probaly of the 56, so now I am on the road for the 3/4 mark.
Vanavond heb ik blok L3 van de SBS quilt in elkaar gezet. Leuk blok, niet al te moeilijk.
Tonight I sewed a new block of the SBS quilt. It is block L3.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stashbusting report week 29

It was a not so bad week this week. I used 1 meter of fabric for the backing of Good fortune, which is now at my mothers place to get quilted by hand.
But I also was a bad girl as yesterday my mother and me where at this store and well Dorry has that cute bag "Lellebel" which is also on the first page of her website and I just have to make it. Just read the instructions and hope I can manage it. I needed 2.25 meter fpr the bag and as I loved the yellow/red fabrics a lot I bought them and will make it from that fabrics. The red dot one will be the outside and the yellow one the inside and the roll will be the "Lellen". Hope to start it very soon, maybe even this week already.

I had problems getting Silvia's Bridal sampler from Amazon UK and gave up after something like 8 weeks of getting new shiiping dates, it wasn't paid yet, so I cancelled the order and decided to wait a while till I found it in a shop and when I was at Dorry's place yesterday I saw it and decided to buy it right away. Will work on SBS soon again.

Fabric in week 29: 2.25 meter

Fabric in 2009: 77.20 meter

Fabric out week 29: 1 meter

Fabric out 2009: 69.85 meter

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The quilt I made the first border on arrived

I did do the first border. I just loved working on this one
By the way I will be quiet for sure till sunday as I will be going on a trip with my mother and will leave today. Bye till than

Monday, July 13, 2009

Top finished and finished a shirt for myself

Yesterday I finished the top of Good Fortune, which is a schnibble, also doubled it already. Now just to decide to let my mother quilt it by hand or me by machine.
Saturday I picked up my new locker at my parents (Huskylock S15) and yesterday I started my first project and I am very happy with it. I see I didn't dress myself up properly in my neck. It is the Svea from farbenmix.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

stashbusting report week 28

Well not a very good week as a fattquarterbundle from Roses the noel came in, the finishing kit and backing for the mysterie designer BOM 2009 and the first block. So that was not good at all, but well for the coming weeks nothing will come in as I haven't punched any buttons and won't push them for a while. I already made the first block of the BOM and probaly next week will the second block come in. Also next week I have a backing to bust as Good Fortune is almost done and hope to have it done today.
And than I have to decided to start a new quilt or work a bit on one of the oldies
Also finished the spring fling round robin for ... Will go on it's way this week.

Fabric in week 28: 21.45 meter
Fabric in 2009: 74.95 meter

Fabric out week 28: 0.25 meter
Fabric out 2009: 68.85 meter

Thursday, July 09, 2009


on my quilts. A pic of Good Fortune so far. I just love sewing Carrie her patterns. They are very clear and easy to follow. Those two little stars were sewn so fast. Hope to do some more stars tonight. After this one is finished I think I will start one of her bigger ones, maybe 40 T.
Also a pic of the first BOM block of the mysterie designer BOM. Just love seeing these big blocks (12") but I know I am better in the little ones as the little stars are near to perfect, the big ones aren't.
Than everyone in blogland shows the first quilt they have made and for me it is the poppie one you see here. I would never say to anyone to do this as a first quilt, but I survived.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Already a few days back from vacation...

but I was a bit to tires to post anything. Life is back to the normal. Sunday at 3 in the afternoon we were back at home and monday work started again. So I was busy busy busy and just to tired to do a lot when I came home. Yesterday got a phonecall from my mother that they have my new overlocker from Husqvarna. I am thinking of picking it up on saturday so in the weekend I can do a bit of practise on it. I look really forward to that.
The PO box had some nice packages in it for me from the fatquartershop and I just had to roll in my new stash on monday. I already have sewn the first block of the designer mysterie BOM and I have to say great instructions. Next for me to finish is the spring fling round robin and than I will finish a little schnibble I am working on and want to have finished so I can go and quilt it. I am thinking of putting my machine in quiltingmode soon as I want to finish a few quilts including my big romantic strip quilt. Have to get that WIP/UFO count get down a lot.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

stashbusting week 27

Again zero in and zero out, vacations are so good especially for fabrics going in/. Next week will be so bad LOL.

Fabric in week 27: 0 meter
Fabric in 2009: 53.50 meter
Fabric out week 27: 0 meter
Fabric out 2009: 68.60 meter

Friday, July 03, 2009

No finish at all

I was just thinking about it and just realised that I didn't have any finish at all, but I have two almost ready, they will be ready next week for sure as there is only a bit of binding left to do on it.

Also got some good news from my mother, she got a very good offer for a new sewing machine and she asked also for a overlocker for me and got a great deal, so you know what I will be doing after the vacation. Yeah you are right sewing a lot of cloths. I am sure my brother and SIL will be happy with th cloths I have planned for my niece.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bambi and Cosquito

Hope I spelled the cat's name right. These are the dog and cat at this bed and breakfast and we have been adopted by them. osquito loves fruits and is on the pictures eating some pruims.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Here are some pictures of where I am hiding for the big pile of stash coming in these weeks LOL. The weather is 37 celsius (100 fahrenheit), but with a pool around the corner we don't have a problem with that. Tonight we will have a nice bbq. Under the 3 in the third picture I am making this post.