Thursday, July 09, 2009


on my quilts. A pic of Good Fortune so far. I just love sewing Carrie her patterns. They are very clear and easy to follow. Those two little stars were sewn so fast. Hope to do some more stars tonight. After this one is finished I think I will start one of her bigger ones, maybe 40 T.
Also a pic of the first BOM block of the mysterie designer BOM. Just love seeing these big blocks (12") but I know I am better in the little ones as the little stars are near to perfect, the big ones aren't.
Than everyone in blogland shows the first quilt they have made and for me it is the poppie one you see here. I would never say to anyone to do this as a first quilt, but I survived.


Sandra said...

Dat ziet er weer mooi uit allemaal!
Ben benieuwd naar je locker, 'k heb even wat gegoogled en volgens mij heb je een geweldige machine aangeschaft. Leuk hoor, daar zal je wel veel plezier van hebben.

Groetjes, Sandra

Carolyn NC said...

Your first turned out beautifully and you WIP are also pretty!

julieQ said...

I love your pink and brown block, just lovely!