Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Job and Hot water

We have continue hot water again.

And the great news my DH got the job and he will start there the 1st of november. Only not so nice thing is that we won't drive together to work anymore as he goes the other way. When he is totally settled in he also has to work on saturdays one time per 3 weeks, but than he has the monday off and on all his other jobs he didn't have that. Minor thing is that I always have fridays off and never mondays.


is the color that a lot of places on my body has. I feel broken and hurt. Would love to take a hot bath, but our boiler is broken (they are making it at the moment). I only can fill half a bath with hot water and well that isn't deep enough. My knee, rib and shoulder hurt the most as all my bruises hurt too. Hope after the weekend everything feels great again. Tomorrowmorning we will leave for Belgium and we will be back at the sundayevening. Bikes go with us, lucky for me biking doesn't hurt. Yesterday I bumped my very sore knee again and boy I almost fainted that was a bit to much.
Tonight my DH has a final jobinterview at another place. So please cross your fingers.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I fell with my bike today and I am sure tomorrow it will even hurt more. My knee hurts like hell and one of my ribs where my steeringwheel landed hurts.
Tonight I have my sewing class again and w ill go there with my new trolley I just bought for my sewing machine. It doesn;t fit perfectly, but enough for me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Matrass pincushion exchange received

Friday I received this beautifull matrass from Aniza. It is a replacement as her first dissapeared.
Yesterday we had a workshop with some girls at atelierbep we had fun and others that have blog and where I am sure you will find some pics are.
Caroline, Helen, Simone and Jacqueline. I know Saskia also has a blog, but can't find it at the moment. I will show the little wallhanging I am making as soon as it is finished, but that can take a while as I have a lot of other things to finish too. I am busy making a bag at my sewingclass with a pattern from Lazygirldesigns it is the city bag that I am making. Also I have to finish the stitching pocket exchange, the stitching on it will be finished today for sure as I only have a little part till to stitch. Than I have to finish the halloween exchange in something, just have to decide what. Than I will have to go work on my Secret santa exchange and 4 stitched exchanges. I think I have signed up for a bit to much exchanges.
I am still more than 1000 blogs behind in reading, so if you don't see a comment from me the coming week you know why.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Another babyquilt finished

Here is the finished quilt. I didn't do what I wanted to do and did something someone else recommended. I like it very much and also all my colleagues like it very much. Friday we will make a visit and give it to the new mother. I keep it short as my shoulder hurts big time and I have to go to my sewing class in a minute. I am very behind in my blogreading, hope to get up to date again in the next week.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Life is sometimes very busy

This week life is very busy yesterday afternoon when I am normally have weekend already I had to go to Amersfoort for my work. So I was back late in the afternoon and didn;t do a lot of stitching. Than read all your comments and decided what to do with the baby quilt and hope to do it tonight. Pics will follow later.

Than today I went on a shopping trip with my mother and her sister as my aunt asked me to make her a quilt and here you can see the fabrics we have picked out. Also just found out I have a perfect very dark fabric to include if I want to. All fabrics are bought at Petra Prins in Zutphen which really is a lovely store and it was very busy also. I will make a medaillon quilt, but how and what I still have to decide.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I need your help

Here you see the next babyquilt I am making, which willbe for a colleague of mine. I want to make a small border around it of 2 inches at the max, but can't decide which color. I am not going to tell which I like best and it is possible that it will be a totally different one after all. Hope you can give me your opinions please.

Also I just got a call from the owner of the Veltropshop if I wanted to help as a quiltangel this weekend at the big quilt and stitching exhibition in Enkhuizen and off course I said yes. So on saturday from 9.30 am till 1.30 pm you can find me there.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

2 Finishes

Well I have been busy this weekend, but first Spooky Row from Bent Creek which I finished already last week, but hadn't posted a pic yet. It is stitched on a piece of handdyed linen I had in my stash, where it comes from no idea.

It is a scrappy stashquilt and I like how it turned out. In reall life the colors look a bit softer I think.It is again a pattern from Lori Smith, like also the tulip one and the fall one. I changed this one. Official where now the dots are should have been Sunbonnet sue, but I didn;t feel up to that applique, so I decided to do Dots and well they are really round too which is shocking to me as I am very good in getting other forms than I wanted to. This will go in the mail to a friend of mine. Hope she will ike it.

I started this one friday by cutting all the pieces for back and front. Yesterday I did do all the piecing and applique (applique again done by hand) and today I did do the quilting and binding. Also went to a quiltexhibition in the church of Oudendijk and met someone whose blog I am already reading for a few months now, but didn't know she lived so close, lol well where was my head. It was a nice exhibition with some beautifull quilts of that bee. Margreet has put pics of the quilt on her blog. So you can see some pics there.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Booked a short vacation

I just booked my vacation. My DH and me will be going to Belgium for 4 days from 27th of september till the 30th of september. The hotel is in Lo. We are taking the bikes with us and hopefully do a lot of biking, but I will also take a book or two for when the weather is bad. You never know.
This past weeks I also booked my skiingtrip which will be the second week of January together with my family. Looking forward to that too.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tulip time finished

I jus finished the binding on tulip time.

I really loved making this quilt. With this rainy day it looks so sunny. I also made a pic of the detail of the quilting. Just click the pic so you can see even more setail. I love doing the meandering very much and per quilt is goes better and better.

Today I also finished the Halloween exchange for SBEBB. I loved stitching every minute of them. My next project is already choosen for the stitching pocket exchange and I will start the stitching today.

Monday, September 03, 2007


The past 3 days I have been busy with this little quilt. The piecing took me saturday and the applique yesterday and today. The applique is done by hand, the rest is done by machine.

Now onto sandwich it and than go and quilt it. I will do a little meander on it.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Goals August/september

Things that need to be finished for August
1. May Flowers exchange (replacement piece) Send and received
2. What's the buzz exchange due august 30 Send and received
3. PIF gift for Simone Send and received
Rest of Goals:
1. Finish page 12 and maybe 13 of Little red riding hood Finished half a page
2. Work on the quilts in progress. Cut some pieces for one of the quilts

Other thing I have done are:
1. Finished and send Doll quilt swap
2. Finished Gratefull hearts exchange SBEBB
3. Finished Round 2 of the Round Robin (this date was due 15 november)
4. Finished Crazy exchange return gift for Virpi

Things that need to be finished for August
1. Finish Halloween exchange due october 10
2. Finish Stitching Pocket exchange due october 15
3. Finish Babyquilt 1
4. Finish Tulip time
Other Goals:
1. Work on Harvest time exchange
2. Work on quilts in progress
3. Work on Little red riding hood

Great day!

I had a very nice day yesterday. I went to the quiltexhibition in Deventer and saw some beautifull quilts. I am more in the traditional quilts and there weren't that much of them, but all by all I had a great day. I have done some shopping for a few little quilts (16" x 20"), I only need one more background fabric and than I will be set to make 8 little quilts. So watch this blog the coming weeks/months on some cite little quilts.

The bright ones are for two babyquilts for a friend and one for a colleague.

Today I decided to change my Halloween exchange, I think the design I was stitching was a bit to big. It is spooky row from Bent Creek and today I got the threads for my stitching pocket exchange and decided to stitch the freebie that was with it. Spooky row will now be for myself.