Sunday, September 23, 2007

Matrass pincushion exchange received

Friday I received this beautifull matrass from Aniza. It is a replacement as her first dissapeared.
Yesterday we had a workshop with some girls at atelierbep we had fun and others that have blog and where I am sure you will find some pics are.
Caroline, Helen, Simone and Jacqueline. I know Saskia also has a blog, but can't find it at the moment. I will show the little wallhanging I am making as soon as it is finished, but that can take a while as I have a lot of other things to finish too. I am busy making a bag at my sewingclass with a pattern from Lazygirldesigns it is the city bag that I am making. Also I have to finish the stitching pocket exchange, the stitching on it will be finished today for sure as I only have a little part till to stitch. Than I have to finish the halloween exchange in something, just have to decide what. Than I will have to go work on my Secret santa exchange and 4 stitched exchanges. I think I have signed up for a bit to much exchanges.
I am still more than 1000 blogs behind in reading, so if you don't see a comment from me the coming week you know why.


Carla said...

Beautiful matrass!

Hazel said...

Lovely exchange gift! Well done on finishing the quilt - it looks most excellent! xx

tkdchick said...

What a fantastic exchange!

Sari said...

Wonderful exchange! :) Sorry to hear about the first one going missing.

AnneS said...

Lovely mattress pincushion from Aniza - shame the original disappeared into the ether! :(