Saturday, September 01, 2007

Great day!

I had a very nice day yesterday. I went to the quiltexhibition in Deventer and saw some beautifull quilts. I am more in the traditional quilts and there weren't that much of them, but all by all I had a great day. I have done some shopping for a few little quilts (16" x 20"), I only need one more background fabric and than I will be set to make 8 little quilts. So watch this blog the coming weeks/months on some cite little quilts.

The bright ones are for two babyquilts for a friend and one for a colleague.

Today I decided to change my Halloween exchange, I think the design I was stitching was a bit to big. It is spooky row from Bent Creek and today I got the threads for my stitching pocket exchange and decided to stitch the freebie that was with it. Spooky row will now be for myself.


Carla said...

you got some lovely fabrics on the exhibition. Have a lovely weekend :)

inge said...

lovely fabric!

quiltorstitch said...

I love the fabric you bought, how fun! It's hard to come up with exchanges sometimes isn't it? I tend to go towards larger ones and realize how long it'll actually take to make them :) Smaller is better LOL!