Saturday, September 01, 2007

Goals August/september

Things that need to be finished for August
1. May Flowers exchange (replacement piece) Send and received
2. What's the buzz exchange due august 30 Send and received
3. PIF gift for Simone Send and received
Rest of Goals:
1. Finish page 12 and maybe 13 of Little red riding hood Finished half a page
2. Work on the quilts in progress. Cut some pieces for one of the quilts

Other thing I have done are:
1. Finished and send Doll quilt swap
2. Finished Gratefull hearts exchange SBEBB
3. Finished Round 2 of the Round Robin (this date was due 15 november)
4. Finished Crazy exchange return gift for Virpi

Things that need to be finished for August
1. Finish Halloween exchange due october 10
2. Finish Stitching Pocket exchange due october 15
3. Finish Babyquilt 1
4. Finish Tulip time
Other Goals:
1. Work on Harvest time exchange
2. Work on quilts in progress
3. Work on Little red riding hood

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Munners said...

Sounds like you've got lots to keep you occupied this month - and well done on last month's goals!