Monday, December 30, 2013

A quiet year

This was a very quiet blogging year. Is you look what I have blogged you would think I have only baked some pies and stitched a bit and that was it. Well yeah that is almost true. I haven't done much quilting. My bikingtrip this year was very very wet, but all in all it was a nice trip for the most part in Germany.
Stitching wise I finished St. Nick which is a big accomplishment.
Bakingwise I have done a lot, but I am posting that on a foodblog which is in dutch.
Maybe next year you will hear a bit more from me.
Happy New year!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

My new stitching piece

When I had finished St. Nick I soon started a new one. This is three little pigs dancing. I have now finished the first row of pages, 8 in total. What an detail already!

Toen ik St. Nick af had, ben ik vrij snel aan 3 dansende varkentjes begonnen en deze foto is van 8 pagina's af, wat neerkomt op de eerste rij pagina's. Wat een detail is er nu al te zien.