Monday, January 30, 2006

Another Finish and update mysteriequilt

Yesterday I just had to finish the other 3 triangles of the mysteriequilt and so I did.
I love the look of them all 4 and now I will have to do the applique of the middle on all 4 of them. I am looking forward to seeing where they will end in the quilt. Thursday will have a coming together for this quilt and I hope to see how the other girls are doing so far. Also I have to do 17 other blocks for part 2 of this mysterie, so I am not finished yet.
After that I started stitching on my february stamp-it again and I just finished it. I love how it
turned out. Now on to march. Today I also started work again and boy it was busy. So my first day back on work was a hard one and I am so tiired now that I will be going to bed very early. Tomorrow I think it will be only stitching I will do as Gilmore girls and Grey's anatomy are on TV and I have to watch them. Otherwise I will tape them and we will watch a movie we have rented.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Worked on my mysterie quilt

I have been working on my mysteriequilt last night and today. My DH was busy in the attick to get some more room there and wow we have a really big space now some walls are gone.
The next blocks I made today and yesterday. Enjoy the pics. This one is done by paperpiercing. It is not my favorite method, but it is difficult to do it wrong LOL.

Than we have here some small and easy bllocks. So now I was finished with part 1 of the mysterie.
And started on block two of part 2. This one was really hard to sew together, but I think I did great. Now I have to do it another 3 times.

Than here a pic of a charityquilt. It is not done by me, but by a lady of the list I have. I think Annelies did a very good job on it. I also stitched one of the fairies.

Now I go stitching on the february stamp it of LK again. I am going fast with it.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Went to the dentist

Today I had to go to the dentist and sadly for me he has to do something, but I will have till the 17th of arch to coll of my nerves :-)
Yesterday I have finished the quilttop for the maudiquilt. I am not a big fan of Pooh, but I like his friends a lot, so it was a nice quilt to put together. Now I have to go and do her sisters. Tomorrow I think I will go to my local quiltshop to buy some stuffing and backing material. So that I can start quiting them this weekend.

Today I got some stash from and it was the fabric for the Micaquilt which will be with elephants and hippo's. I am thinking about an logcabin iwth the greens and whites and than forst a little border with the brown aroud the blocks and than a little blue border and than the one with the arks.
Now I am off to go and finish my LK and I just did. Now I am going to start the february one and maybe finish that one also this weekend. Also I wanted to show you all a pic of our cat. Isn't he a cutey.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Updated pics

Yesterday was a very good day stitching and patchworkwise. First I did a little bit of stitcing on Autumn Pocket, but because there are so much errors in this chart it doesn't call my name very loudly.

Than I started putting the quilt for Maudi together. It goes great and fast and I hope to have it finished today, so I can go and start quilting tomorrow.

Than as I had more than enough from the autumn pocket and didn't want to work on NHA I decided to start the stamp-it's from last year from Lizzie kate and I have to say I made some nice progress.

Today I will be working on the maudiquilt and the stamp-it. Also I will be visiting a friend that lives near to me to see both our progresses on MTM next to eachother.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Started something new

This was a question on one of my groups and as I finish so much a lot of people ask me how I do that.
How do you balance your stitching time with your other obligations such as work, household chores, etc.?
Well I always try to stitch after diner and my computertime. Here is my dayshedule with a working day. I get up around 7 and turn on the computer to see if there is any mail I need to answer. Than I turn it off and go to my work from 8.30 am til 5 pm. Than when I get home I start making diner and turn on the computer. Than when my DH come home diner is ready and while eating it we watch the news. Than around 6.30 pm I go upstairs to read the e-mail of that day, look at all the pics and answer what I want and save the ones I want to answer later and when there is some time left I always try to do some patching or quilting too, but that depends on the amount of e-mails. Around 7.30 I go downstairs to watch some series and stitch and will be downstairs till 10.30 pm or later. Than go upstairs again to see if I have any e-mails wanting my attention and than it is bedtime.
When I have a day off (I have that every friday) I will start with getting out of bed around 9 am and first after breakfast I will do the housecleaning and doing groceries for a whole week. I do groceries by bike so it is a bit harder than by car. My DH needs the car through the week so I only have it in the weekends. After that the rest of the day is for me and my hobbies. So I will read, stitch or quilt whatever I want.
In the weekends I always do what I want or go to my parents who live across the country.

Today I started the january stamp-it from Lizzie Kate. In half an hour I made already a good start. I will post some new pics of autumn pocket and the stamp-it later this day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

First finish of 2006!!

Yeah I finally have my first finish this year and it is a nice quilt. It is a charityquilt for mrs Piek-Ardesch who loves flowers and dogs. It took me 3 months to finish, just because also my sewingmachine gave me some trouble, but it is now doing what I want, so that is ok. I will send it to her this week and hope she will be happy with it.
I have been working on autumn pocket again and it is getting there, just there are a lot of mistakes in the chart, so it doesn't work up nicely.

Next 3 quilts I will do for charity are the quilts for Chenna, Maudi and Gerard. You can see pics of the fabrics I will be using here. The pic with the two almost the same fabrics are for Chenna and Maudi as they are sisters I thought it would be nice to use almost the same fabric.
The one with the moon, sun and stars is for Gerard. I hope it will look good with the celtic theme of his quilt. I also have a nice quilt pattern for his one.

So I am gone again to go and put those quilttops together.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I am back!!

I am just back from vacation and had a great time in Austria. We left on fridaymorning and started driving and decided just to see how everything went on the orad. It went so great that we already arrived at our hotel that evening and lucky for us that still had one room left. So we didn't have to go looking for another hotel for one night.
Saturday we started with a nice breakfast and that we walked a 8 km walk around the village and aroud noon my parents arrived. They were already in Austria for a week, but than 130 km from the village in a little village just south of Bad Reichenhall (where the icehall collapsed just a few weeks ago). So we had lunch together and than waited for my brother to arrive which he did around 5 in the afternoon.
The next day we went crosscountryskiing and we did 12 km. When we got back I have a biog blister on my rightfoot and it was hurting awfull. That evening also my cough started. Later that week it was a real cold. My little 2 year old nephew didn;t like the snow than, but at the end of the holiday he loved it. We have been going rodling with him around the house a lot.
Monday my blister hurted bigtime and there was no way I could get in my crosscountry skiing shoe so I decided to do some walking. I did 10 km and met my DH for lunch.
I also have been reading a lot this whole vacation. I have read The Bernini Mysterie and one of his other books from Dan Brown (The Juvenalis code or something like that, don;t know the Englisch title). And I started Stone Kiss from Faye Kellerman.

Tuesday we went with my parents and sister in law for a big hike to two restaurants on a mountain which are like 10 km apart from eachother and also 10 km up the mountain and when you are down again by rodel. You have to hike for another 6 km to the hotel. So it is a big hike, but nice with the snow around you. The rodeling (hope this is the right work). I tried to get around my father and just went to fast and fell. My knee is still purple and my head hurted afterwards. So I guess that slamped to the ground too. Lucky for my my DH was far behind me so he wasn;t going over me. But by the end I won LOL.
Wednesday it was snowing all day. We had 50 cm in one day and it was beautifull. So we didn;t do anything and also made diner ourselves.
Thursday and Friday I looked over my nephew. Thursday together with my SIL and friday with my mother.
Saturday we went home and it snowed again, but not that hard. We were home around 7 in the evening.
You can see some pics in this blog. The first is from my mystery quilt from the blocks I did so far. You can see I have made 4 more after my last block and also cut some squares. I think I will be working some more on it this week, but first I am going to work on a quilt I am quilting and that I want to finish for sure this week.
Also you can find a pic of autumn pocket. I have now almost two side finished and am working on it when I am sitting on the couch. I haven't done any stitching in the vacation as I just was reading and the light was to bad to stitch. My mother did do some quilting and her quilt is almost finished. I will show a pic when she is finished as I designed it for her.
Our cat Sjors was very happy to see us and has to get hugs all day. So I will go and hug him again.
Bye for now and maybe a new pic tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Still Patching!!

Here is another block of the mysteriequilt. I have to do thid 22 times and this are only the first 3, so still 19 to go.

Now I go stitching on Autumn Pocket again.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Busy patching!!

I started patching the Mysterie quilt. Here is the first block I had to make. I have to make it 4 times and I already love the colors very much and it looks great.

Now I am going to make it another 3 times. The other block for this part I can;t make yet as it is paperpiercing.

Tonight I will be stitching on autumn pocket again.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some progress of my WIP and some nice stash shopping!!

These last two days I have been working on Autumn Pocket. I love how it looks, but I have to get the feeling again to work with only one thread.

Than today I went to a quiltshop near to my parents where they showed what they will be doing in the next months for workshops and classes. My mother and me are going to do the summer mysterie where we will have a late evening at the shop. We will have diner there and work on a little quilt, but you don't know yet how it will look.

Than I was looking through the shop and found the same fabric packed together for their mysterie which runs the whole year and the just started in december. And I just had to buy it. So now I am going to work a on a mysteriequilt and as you look at the pic you know it will be bright and colorfull. Also it will be 2.4 meter bij 2.4 meter which is around 95 by 95 inches. So yeah it will be huge.

Tonight I am going to work on Autumn Pocket again.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

TrickORTreat Box from Just nan so far!!

I have been stitching some days now and than on this piece, but Just Nan isn't my designer or it is the silk or the linen, but it isn't one of my favorites to work on. I surely will be finished before Halloween, but it will take some time for sure. I had to make a pic as some girls would like to see it, so here it is.

Today I am going to work on Autumn Pocket from Beardiedesigns and I will probaly take it with me tomorrow in the train when I go to my parent. I have probaly in the next two days something like 6 hours to be in the train, so I will do a lot of stitching. I won;t be around and will update you all saturday in the afternoon. I will also go to quiltshop in Den Bosch saturday.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Goal 1 is finished

After so many nice comments I decided to stay with the gold and it still looks great for me. Now I am on to stitch on Just Nan's TrickORTreat Box.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I need your help!!

I just want to know if you like the fence. In the instructions it is backstitching in the middle done in the same color as the fence, but I thought it was not nice. Now I think woth the gold it looks nice, but am not totally sure.

Also here is a pic of what I have

done so far, so after I have finished the other 3 fences this part is done.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Working like crazy on my first goal

I am working like a crazy person on my first goal as I want to have it finished this week, so that I can go and quilt and stitch some other things. I am now 1/2 way finished with it. Tomorrow I have half the day of and hope I will be able to finish all the cross stitching.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

And there we have a new year and a new beginning.
My goal for this year is to loose some weight between 10 and 25 kilo's.
My stitching/quilting goals for this month are:
1. finishing part 4 of Medieval Town Mandala (got it in the mail yesterday and I am now for 1/4 finished already)
2. Finish the Mrs Piek quilt (Charity quilt for a nice lady, which is already done for 3/4, only have to do a little quilting)
3. Finish two quilts for Mica and Chenna (also charityquilts for two sick sisters)
4. Start Autumn Pocket from Beardiedesigns and stitch a lot on it in my vacation (it is started for the 2006 challenge on one of my groups)
5. If I have time left I want to start and maybe finish block 18 of NHA (which isn;t a big block, so I should be able to do that)