Thursday, January 05, 2006

TrickORTreat Box from Just nan so far!!

I have been stitching some days now and than on this piece, but Just Nan isn't my designer or it is the silk or the linen, but it isn't one of my favorites to work on. I surely will be finished before Halloween, but it will take some time for sure. I had to make a pic as some girls would like to see it, so here it is.

Today I am going to work on Autumn Pocket from Beardiedesigns and I will probaly take it with me tomorrow in the train when I go to my parent. I have probaly in the next two days something like 6 hours to be in the train, so I will do a lot of stitching. I won;t be around and will update you all saturday in the afternoon. I will also go to quiltshop in Den Bosch saturday.


Valda said...

This looks really great! I really enjoyed stitching this design. I still haven't put it together yet.

Stefania said...

I'm going to stitch this lovely design too!!!
Great job very fine:)