Tuesday, January 24, 2006

First finish of 2006!!

Yeah I finally have my first finish this year and it is a nice quilt. It is a charityquilt for mrs Piek-Ardesch who loves flowers and dogs. It took me 3 months to finish, just because also my sewingmachine gave me some trouble, but it is now doing what I want, so that is ok. I will send it to her this week and hope she will be happy with it.
I have been working on autumn pocket again and it is getting there, just there are a lot of mistakes in the chart, so it doesn't work up nicely.

Next 3 quilts I will do for charity are the quilts for Chenna, Maudi and Gerard. You can see pics of the fabrics I will be using here. The pic with the two almost the same fabrics are for Chenna and Maudi as they are sisters I thought it would be nice to use almost the same fabric.
The one with the moon, sun and stars is for Gerard. I hope it will look good with the celtic theme of his quilt. I also have a nice quilt pattern for his one.

So I am gone again to go and put those quilttops together.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful quilt! The ones you are starting have such pretty fabrics, I bet the recipients will love them. You are so talented!

valda said...

Beautiful quilt Judith! The fabric for the ones you are getting ready to start is lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing them finished!

Shelleen said...

what a great quilt and the fabrics for the other ones are just yummy looking :-)