Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

And there we have a new year and a new beginning.
My goal for this year is to loose some weight between 10 and 25 kilo's.
My stitching/quilting goals for this month are:
1. finishing part 4 of Medieval Town Mandala (got it in the mail yesterday and I am now for 1/4 finished already)
2. Finish the Mrs Piek quilt (Charity quilt for a nice lady, which is already done for 3/4, only have to do a little quilting)
3. Finish two quilts for Mica and Chenna (also charityquilts for two sick sisters)
4. Start Autumn Pocket from Beardiedesigns and stitch a lot on it in my vacation (it is started for the 2006 challenge on one of my groups)
5. If I have time left I want to start and maybe finish block 18 of NHA (which isn;t a big block, so I should be able to do that)

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