Thursday, January 26, 2006

Updated pics

Yesterday was a very good day stitching and patchworkwise. First I did a little bit of stitcing on Autumn Pocket, but because there are so much errors in this chart it doesn't call my name very loudly.

Than I started putting the quilt for Maudi together. It goes great and fast and I hope to have it finished today, so I can go and start quilting tomorrow.

Than as I had more than enough from the autumn pocket and didn't want to work on NHA I decided to start the stamp-it's from last year from Lizzie kate and I have to say I made some nice progress.

Today I will be working on the maudiquilt and the stamp-it. Also I will be visiting a friend that lives near to me to see both our progresses on MTM next to eachother.


Shelleen said...

Everything looks great, Judith.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

These projects are looking great Judith, your on a roll.

Nelleke said...

Hi Judith! Looks good your site!

Nancy in IL said...

Judith, your newer blog is much more attractive than the old one (I abandoned my old MSN Space too - yuk!) All your stitching and new projects are as always - stunning! Great work! I always enjoy seeing what you're working on.